Power Premiere Recap – #Murderers A Joint Recap from MattB and SoShaydee


Welcome MattB #TheeILove to my Power Recap! We are going to try out this joint recap thang so y’all get both the female and male point of view of one of the best shows on television. MattB is Phirst Pham and an alum of THEE BEST HBCU EVER (Go JSU), so you know this recap bout to be lit. Matter of fact, I don’t think y’all ready but we gon’ give it to you anyway. And if anybody know anybody on the Power set, we both are available for hire. We looking for a talk show, podcast, somebody’s grandmama’s kitchen table to talk about one of our favorite shows. Hell we will even tweet on behalf of Power for the right amount of money. Let’s get into it…..
SoShaydee: It seems like I waited 5 years for Power to come back on but the premiere didn’t disappoint. Well except for the new theme song. I guess they thought we weren’t gonna notice. But I did cuz I was ready to juke to it like I always do and couldn’t.
MattB: Yeah, that theme song remix is gahbage! They changed it and 50 prolly ain’t tell Joe nothin!! Good Times ran for 6 seasons too and they didn’t go change theirs so what makes Power so special? Mane, do better.
Although I’ve wanted her gone since day one, I was honestly surprised they let Thin Mint die for real. Since she saved Ghost’s life, I figured they would let her make it but…..! She played both sides of the fence and ultimately it caught up with her. I just got my 8-piece suit outta the cleaners I was gon wear to huh future fune anyway so I’m good. For the repast, I wonder if they too, put raisins in their potato sala….nvm.
SoShaydee: Yeah, the last time we saw Angela, she had taken a bullet through her heart (how fitting) for that ol’ raggely but fine arse Ghost. He MUST have that thane but it could have been me. I wouldn’t let Tommy graze my temples behind Ghost. If you haven’t watched it yet (because you in Timbuktu with no innanets), SPOILER ALERT – Angela died 10 minutes into surgery. Now you KNOW Ghost wants revenge against Tommy because he knows this means he can’t hunch Angela no mo’. I wanted Angela gone, but not gone gone, so I’m conflicted.
MattB: Tommy is wide open! Dude ain’t been the same since he’s been hard on dat nahkotic! That booga shuga has him wildin! Him tryin to kill Ghost but Angela instead has he and Ghost on a path to potentially kill each other! I feel like him killin Poncho was twisted and will have his crew looking at ways to take him out in the future. His business relationship with Jason will prove problematic as well. Smokin Kanan’s ashes tho? He only trusts Tasha, Tariq and Keisha but that won’t be enough for him to stay sane. He’s a loose cannon and seems like he’s self destructing more and more by the minute.
SoShaydee: Tommy STILL a hothead – I can’t believe he shot his primera in the face cuz ol’ dude clowned him for getting the brakes beat off him by Ghost. Yep, Ghost and Tommy got to fighting. Ghost said he gon’ put Tommy in a body bag behind Angela. Funny I don’t remember him going that hard when Reina his DAUGHTER got smoked. Angela musta knew how to work them ol’ narrow arse hips. But I hollered when he rolled Kanan’s ashes up in that blunt and turned on Bone Thugs & Harmony! That thane a FOOL!
MattB: The Feds are coming unglued. They don’t have the evidence they claim they do and internally, their investigation is unraveling. Viola Davis Jr. lost her job after Thin Mint’s death and Sax is still doing every underhanded thing he can to get something to convict Ghost on. His desperation will probably cause him to do something stupid and not finish the season. I hope they find him somewhere stankin real quick.
SoShaydee: I’m still mad they fired Tameka. They always letting “us” go FIRST behind some mess. She prolly ain’t even get a PIP – just one old raggely arse box to put her pichas in. They prolly gon’ deny her unemployment.
MattB: Tasha is all over the place and not in a good way. I’ve been disappointed with her for a while and this episode didn’t change that. I wish they’d let me be the one to tell her to stop lookin for Slim Shoulders cause he’s dead dead! She thought he was goin to be her way out but he wasn’t bout that life no way. Her wanting to divorce Ghost and see him suffer was interesting to see. That part of her grows by the minute! I use to be Team Tasha for a long time but now……I’m waiting to bring that 6 pack of Chek Sodas to huh future repast too!!
SoShaydee: I can’t believe she followed up Ghost with Terry Silver. That thane slight of build AND scary. She still calling that man phone and he prolly sleeping in the bottom of the river that they throw everybody and they weapons in. Again let me remind you, this is the dude she pining for (see photo). Eliiiiiiiizaaaaaah!
MattB: I sweatergawd I love Keisha but LaLa ain’t doing her character any favors. Her acting in this episode was trash; that Bachelors Of Acting from Everest ain’t paying off just yet. So nobody was gon tell me her son rapped with Kris Kross? This was the first episode we’ve seen Daddy Mack and he was already tryin to steal money from his Mamma’s purse! Keisha has her hands full now that she’s getting deeper and deeper in Tommy’s mess; I believe that alone will keep she and her son in constant danger. Why can’t she just go back to selling full frontals, fake edges and Brazilian bundles in peace?
SoShaydee: Her money prolly went to waste on acting classes from ICDC college, but she got a new and improved build a bear butt. And did she dispose of the murder weapon without wearing gloves? How long she been around Tommy? She ain’t learned sheeit about the game. No fingerprints are like Crime and Murder 101. You ain’t bout that life, Sis.
MattB: Tariq is showing us that he don’t believe fat meat’s greasy. Ain’t no way I’d be able to disrespect my Father the way he does. I’d still be tryin to find my jaw right now if I ever tried my Pops! I believe he may be the one to actually pull the trigger against Ghost.
SoShaydee: I’m still wondering how his arse is everywhere BUT Choate (that private school), wasting up Ghost and Tasha good coin on tuition and ain’t neva in class.
MattB: – Proctor is by far one of the most consistently sleazy characters throughout the series and this episode was no different. He can’t be trusted in the least; I hate to see Ghost believing he’s loyal. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before he gives everyone up around him to save himself; especially since he still has that laptop as an insurance policy.
SoShaydee: Proctor is my DUDE. I swear if they EVER kill him off, I’m going to that set and turn over every table and piece of furniture they got! And his little girl just like him – secure the bag, Baby Girl!
MattB: Ghost is a wreck! He’s reeling from Thin Mint’s death, Tommy’s attempt on his life, he and Tasha’s pending divorce, Tariq disrespecting him all while trying to secure his own freedom! Frat has way too much on his plate! His beef with Tommy will be one for the ages; I can only imagine how many lose their lives in the crossfire.
SoShaydee: Ghost say he ain’t gon’ stop til he kills Tommy. And believe me he tried this episode. He unloaded on Tommy’s car but he wasn’t in it. Bay Bay, that automobile had more bullet holes than a stripper on the southside of Chicago.
MattB and SoShaydee: When is Dre gon’ die? They can send Councilman Tate on to the Upper Room too.
MattB: This was a good way to start the season and I look forward to seeing how the rest of these story lines play out. #Power #Murderers
SoShaydee: I agree. It was aptly titled too cuz everybody on this show is a killer or a potential one. Hell they had my Black arse wanting to choke out Trey Songz behind that new theme song – both he and Fitty need they natural behinds beat. I’m with you though – can’t wait for the rest of the season!
Let me know what y’all think about this joint recap!  MattB kinda long winded but since he a guest, I let him get in more words than me.  Even though I’m paying for this site all by my lonesome outta my pocket.  Black people.  LOL! silver Hit us up and FOLLOW US on Twitter @soshaydee and @mattb1906 for more fan reaction throughout the season. And yeah, I know I’m going to hell for that unflattering photo of Terry Silver.

Power Episode 510 -Ding Dong…Is the Bih Dead?


I know….I shouldn’t have typed that but I couldn’t get it out of my head. I actually had forgotten to do this post.  I been caught up in local news, the results of my 23 and Me (Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Prince NOR Whitney Houston showed up in my results – I was so sure I was kin to at least one of ’em too……) and this kid and her 50-11 events  Let’s get into it though.

I just KNEW this was gon’ be the episode where Dre finally got Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. cancelled.  It is sooo uncomfortable watching him get it on so I was glad when the Jimenez hittas rolled up in his spot to take him out mid-stride the lady he was on.  He saw them in the mirror in the headboard (that’s why *I* keeps one as well..you never know what evil may be lurking when you hunching) and rolled over and commenced to firing and fighting.  His baby mama was a REAL soldier because that thane also popped up butt booty arse nekkid and bust one of the hitters over the head with a bottle or something.  Dre took them both out (yep, still nekkid) and luckily they ain’t harm the baby.  He immediately went to Angela and asked for the witness protection program.  And then he showed us that he is still a bih – the way that lady fought unclothed right beside him, he told Angela he only needed protection for him and his baby — he didn’t need the mother.  Bay Bay, I wanted to come off the top rope and do a rise, pause and fall on his arse through the screen.

Speaking of bih arses, Mr. Houdini (now you see my arse, now you don’t), Terry Silver came back.  Tasha thought he was back to do the right thing but it became clear he was working with the investigators to get her to flip on Ghost to save herself.  She told Terry she wasn’t flipping on the father of her child (cuz that lady ain’t bit mo’ got chirREN cuz we don’t neva see that other lil girl) but gave him some in the parking lot.  Ghost was behind one of the columns in the garage watching cuz he an old freak and getting mad.  It’s all dry grinding and fun til the rabbit getting the gun.  Y’all know what happened next – Tasha drove off and Ghost slipped up behind Silver ol’ nasty arse (first that lady couch..then up on a car in the parking lot?) and put him to sleep.  Permanently.  He shoulda stayed gone.

The feds knew they had to flip somebody in the crew so they were working overtime.  Angela took her team of criminals to class in their old school with a whiteboard diagramming how they could not break team.  As long as no one flipped, they would be good.  Y’all know Tommy cain’t pay attention – he was passing notes talmbout we should just kill the bih once they found out the feds had Angela the night before trying to get her to flip.

Keisha almost got her cap peeled back but made the right decision to be all IN in the nick of time.  Y’all know Tommy was paranoid with his finger on the trigger.  Cash was about to be an orphan.  Aw hell, who am I kidding….ain’t no damn Cash.  I ain’t neva seen Keisha son.  Saxe came to Tommy’s house with the tape of Terisi flipping on Ghost but saying Tommy ain’t have nothing to do with anything.  Saxe let Tommy know that Angela knew they were working with Teresi…and Tommy grabbed his gun to ride out (Tasha 2.0 (Keisha) said she understood what was about to go down and she was gon’ be there when Tommy got back).  Tommy got that look in his eye so I knew somebody was getting all they Christmases cancelled.

By this time, I believe that your boy Dre had shown up to the meeting spot to see Angela about his witness protection paperwork.  But he’d told Francis (2-Bit) that he wasn’t going to say the Jimenez ordered the Sandoval and Lobos hits and instead was gon’ say Ghost and Tommy did that sheeit.  Francis told Tommy because he wants to make sure he can still sell drugs for somebody when Dre is gone…and then Tommy set it up like he was gonna clip Dre at the meet up spot but they only scared him with all that gunfire before he jumped through the window.  There was a waiting van with Angela’s friend that released the Jimenez in a previous episode with the paperwork for Dre to sign saying the Jimenez ordered the hits.  I think  Tommy shot at the van again, and Dre signed and the van took off with him.

Silver never showed up at the hearing but his attorney (MC Lyte- yay!) did.  Angela’s attorney had asked them to drop the charges because of Dre’s signed statement.  Tasha went to Angela’s but unlocked the door behind her.  Dre slipped in and was bout to clip Angela because she told Ghost about Terisi and Silver knowing they would both be killed.  Angela told them they needed the photos back, of Terisi talking to the feds, so Tasha (who’d just told Angela it was time for her to go…) told Tommy to let ol’ girl make it.  Tommy went to Vincent and confirmed that Ghost knew and told Vincent so Vincent would tell Tommy and Tommy would take his own dad out.  Tommy got that look in his eye again and went to find Ghost at their old school to kill him.

Ghost was kissing Angela (after he figured out she wasn’t the female witness Proctor told them the feds still had willing to testify against Ghost), and as Angela looked up she saw Tommy at the top of the stairs with his gun aimed at Ghost.  She moved Ghost out of the way and took that bullet like a G for her man.  Tommy smiled because he finally showed Ghost what it feels like to watch someone you love be killed.  Because of Ghost, he had killed his lady (Holly) and his dad – two people that meant the world to him.  And two people who really cared for him.  Ghost screamed out NOOOO (funny I don’t remember all that emotion when Raina died but Angela do got that box that Ghost love) because he was just getting ready to take Angie’s clothes off in that stairwell and commence to hunching.

It’s going to be a long dry YEAR until we see if Angela dies.  Why does Power take a damn year off between episodes?  It looked she was hit center mass AND there was a lot of blood.  If it had been me, I woulda been wearing a vest seeing as how Tommy had just tried to kill her earlier.  We still need to see what happens between Ghost and Tommy.  And if Silver has a fune.  And if Tariq block head arse still enrolled at Choate.  And if Cash FINALLY makes an appearance from the daycare he must attend with Ghost other child.

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Power Episode 509 – Snitches Get Snitches..or Get Dead


I thought the previous episode was something with the way Tasha nem smooth set Kanan up and he ended up in rigor mortis on a gurney.  Chyle that episode was lightweight compared to Sunday’s.  Let’s just start at the beginning.  Tariq ol’ blockhead arse was in his room watching the news about Kanan’s death and feeling some kinda way bout him and Shawn.  That boy really felt like Kanan was his daddy or something.

Tasha, Ghost and Tommy were arguing about Tasha setting Kanan up and how she could have gotten Tariq killed.  Now that I agreed with – Tasha and Ghost stay slippin’ as parents.  CPS needs to take that baby that we don’t ever see anyway.  Ghost asked Tasha if one dead child wasn’t enough for her and promptly got slapped across the face.  Tommy said he deserved that sheeit and I hollered.  Tariq came and shut errybody down talmbout it was all his idea to fix a problem he created.  He is sooo disrespectful and I keep wondering when Tasha or Ghost gon’ wrap him up around the head and neck til his arse gives up the ghost.  Ain’t paying no bills and getting all Fs at Choate (gotta be cuz he ain’t neva there) but wanna talk all bad to grown foke.

Ghost took him back to the train station for school and asked Tariq what he wanted from him.  Tariq stepped to his dad and said ‘teach me the mf’ing game, Ghost’.  Bay Bay, my left eye started switching.  Ghost shoulda done the rise, pause and fall on his lil arse.  Now we s’posed to believe Tariq arse is Ghost Jr. when he was just sheeiting his drawls and speaking in a Michael Jackson voice when he saw Kanan out there killing cops in the last episode and his lil arse couldn’t get out the backseat of that car.  This is the same lilly-livered cad who hid while his sister confronted Ray Ray and was shot and killed because of his arse.  I can’t stand Tariq frog faced arse.  Of course, Tariq lil arse didn’t get on the train.  Came right back out that station and went to Vincent for help to move Kanan’s weight.  That thane wanna be a G so bad….

Of course, it was Sunday so that meant Mak and Saxe were still trying to bring down Angela.  Lawd, I get so tired of them slithering and lurking around Terisi and Proctor trying to get Angela and James St. Patrick.  Ghost still mad that Tasha and Angela went behind his back.  He still cain’t get over his side chick and his wife working together.  That IS some freaky sheeit, though.

Alicia Jimenez done put Dre arse on a PIP and demoted him so now Dre working for Cristobal.  Cristobal met with Dre to make sure there were no hard feelings and told Dre that in addition to the promotion, Alicia wanted to give him that ‘arse’.  It was clear that the notion of that was as uncomfortable for Cristobal as it was for all of us watching.  Dre of course was plotting because y’all know he’s vindictive as hell.  He decided to work with Angela for immunity since she still wants to bring down the Jimenez cartel and since Diego’s head was found in Dre’s club, Angela knew the cartel was unstable and ripe for the picking.  He told Angela where Cristobal and Alicia would be and just as they were about to get into the most awkward lovemaking session in Power history (mouths all open, but not actually touching lips; panting but not kissing; both were dressed in a bunch of clothes; they were clumsy and they both looked uncomfortable), Alicia’s phone rang and they realize it was a bust.  Angela and the feds stormed in and arrested them both.

Angela of course received accolades from Tameka and her staff except for Mak and Saxe who were still not convinced that Kanan (who they had blamed for Ray Ray’s murder) and Angela were not connected.  They turned up the heat on Proctor — making him wear a wire for a meeting with Ghost.  Proctor warned Ghost via a napkin that he was wearing a wire so Ghost wouldn’t incriminate himself.  But Ghost didn’t incriminate Angela either, which was what Proctor was hoping for.  After Proctor disconnected the wire, Ghost almost threw his arse over the balcony.  I just knew Proctor was a dead man, but Ghost didn’t kill him.  Proctor told Ghost to save himself and stop letting Angela’s magical coochie get him all effed up, or he (Ghost) would be doing life in prison.

Saxe and Mak turned up the heat on Terisi, who turned over Ghost as the person who ordered the killing of bad guy and federal agent Sandoval, but cleared Tommy.  He was supposed to flip on Tommy but ended up changing his mind.  His best friend Sammy wasn’t going and was about to tell Tommy everything when Terisi shanked him with the knife he had just used to cut up bread and vegetables.

Angela found out that Mak nem had a criminal informant and even though she had photos of the guy and could have confirmed his identity through various methods similar to methods she had employed in the past several seasons, she decided to ask Mak who the informant was.  Mak set a trap for her arse by telling her it was Terisi, Tommy’s dad.  Angela had that information for 4.5 seconds before she told Ghost and provided photos…Ghost then told Vincent…and then Vincent told Tommy his daddy was indeed a rat.

Well y’all know how Tommy feels about loyalty.  He drove Terisi to see Connie one last time but not before telling him he knew.  Terisi told Connie Tommy knew he planned to drop a dime on him but he changed his mind.  He turned and looked at the exit sign before leaving the hospice center.  I think he thought about running and then realized he had no reason to avoid death – Connie was gonna be dead soon (hospice, they could only make her comfortable, etc); he had killed his best friend Sammy; had lost Tommy’s trust; and Vincent and the family knew he was a rat, so he was disgraced.  He got in the car with Tommy again (Tommy even seemed disappointed that he didn’t run because he knew he’d have to kill his daddy) and Tommy took him home (Terisi’s).  I think he thought for a minute Tommy wasn’t going to kill him and then he saw the nose of that gun in the dark.  He did tell Tommy he changed his mind about ratting him out, but it was too late.  Y’all know Tommy killed his woman over loyalty so Terisi wasn’t gon’ be different.  Of course Tommy cancelled Christmas and all other holidays on his arse, but sorta buried him by laying him on top of the Terisi headstone at the cemetery while the most haunting music played in the background.

Tommy went to his mama…and told her she was right.  She told Tommy he was too trusting and held him in her arms.  Tommy told her he killed Terisi and she told Tommy he did the right thing.  Tommy’s mama is a G.  Sheeit, she should be the new ghost.  Or the kids (Keisha’s son, Tasha and Ghost other daughter) we don’t never see – they the real Ghosts.

The next scene showed Angela and Tameka rushing to a late night meeting even though Angela didn’t know about a meeting.  Then that door opened and Angela saw that whiteboard with the diagrams of her to Tasha, to Ghost, to Tommy, to Kanan and liked ta fell out.  Sak told her they drew a diagram in case she needed to know which drug dealer she was aiding and abetting today.  Chyle, I hollered.  Instead of saying I didn’t do this, Angela arse said ‘you have no proof’ and that’s when Mak told her Terisi was a test, and Donovan confirmed they’d found his body earlier that evening.  As she stood there with the walls closing in on her, Tameka (with Bianca (the Latino detective), Mak, Donovan and Saxe all present) told Angela they were done playing games.  If she didn’t give them everything she knew about St Patrick and the other players in the enterprise, Angela arse would go down right along with them.

Awwww SHEEIT- they finally got Angela, but the question is will she flip on Ghost to save herself?  Or will Ghost takes Proctor’s advice and flip on Angela?  Who’s flipping on who?  And will Dre make it past the EXTENDED season finale next week now that Cristobal and Alicia knows he set them up?  I still cannot believe his big nosed arse is STILL alive.  Chyle…..

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Power Episode 508 – Tasha STAY setting up Kanan


I struggled with what to call this recap.  I thought about “Gone On Home to Glory” but we know good and well Kanan ain’t went to nobody’s heaven and there really ain’t no such thane as heaven for a G.  Even an OG.  Then I thought about “Kanan – Rest In Peace” but that thane ain’t bit mo’ go rest in peace with all the dirt he did in life.  And finally I thought about “Dead Arse Lonely” because both of those things described Kanan’s last moments.  But before we get into talking about that, let me apologize for this recap being somewhat late.  The “man” had my Black arse working so hard, I didn’t have time to write this earlier AND I was feeling some kinda way at first, losing Aretha Franklin, John McCain AND Kanan.  They say death comes in threes…

I’m not feeling Ghost much these days.  He just seems to be on the outs with errybody – his bestie Tommy ain’t feeling him; Tasha moved out; Angie, Ghost’s side chick, making whole plans with his wife and leaving him out; John Mak’s entire department is trying to take him out; Proctor pumpin’ Ghost for information and thinking bout snitching on him; Tariq won’t return Ghost phone calls even though he steady writing checks to that high arse Choate school; and Dre still talking to Ghost any kinda way.  Plus, he gave Fancy that work and we ain’t seen that lady nor her checkbook again.  I’m hoping he gets his mojo back in the remaining episodes.  That said, I wouldn’t kick him out my bed for eating crackers and he could still get it but I wouldn’t want him to talk to me during or after.

Tasha’s plan initially–now that Silver done pulled a Houdini (now you see my arse, now you don’t)–was to turn herself in as Raymond Jones killer to save Tariq.  Again, I don’t know why we still trying to save Tariq’s block head don’t never be at that school Ghost paying for arse.  I bet he got all Fs because he spends too much time with Kanan learning gangster ways.  Ghost wasn’t having it and finally took responsibility – saying he would be the one to go to prison for his family.  As he should because if he hadn’t been in that club and Angela all the time, the streets never woulda got Tariq (just like them whyte foke never woulda got Miss Sophia in The Color Purple).  Ghost felt like everything was Dre’s fault so his plan later was to set Dre up for the murder of Raymond Jones and then take Dre out.  He was gonna blame Dre’s death on the Jimenez since Kanan was still carrying Diego’s head around.  Yes, he has kept that man’s head on ice.  Even in death, Diego cain’t get no respect.  Ghost just needed a way to tie Dre and Raymond Jones together and Tommy gave him that.

What Ghost didn’t know though was that wifey and side chick were busy putting together a plan of their own.  They figured out they could frame Kanan because well hell Tasha stay setting up Kanan.  All she needed was Tariq to help her because he was close to Kanan.  Tariq wasn’t going at first and said some horrible sheeit to Tasha that shoulda got his face slapped.  He finally agreed to plant the gun in the car to set up Kanan even though he was conflicted.  Tasha also told him Kanan killed his own son (Shawn) so that may have helped sway him.  Tariq loved Shawn.

Kanan was still training Tariq in the ways of the street, even telling him that fancy school ain’t teaching him nothing.  We can all agree on that, Kanan.  He took Tariq outta school and put him on the streets to hustle.  Tariq dumb arse got paid with fake money and had to get Kanan’s gun and go back to the dude that ganked him.  He did get real money that time (funny how that happens when you put a gun in somebody’s face).  He then asked Kanan how he could kill his own son?  Kanan said he never took a DNA test and shoulda and bay bay, I HOLLERED.  He told Riq Shawn wasn’t built like them and Riq was more of a son to him than Shawn was.

The police pulled Kanan over (Tasha had reported Tariq missing) and they found Tasha’s gun (that Riq used to kill Raymond Jones) in Kanan’s trunk.  Then when they asked Riq if he was being held against his will, he confirmed he was.  He said that Kanan was his friend’s Shawn’s father and he (Riq) thought he was safe with Kanan.  In that moment I felt sorry for old Kanan.  You could tell his heart was broken when he said ‘take the boy’ to the officers.  Kanan had also told Riq he wasn’t ever going back to jail.  Kanan asked the cops to not make the handcuffs too tight and then grabbed the officer’s gun and started shooting up police officers like Cleo did in Set It Off.  Kanan was mortally wounded in return gunfire, but was still able to walk over to the last cop to finish him off.

Meanwhile, Riq was in the back of the police car watching the shootout.  He witnessed Kanan blow the brains of the female officer out right in front of him.  When Riq saw Kanan head toward the police car he was in (K was coming to finish off the last officer), he tried to get out but his beetch arse was locked in.  Kanan finished off that last cop and then turned to Tariq who had to have sheeit his pants.  I’m also sure if he’d spoken, his voice was higher by SEVERAL octaves.  Kanan just looked at him, gun still in hand and limped away in disappointment.  I was a bit let down.  I didn’t want him to kill Tariq at that moment but he could have at least grazed his temples or something.  Kanan jumped in one of the cop cars and took off like Cleo did in that movie after she lit that cigarette.  He didn’t make it far before he slumped over on the steering wheel and died.  I was still expecting him to make it even after he coughed up blood.

I thought he was still alive until they pulled that sheet back in the morgue.  Tommy was there to identify him, and Ghost showed up as well.  I still thought that thane was gon’ be resurrected and rise up off that gurney but nope…he was REALLY dead this time.  I know Kanan was a straight up thug and killer but I really felt sorry for him.  No next of kin (he killed Shawn and his baby mama still at her house waiting for Shawn to come home) and no address.  Wearing a toe tag and the dude you run licks with and what nots gotta come and tell the people who you were.  Even if we wanted to send condolences and flowers, we cain’t.  I bet Kanan won’t even have a fun’ral.  No next of kin..no forwarding address…so you know that thane ain’t have no life insurance.  Yeah I found myself feeling a little bit sad.  Didn’t have ANYBODY as he took his last breath and the one person he had come to sorta love turned on him and helped set him up.  Sheeit..he was probably glad to gone and die.

That’s all I got.  I ain’t gon’ talk about Terisi and Tommy and Keisha cuz well Kanan deserves better – he deserves this blog entry in its entirety.  I will briefly mention that they put that head in the refrigerator at Dre’s club and the police were there retrieving it as the show went off.

I’m gon’ miss old Kanan.  Those one liners were EVERYTHING.  He was a funny dude even as he killed people, including his own son.  But I think we will see him again.  He is damn sure gon’ haunt Tasha for setting him up AGAIN.  It all worked out for the St Patricks and Angela – Keisha corroborated Tasha’s story that Kanan was at the penthouse and could have stolen her gun….Riq corroborated the same…and Angela gave the Raymond Jones file back to ol’ girl.  But is it over?  The last scene showed Proctor ratting out Angela to her colleagues.  Proctor say he JUST got his license back…he ain’t giving it up AND he too petite to go to jail….

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Power Episode 507 – Everybody Hunched Except Mak and Sax


I swear everybody in this episode got it in except for those two.  I think that’s why they stay trying to take down Proctor, Angela, Ghost, Tommy, the Jimenez, Two Bit, Councilman Tate….hell errybody…because they need girlfriends and something to do.  At one point, I was watching both Angela and Ghost get it in AND Terry Silver and Tasha get it in – I’m talmbout it was like watching a tennis match with my head moving back and forth.  I needed a strong cocktail and a cigarette and I don’t even smoke!  Chyle…..

I was REALLY rooting for Tasha because I ain’t believe for one second that Terry Silver was gon’ go to jail on a perjury charge for her.  She talmbout that man love her.  I ain’t even sure of that.  I just know whenever Ghost comes around, that thane (Silver)’s eyes get THIS BIG.  Terry wouldn’t last 2.5 seconds in them people’s prison.  Tasha shoulda put her WHOLE back into that make out session.

Angela still out here acting like a WHOLE criminal in these streets.  I swear Ghost turns everybody that fools with his arse into a dead person or a prisoner (or would-be prisoner).  That thane done started plotting with Tommy to take out John Mak.  And that thane (Mak) wants Angela’s head on a platter so bad, he doesn’t even see it coming.  She tried offering him a job somewhere else.  I’m hoping he takes it or he gon’ end up Tommy’s next victim.

Speaking of Tommy, he called Terisi “dad” tonight.  That sheeit ain’t even sound right.  Terisi had Tommy accompany him for a pick up where the dude had put weights inside the suitcase with the money.  Like Terisi ol’ arse wasn’t gonna check.  You know they lit that dude up with a power drill, right?  I swear some of these criminals and mob people on this show are the worst at their damn jobs.  And then Tommy started running his mouth about all the people he done cancelled Christmas for.  I swear he has known these people for like 5 seconds, and telling ERRYTHANE.  Terisi was like that white lady who called the cops on them people barbecuing – in FULL snitch mode.

Terisi even invited Tommy over for dinner with him and Connie with the hopes Tommy would incriminate himself even more.  Terisi had confirmed earlier that Tommy was indeed his son to Connie — she already knew — and she slapped the natural taste out of Terisi’s mouth before saying she forgave him.  Tommy slighted his mom behind Terisi so of course, Kate came to that lady (Connie’s) house to confront them all.  When I tell you if I was Connie, Kate woulda caught these hands.  I don’t care what stage of cancer I was in – or how many years it had been since Kate had an affair with my husband and produced an outside child.  You the side chick and you got the audacity to come up in my house and spit on my floor AND call me a bad word?  Oh yeah, your polyester fake fur wearing arse bout to catch ALL these hands.  I’m convinced Terisi ain’t in no mob.

I didn’t do a recap last week but now Dre and Ghost have partnered up to rid each other of “problems”.  Ghost was supposed to get rid of Diego but sent Kanan to do it instead.  Dre was supposed to get rid of Peter, but Kanan tipped him off so he would get away because Kanan wants to take over Tommy’s organization.  Diego’s sister was right – Diego deserved to get got.  Letting Dre throw him a party complete with hoes and coming in with ONE lieutenant thinking he bout to hunch and following signs on the floor that said “coochie this way”.  Of course, the signs led to Kanan who popped both they arses, cut them up and put them in a Louis Vuitton bag.  Hey, at least he carried ’em out in style.  Two Bit (Francis) working with Kanan and double crossing Dre because he just wants to be somebody’s number two.  He ain’t smart enough to be a number one.  I’m trying to figure out how Ghost thinks he can trust Dre.  Dre told Two Bit nem to take his arse (Ghost) out after Ghost killed Diego.

Kanan double crossing Ghost AND Tommy and playing them against each other.  I blame them both because Kanan is NOT to be trusted.  You don’t burn somebody’s arse up within 1/2 inch of their crusty arse life AFTER you sent him to prison and the reason he had to kill his son but y’all boys now.  Come on Ghost.  You KNOW better.  Imma need you to go back to hustling school cuz you done lost your edge.  Or seven.  Kanan took Diego’s body to Peter and told him he did what Ghost and Tommy couldn’t do and as a favor (for Kanan saving his life and getting him out of that hotel so Dre couldn’t pop him), he wants to take over as the new distro.  Peter agreed but told him he’d have to take out Ghost and Tommy but K’s plan is to have them take out each other behind trust issues.  Chyle….

Proctor got his license back and hadn’t had it for 20 seconds before Tommy was telling him about some more crimes and murders he done committed.  I swear Ghost and Tommy won’t let Proctor be great.  Tommy got back with Keisha – they hunched and he spent the night and got up and made cold cereal for breakfast. I don’t even know if he used milk.  He coulda at least made some eggs.  Cuz well Keisha put her back into it and erryody knows how to make eggs.  *shrugs*

Terisi told Mak and Saxe that Ghost was really behind the guard’s murder in prison and set it up to make it look like Biscuit did it and he would testify.  I’m just in awe of how quickly Terisi became a damn rat when he stayed in prison for 25 years because he wasn’t one. He is the WORST mobster ever and I hate those purple sunglasses.  He barely killed that man tonight and needed help.  Oh Tate got GOT finally – Ghost done found out he been skimming funds from the QueensChild Project (QCP) and got receipts.  He tried to fire Ghost from the QCP and Ghost said kneegro I AM THE QCP.

Of course, Ghost can’t neva leave well enough alone.  After Tasha told him that Silver was gonna lie for her and help cover up Raymond Jones’ murder, Ghost got in his feels and went to see that man.  Silver then sent Tasha a one line text asking her to come over so he could show her something.  When Tasha went to that man’s apartment, it was dark and empty.  Tasha done had two Ghosts – James St. Patrick and Silver (who done got Ghost).  Bay Bay I hollered!  Silver had packed up that entire apartment down to the sofa bed they had just hunched and grinded on and had the electricity, gas AND water cut off.  Tasha couldn’t even wash her hands or turn on a light.  I hollered again.  He didn’t even leave her arse a real note.  He put “bye” on a yellow sticky.  I bet Silver on his way to Mexico with a new damn face.  I swear something must be wrong with Tasha – that thane cain’t keep a man in a steel bucket with a brick top, glued and taped down, with the whole thane reinforced in concrete.

So with Silver skipping town, it looks like Tasha gotta turn herself in as Raymond Jones’ murderer.  Why we still care about a dirty cop living in a trap house being murdered is beyond me.  Jukebox been dead 10 episodes and ain’t nobody said sheeit about her.  Wasn’t she a cop too?

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Power Episode 505 – Happy Birthday Now Take This Wrong Arse Cake


That’s what the episode should have been titled.  It was the twins’ birthday but y’all know Tariq got Raina killed so she wasn’t around to celebrate hers.  When Tariq asked Tasha if she wished he was the one who died instead of Raina, I was yelling YESSSSS! at the damn tv.  Raina didn’t deserve that sheeit.  Tariq’s drunk off “lean” big headed arse did.  But at any rate, Tasha was determined to celebrate the day for Tariq.  I wouldn’t have. I would have told him to stay his arse at Choate.

Tasha tried picking up a birthday cake and the baker who obviously has been providing birthday cakes for the twins for years asked her if she wanted both the strawberry and the chocolate because he ain’t been watching the news and didn’t know Raina was in the Upper Room.  I felt like Tasha ordered the wrong cake because she asked for strawberry and not the chocolate, but Tariq IS somewhat of a beetch arse, so I figured it was for him.  Of course it was the wrong cake (Silver picked it up, trying to one up Ghost but didn’t look in the box – who does that?  Hell I always check a birthday cake when I buy it.  You ain’t sending me home with a cake that says Happy Barmitzvah….but I digress.  Silver got all that law school training but can’t make sure he got the right cake?)

Dre is all in with Councilman Tate as I try to figure out why they both are still alive.  Ghost finally lost it and hemmed up Tate and almost choked him out at Truth in front of everybody at the fundraiser for Raina’s project.  Tate borrowed a line for Menace to Society — you know you done effed up, right? — and I hollered.

Meanwhile, Kanan causing all kinds of chaos.  And he set it off with the best supporting  character to hit Power since Pink Sneakers.  Kendrick Lamar was amazing as Laces, an intelligent “flackahead” (crackhead) who helped Kanan take down some of Cristobal’s team.  He first sold Kanan a bike, allowing him to do a Debo from Friday-style drive-by.  And then Laces took another one of Cristobal’s boys off his square by making him think too deeply about an issue which resulted in Kanan blowin’ ol’ dudes brains out.

And just when it looked like Laces was gon’ die (Kanan put a gun in his back), he asked Kanan who he was (in other words, I ain’t telling sheeit…none of this sheeit happened, I don’t even KNOW you kneegro, etc.).  Laces then told Kanan he need some Cymbalta cuz he (Kanan) ain’t got no friends and lives a lonely arse life.  Laces been in somebody’s house watching commercials because he knew all the side effects of Cymbalta (nut burns????!).  Kanan wiped off the murder weapon, gave it to Laces and told him to sell it.  Methinks we will be seeing Laces again.  And is there ANYTHING Kendrick Lamar can’t do?

Dre got fired on his day off (that Truth non-compete) and told Diego it was all Ghost’s fault so Diego said they gotta take Ghost out.  Tommy still hanging with Daddy Dearest (who almost killed his longtime friend to save Tommy) who is ratting Tommy out behind his back.  Tommy deserves that sheeit if he lets it happen – Terisi ain’t paid a lick of child support but you claiming him as your daddy, Tommy?  You better listen to your mama.

Angela finally got the tracker off Tommy’s car and asked him to work with her.  He got it back from her (I’m still not sure why) but said he’s not a rat.  He got something up his sleeves.  Tasha mama gave Silver the business when he came through with that wrong, dry arse cake.  Proctor, you still in danger, Girl.  Ghost went home drunk and got put out of his own house (where he is paying the rent) by Tasha after he swung on Tariq.  Lawd I wish he had connected!  And Ghost met with that preacher who asked him what he wanted.  Ghost said to be a better man…which led him to Angela’s house.  I’m sure he will be hunching her in episode 506.

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Power Episode S5 E4 – Trust No One


I didn’t know what to call this review honestly.  The episode was all over the place, but I think the common theme was the use of the word family even when there was so much mistrust.  I really like Tommy but he is such a loose cannon.  I’m with Kanan – he got a new daddy and it’s better to him than a new puppy.  Terisi been in Tommy’s life 3.2 minutes and Tommy is really going to trust him?  Terisi is the same man who never took Tommy for ice cream when he was little….never taught him how to ride a bike and never paid $2 in child support but now he is Daddy Dearest?  Of course he is willing to throw Tommy under a bus and rat him out to the Feds – he really does not consider Tommy family.

Meanwhile, I don’t trust Kanan either – somebody set your Black arse on fire and left you for dead, but now you cool with them?  Working with them?  I don’t know why people keep trusting him either.  Those two drug boys should have known not to trust K when he gave them some guns from the 1990s and a box of blanks so they could “pretend” to do a drive-by.  They almost deserved to die for being stupid.

That takes us to Angie Valdez.  I KNEW her pillow talking with that man she met in a hallway was gonna come back to bite her in her narrow, bony arse.  And it did in a big way.  She FINALLY got the Jimenez but had to let them go when her one night stand showed up with papers to get them out.  She didn’t even know that man and told him all about how she was gonna take that Cartel down.  She deserved to be put on a PIP at the end of this episode.

That takes us to Ghost and Councilman Tate.  I’m still trying to figure out why Ghost vigilante-ly stabbed a stranger but is letting Tate (and Dre) live so abundantly.  He KNOWS he can’t trust that dude, but is still letting Tate control him.  Now Tate has signed Dre on to the QueensChild Project Board.  Dre doing everything he can not to die but his time has gotta be up before the season is over.

That takes us to Proctor.  He is working with Ghost and Tommy but he knows criminals can’t be trusted.  He still has that laptop though but looks like he won’t be in possession of a law license soon.  John Mak ain’t gon stop until he takes Proctor down (along with Ghost and Angela) unless somebody sends him on home to glory.

What else?  Oh, Tasha finally got tired of that fake arse marriage and those fake arse living arrangements, so she moved out.  And took the baby with her.  I was so hoping when I saw those toys/bags packed up, that the little girl was on her way to a foster home.  I forget about her just like her Ghost and Tasha.  Silver still lurking around so I am sure he will be nekkid with Tasha in the next episode now that she got her own little apartment.

Kanan set up a fake hit to get in with the Italians.  Speaking of them, they need more mob training.  One of them gets shot and/or killed EVERY episode.  They are the worst “family” ever.  K is trying to sow distrust into their relationship with Tommy.

Both Angie and Ghost hit rock bottom this episode, so they ended it up with each other in the last scene.  As much as I hate to say it, they have MAD chemistry (I rolled my eyes when I typed that).  They just can’t stay away from each other no matter how hard they try.  Angela JUST got that promotion and is getting back in with a known criminal.  I guess Ghost got that thane…for Angela.  He gave it to that investor last week and she didn’t leave not NARE check.  He did all that licking and sticking (and picking that lady up – coulda got a hernia!) and ain’t get not ONE donation from that lady for the QueensChild Project.  Ghost done lost a step or 7.  It may be good for him to go on back to Angela.

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Power Premiere – Tariq’s Dumb Arse


I was trying to think of a profound title, but this is all I got.  I swear that big head slow learners’ class drunk off of lean arse boy got dumber over the break.  Let’s get into this review so I can get back to work at my paying job.  Because for all 27 of y’all that read this blog, ain’t nobody started a GOFUNDME to get none of my bills paid, but I digress.

They called this one “Everyone is Implicated” but they could have called it Tariq still dumb and Angela still committing felonies because she still loves James St. Patrick.  I ain’t that mad at Angela though because Ghost IS fine.  I would get put on probation or something behind him too so I would have done just what Angela did – deleted them records like a G.

We finally got to attend Raina’s funeral which that dirty councilman (played by Larenz Tate) had turned into an episode of Love and Hip Hop, bringing in media and cameras and whatnots.  And a church full of foke Tasha nem ain’t know.  Ain’t nothing worse than having a bunch of people at the repast, and you got 3 buckets of chicken.  And then had the nerve to tell Tommy “you can’t sit with us”.  But that was okay, because Tommy sat on the next pew and held Keisha’s hand (that was sweet, cuz y’all know that thane (Tommy) is a killer).

Ghost jacked up Tariq before the funeral trying to get information and telling Tariq that he was the reason Raina was dead.  He should have gotten an extension cord and confronted Tariq with that.  I swear that boy needs a James Evans’ from Good Times beating.

Tasha still out here trying to save Tariq behind Ray Ray’s murder, so she got with Angela trying to get her to cover up sheeit and hide evidence.  Angela was hesitant at first, but Tasha told her that she pretty much owed it to her since she tore Tasha’s family apart.  Of course, Angela deleted the record from her computer.  But she logged in as someone else.  Because who cares about an IP address?  Especially when your colleagues are looking at you funny anyway because they know you are hiding something.  I guess the wife and the side chick CAN work together if it’s for the children.  Outside of that, I ain’t got nothing for a side chick but these hands.

Tasha also asked Keisha to lie for her and tell the cops that she and Tariq were home all night if someone comes around asking.  I swear Keisha gon’ get killed aiding and abetting.  The operative word in ride or die is DIE.  Keisha needs new friends.  Some that are not criminals.

There were some good one-liners last night:  Ghost:  “Kanan, how we know we can trust you, man?”  Kanan:  “You set me on fire, ninja, not the other way around…”  and  Father Kyle’s Hitta:  “He was the only good white guy I ever met….”  (White) Tommy:  “Me too…”  Chile I hollered!

And of course, the episode was all about trying to kill Dre.  I swear this thane got 9 lives like a damn cat!  Dre even killed a priest.  A priest who sold drugs but a priest nevertheless.  Y’all KNOW that thane need to be sent express bus to glory.   Kanan, Ghost and Tommy went to the warehouse to get Dre.  But it was a set up.  Ghost ended up getting shot.  Thankfully, Kanan drove his car into the warehouse to save Ghost and Tommy because Tommy showed up to a gunfight with a gun with bout 4 bullets that he needed to reload after every second shot.

Tommy decided to bring in some white hittas (Teresi’s men) to get Dre because Dre wouldn’t be expecting that.  He then proceeded to hire the WORST hittas ever.  Tariq found out that they were gonna get Dre at Raina’s funeral (where his slow arse gave the worst eulogy ever and I kept wondering why they didn’t let Raina’s sister (who made an appearance…I forgot about her til Tasha said she used to have three living kids) speak over her dead sister.  I know she ain’t but five,  but she is a lot smarter than Tariq and didn’t cause her sister’s death.  Can I also mention they must have had a small budget for Raina’s funeral cuz she had a toddler-sized casket and 2 pallbearers.  Wasn’t she like 15?)  Tariq ran to the bathroom and sent a text to Dre telling him to run.

Dre did just that and got away from his would-be killers only to run into Tommy’s hittas.  They snatched his arse up in a white sheet and proceeded to unroll duct tape from the tape roll to tape him up.  Nope.  They didn’t knock Dre’s arse out.  Nope.  They didn’t chloroform his arse.  Nope.  They didn’t check him for a gun.  Yep…you know what happened.  Dre shot they arses from up under that sheet and got outta there.  Again, THE. WORST. HITTAS. ever.  Silver’s dry face arse coulda done a better job!

Ghost went to Raina’s grave site at the cemetery to tell her he was sorry.  Dre rolled up on him (complete with Ghost-like hoodie) and punked Ghost arse again telling him to stay in his lane and stop trying to kill him or he was gonna kill his whole family, including that lil girl we keep forgetting they have.  He left Ghost with an Uno card – the draw four…or was it the Big Joker (those kill cards the Jimenez family uses when they take somebody out).  He also left the same cards for Tommy and Kanan, letting them know he has the support of the Jimenez and if they don’t leave Dre alone, the Jimenez cartel gon’ lullaby all they arses to sleep.

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Chile…I Need to Stay Outta Wakanda


Today, I took my second trip there by way of the Black Panther movie.  Let me just say that I don’t usually watch superhero movies even though I loved/read comic books back in the day.  I did always like Wonder Woman on television and Christopher Reeves as Superman.  Superheros are so different now though.  Wonder Woman was fighting criminals on a budget–they gave her an invisible plane and a gold rope (lasso).  Oh and wrist cuffs that could block bullets supposedly.  Now superheros got all kinds of gadgets and whatnots, but I digress.

Black Panther was sooo good, Y’all.  I tried not to talk about it because I realize not everyone has seen it but it’s been two weeks now right?  If you haven’t seen it now, it’s because you have no friends apparently and nobody likes you.  I kept trying to figure out what I would say that hasn’t been said because there was just so much, so many themes, and I don’t want this review to be too long.

What did I really like?  I loved that the women were portrayed as fierce warriors whose beauty didn’t lie in weaves and wigs.  How freeing must that have been?  I loved some of the lines in the movie especially a) “Stand up ….you’re a king” and b) Bury me in the ocean where my ancestors jumped from slave ships because they knew death was better than bondage”.  Powerful.  That first line is something I’m going to start saying to my child.  The second line, while powerful, wouldn’t have been something I would have said.  I woulda been like “Cuz can you save me with some of that vibranium?”

Which leads me to a discussion about Eric Killmonger, clearly the main villain in this movie when I thought it was Klaue.  It was apparent all Killmonger cared about was killing, getting to Wakanda, avenging his father’s death and becoming King.  He grew up listening to his father (Prince N’Jobu) speak of this magical nation, his home and hoping one day to go and be welcomed by his family.  That never happened because the King (T’Chaka) killed N’Jobu (also King T’Chaka’s brother) after N’Jobu tried to kill James.  James had been sent as a spy and had told the King that N’Jobu worked with Klaue to steal the country’s vibranium.  N’Jobu saw that Black people in the U.S. were oppressed with no hope and wanted to arm them with vibranium weapons.  A young Killmonger would later discover his father dead with panther claws to his chest.

Killmonger graduated from MIT, joined the special forces, and did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, racking up kills along the way.  He had been forced to work with Klaue, but turned on him when Klaue referred to Wakandans as savages and said that they would never accept him because he was an outsider.  Killmonger even killed his little lady friend.  He then took Klaue’s body to the Wakandans because surely they would have to love and accept him if he brought them the man who took out their king, right?

And I think that was one of the underlying themes of the movie that resonated most with me.  Killmonger was a product of his environment – abandoned by his dad (death) and an entire country.  His country.  He probably never felt good enough…..and as result, he wanted to be the best at everything.  But it still wasn’t enough.  Which is why he wanted to be King.  He wanted love and acceptance from Wakanda, even though the Wakandans didn’t view him as one of them.  He wanted to avenge his father’s death because he probably felt like Klaue never would have got him if N’Jobu was around.  And not only did King T’Chaka kill his dad – he abandoned Killmonger.  Left him in the United States and never spoke of him again.  Killmonger was lost…forgotten.

All that powered Killmonger when he challenged King T’Challa and won.  He threw him over the waterfall, not even allowing for a proper burial, and then told them to burn the garden of the heart-shaped herb so no other kings would come after him.  He clearly was not capable of love because he choked out a female elder, later killed one of the Dorae soldiers, and was thisclose to killing T’Challa’s sister (can we talk about how she stole scenes with her comedic timing?  I hollered when she called Everett Ross “colonizer”).

Not saying Killmonger was right, but I understand.  It didn’t help that “he” was fine in this movie.  When he threw Black Panther over that cliff, I thought oh well, you gotta go some time.  I was ready to go through the screen to be the new Queen til I realized women didn’t fare to well in Killmonger’s world.

That said, the movie was AMAZING.  Really good to see a Black superhero leading a Black country that was so advanced technologically.  Good to see Black women so powerful.  Good to see so many themes – praise the ancestors because we stand on their shoulders; don’t turn a blind eye to your fellow man when you can help them; if you are doing well but your brother is not, you really are not doing well; being abandoned, lost and forgotten hurts; true patriotism is about putting the country first, over the man; and hiding behind a wall may keep you safe, but it also keeps you cut off from the rest of the world and the good things that may lie there.

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DEB Does Dallas – My First Diner En Blanc Experience


First of all, I gotta thank my girl Marsha for thinking of me when her friend B couldn’t attend Diner En Blanc (DEB) Dallas at almost the last minute (prayers for her still).  I probably should explain what this is before I share my thoughts.  Diner En Blanc is a secretive and exclusive pop-up dinner party where guests (who must be fashionably clad in all white) must bring their own supplies (including said dinner, drinks, table, chairs, silverware, glassware, tablecloths, linen napkins, trash bags, table decorations, etc) and everything must be white.  Guests don’t know where they are going until they board a chartered bus or other public transportation that takes them to the secret location of that year’s coveted Diner En Blanc.  The mysterious dinner parties are popular with a crowd that is just as exclusive and ritzy as the dinner itself because let’s face it — you gotta make one hell of an investment to get all that stuff I mentioned AND accept transporting it from a bus to the actual site of the dinner while wearing white.  Walking shoes are a must.  So is some type of dolly.  There are Diners in Blanc in about  6 continents and 70 cities worldwide.

I saw all of the beautiful photos at the first one in Dallas and was intrigued.  I decided I would go this year (3rd year in Dallas) but of course you need an invitation if you are not already on the list (I wasn’t).  I initially tried to get into DEB Dallas on my own (a sponsor makes it easier and for all the friends I had that were going, nobody ever offered to sponsor my black arse but I digress) and had gotten the email about a Phase 3 (what?) saying that I needed to log on at 9 a.m. on a certain date to receive an invitation. I took this to mean I was definitely “in” so I logged on about 10 and it was already sold out. Bummer.  I wasn’t going.

Apparently there are 2400 slots for the Dallas one.  At the time I didn’t know about bringing all your own stuff (EVERYTHING you need to have dinner including dinner!) and when I found out about that requirement, I remember saying “Look at GOD” cause I definitely didn’t have all of that stuff and wasn’t thinking about trying to get it NOR walk with it from some bus in my good white clothes and shoes.

And then Marsha called.  3 days before the event.  Black foke will spring some stuff on you at the last minute, won’t they?  I was still intrigued and I have Amazon Prime so I said why not?  I hopped on the site and quickly bought a table in the required dimensions, the tablecloth, the napkins.  Everything was going to be delivered in time except for chairs.  Ikea was out of them until Wednesday so I put that part on hold. Figured I’d order La Madeline for dinner.  Needed something so that if it was cold, it would still taste good.  I was too late to order alcohol but figured if I was going to be lugging all this sheeit in Blanc (excuse my French), I was gonna need SOMETHING to take the edge off.  I found some secret flasks on Amazon but won’t mention what they were in case I’m invited back.  I figured I had a white dress in my closet so I ordered only a fascinator.  You know I gotta have me a cute headpiece.  Later I would find out on Thursday night (event on Friday) that the zipper on the new dress was broken (no wonder it was so marked down at Ross).  I guess I was gonna be nekkid in a fashionable headpiece. Thank goodness for Charming Charlies at the last minute!

I also needed a date/guest.  Nate was out because he had to work late and I had just spent all our childcare money on supplies for this dinner party so he couldn’t come.  Somebody needed to watch the kid for free.  The bestie had a late call on the other side of town so she was out.  And then the next best friend to bestie told me yes.  I called another friend asking if I could really do this and her husband got me chairs (thanks Ro and Jace).  Then yet another friend walked me through everything I needed to know via FB messenger (Thanks SVEJ).  It was a lot, but I figured I could do this.  I threw a hand grenade in Basic Training and lived, and if I could do that AND beat breast cancer twice, I had this white party.

Our pick up spot was 4:15 at the Anatole…a long way away from Lewisville/Coppell in traffic but Liz got us there easily.  I did have to take off work (how do you get there on time otherwise?) early and picked up our food on the way. Oh, I also got white plates (my picnic basket), acrylic glasses, table decorations, and the other stuff.  I also ordered a luggage cart which was easily the BEST purchase decision I made.

We got to the Arboretum (perfect location) and set up our tables and ate our dinners.  We mingled, and perused, and danced, and selfie’d and Instagrammed and SnapChatted.  Everything was beautiful and magical.  And then we packed up everything and left the Arboretum like we had never been there.

I’ll say this – I went in thinking “this is some white people sheeit” (no offense, but think about it – I’m giving you $80 for you to take me somewhere SECRET on a BUS AND I gotta bring all my own sheeit?  And you telling me what to wear…and you won’t even let me bring my own wine?  Diner En Blanc BYE )  but came away thinking it was a very nice function.  I also can’t wait to go back.  Especially now that I have a folding table in a bag that I probably will never use anywhere else.  And an Amazon bill to pay off…..

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