Power Episode 505 – Happy Birthday Now Take This Wrong Arse Cake


That’s what the episode should have been titled.  It was the twins’ birthday but y’all know Tariq got Raina killed so she wasn’t around to celebrate hers.  When Tariq asked Tasha if she wished he was the one who died instead of Raina, I was yelling YESSSSS! at the damn tv.  Raina didn’t deserve that sheeit.  Tariq’s drunk off “lean” big headed arse did.  But at any rate, Tasha was determined to celebrate the day for Tariq.  I wouldn’t have. I would have told him to stay his arse at Choate.

Tasha tried picking up a birthday cake and the baker who obviously has been providing birthday cakes for the twins for years asked her if she wanted both the strawberry and the chocolate because he ain’t been watching the news and didn’t know Raina was in the Upper Room.  I felt like Tasha ordered the wrong cake because she asked for strawberry and not the chocolate, but Tariq IS somewhat of a beetch arse, so I figured it was for him.  Of course it was the wrong cake (Silver picked it up, trying to one up Ghost but didn’t look in the box – who does that?  Hell I always check a birthday cake when I buy it.  You ain’t sending me home with a cake that says Happy Barmitzvah….but I digress.  Silver got all that law school training but can’t make sure he got the right cake?)

Dre is all in with Councilman Tate as I try to figure out why they both are still alive.  Ghost finally lost it and hemmed up Tate and almost choked him out at Truth in front of everybody at the fundraiser for Raina’s project.  Tate borrowed a line for Menace to Society — you know you done effed up, right? — and I hollered.

Meanwhile, Kanan causing all kinds of chaos.  And he set it off with the best supporting  character to hit Power since Pink Sneakers.  Kendrick Lamar was amazing as Laces, an intelligent “flackahead” (crackhead) who helped Kanan take down some of Cristobal’s team.  He first sold Kanan a bike, allowing him to do a Debo from Friday-style drive-by.  And then Laces took another one of Cristobal’s boys off his square by making him think too deeply about an issue which resulted in Kanan blowin’ ol’ dudes brains out.

And just when it looked like Laces was gon’ die (Kanan put a gun in his back), he asked Kanan who he was (in other words, I ain’t telling sheeit…none of this sheeit happened, I don’t even KNOW you kneegro, etc.).  Laces then told Kanan he need some Cymbalta cuz he (Kanan) ain’t got no friends and lives a lonely arse life.  Laces been in somebody’s house watching commercials because he knew all the side effects of Cymbalta (nut burns????!).  Kanan wiped off the murder weapon, gave it to Laces and told him to sell it.  Methinks we will be seeing Laces again.  And is there ANYTHING Kendrick Lamar can’t do?

Dre got fired on his day off (that Truth non-compete) and told Diego it was all Ghost’s fault so Diego said they gotta take Ghost out.  Tommy still hanging with Daddy Dearest (who almost killed his longtime friend to save Tommy) who is ratting Tommy out behind his back.  Tommy deserves that sheeit if he lets it happen – Terisi ain’t paid a lick of child support but you claiming him as your daddy, Tommy?  You better listen to your mama.

Angela finally got the tracker off Tommy’s car and asked him to work with her.  He got it back from her (I’m still not sure why) but said he’s not a rat.  He got something up his sleeves.  Tasha mama gave Silver the business when he came through with that wrong, dry arse cake.  Proctor, you still in danger, Girl.  Ghost went home drunk and got put out of his own house (where he is paying the rent) by Tasha after he swung on Tariq.  Lawd I wish he had connected!  And Ghost met with that preacher who asked him what he wanted.  Ghost said to be a better man…which led him to Angela’s house.  I’m sure he will be hunching her in episode 506.

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