Power Episode S5 E4 – Trust No One


I didn’t know what to call this review honestly.  The episode was all over the place, but I think the common theme was the use of the word family even when there was so much mistrust.  I really like Tommy but he is such a loose cannon.  I’m with Kanan – he got a new daddy and it’s better to him than a new puppy.  Terisi been in Tommy’s life 3.2 minutes and Tommy is really going to trust him?  Terisi is the same man who never took Tommy for ice cream when he was little….never taught him how to ride a bike and never paid $2 in child support but now he is Daddy Dearest?  Of course he is willing to throw Tommy under a bus and rat him out to the Feds – he really does not consider Tommy family.

Meanwhile, I don’t trust Kanan either – somebody set your Black arse on fire and left you for dead, but now you cool with them?  Working with them?  I don’t know why people keep trusting him either.  Those two drug boys should have known not to trust K when he gave them some guns from the 1990s and a box of blanks so they could “pretend” to do a drive-by.  They almost deserved to die for being stupid.

That takes us to Angie Valdez.  I KNEW her pillow talking with that man she met in a hallway was gonna come back to bite her in her narrow, bony arse.  And it did in a big way.  She FINALLY got the Jimenez but had to let them go when her one night stand showed up with papers to get them out.  She didn’t even know that man and told him all about how she was gonna take that Cartel down.  She deserved to be put on a PIP at the end of this episode.

That takes us to Ghost and Councilman Tate.  I’m still trying to figure out why Ghost vigilante-ly stabbed a stranger but is letting Tate (and Dre) live so abundantly.  He KNOWS he can’t trust that dude, but is still letting Tate control him.  Now Tate has signed Dre on to the QueensChild Project Board.  Dre doing everything he can not to die but his time has gotta be up before the season is over.

That takes us to Proctor.  He is working with Ghost and Tommy but he knows criminals can’t be trusted.  He still has that laptop though but looks like he won’t be in possession of a law license soon.  John Mak ain’t gon stop until he takes Proctor down (along with Ghost and Angela) unless somebody sends him on home to glory.

What else?  Oh, Tasha finally got tired of that fake arse marriage and those fake arse living arrangements, so she moved out.  And took the baby with her.  I was so hoping when I saw those toys/bags packed up, that the little girl was on her way to a foster home.  I forget about her just like her Ghost and Tasha.  Silver still lurking around so I am sure he will be nekkid with Tasha in the next episode now that she got her own little apartment.

Kanan set up a fake hit to get in with the Italians.  Speaking of them, they need more mob training.  One of them gets shot and/or killed EVERY episode.  They are the worst “family” ever.  K is trying to sow distrust into their relationship with Tommy.

Both Angie and Ghost hit rock bottom this episode, so they ended it up with each other in the last scene.  As much as I hate to say it, they have MAD chemistry (I rolled my eyes when I typed that).  They just can’t stay away from each other no matter how hard they try.  Angela JUST got that promotion and is getting back in with a known criminal.  I guess Ghost got that thane…for Angela.  He gave it to that investor last week and she didn’t leave not NARE check.  He did all that licking and sticking (and picking that lady up – coulda got a hernia!) and ain’t get not ONE donation from that lady for the QueensChild Project.  Ghost done lost a step or 7.  It may be good for him to go on back to Angela.

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