Power Episode 507 – Everybody Hunched Except Mak and Sax


I swear everybody in this episode got it in except for those two.  I think that’s why they stay trying to take down Proctor, Angela, Ghost, Tommy, the Jimenez, Two Bit, Councilman Tate….hell errybody…because they need girlfriends and something to do.  At one point, I was watching both Angela and Ghost get it in AND Terry Silver and Tasha get it in – I’m talmbout it was like watching a tennis match with my head moving back and forth.  I needed a strong cocktail and a cigarette and I don’t even smoke!  Chyle…..

I was REALLY rooting for Tasha because I ain’t believe for one second that Terry Silver was gon’ go to jail on a perjury charge for her.  She talmbout that man love her.  I ain’t even sure of that.  I just know whenever Ghost comes around, that thane (Silver)’s eyes get THIS BIG.  Terry wouldn’t last 2.5 seconds in them people’s prison.  Tasha shoulda put her WHOLE back into that make out session.

Angela still out here acting like a WHOLE criminal in these streets.  I swear Ghost turns everybody that fools with his arse into a dead person or a prisoner (or would-be prisoner).  That thane done started plotting with Tommy to take out John Mak.  And that thane (Mak) wants Angela’s head on a platter so bad, he doesn’t even see it coming.  She tried offering him a job somewhere else.  I’m hoping he takes it or he gon’ end up Tommy’s next victim.

Speaking of Tommy, he called Terisi “dad” tonight.  That sheeit ain’t even sound right.  Terisi had Tommy accompany him for a pick up where the dude had put weights inside the suitcase with the money.  Like Terisi ol’ arse wasn’t gonna check.  You know they lit that dude up with a power drill, right?  I swear some of these criminals and mob people on this show are the worst at their damn jobs.  And then Tommy started running his mouth about all the people he done cancelled Christmas for.  I swear he has known these people for like 5 seconds, and telling ERRYTHANE.  Terisi was like that white lady who called the cops on them people barbecuing – in FULL snitch mode.

Terisi even invited Tommy over for dinner with him and Connie with the hopes Tommy would incriminate himself even more.  Terisi had confirmed earlier that Tommy was indeed his son to Connie — she already knew — and she slapped the natural taste out of Terisi’s mouth before saying she forgave him.  Tommy slighted his mom behind Terisi so of course, Kate came to that lady (Connie’s) house to confront them all.  When I tell you if I was Connie, Kate woulda caught these hands.  I don’t care what stage of cancer I was in – or how many years it had been since Kate had an affair with my husband and produced an outside child.  You the side chick and you got the audacity to come up in my house and spit on my floor AND call me a bad word?  Oh yeah, your polyester fake fur wearing arse bout to catch ALL these hands.  I’m convinced Terisi ain’t in no mob.

I didn’t do a recap last week but now Dre and Ghost have partnered up to rid each other of “problems”.  Ghost was supposed to get rid of Diego but sent Kanan to do it instead.  Dre was supposed to get rid of Peter, but Kanan tipped him off so he would get away because Kanan wants to take over Tommy’s organization.  Diego’s sister was right – Diego deserved to get got.  Letting Dre throw him a party complete with hoes and coming in with ONE lieutenant thinking he bout to hunch and following signs on the floor that said “coochie this way”.  Of course, the signs led to Kanan who popped both they arses, cut them up and put them in a Louis Vuitton bag.  Hey, at least he carried ’em out in style.  Two Bit (Francis) working with Kanan and double crossing Dre because he just wants to be somebody’s number two.  He ain’t smart enough to be a number one.  I’m trying to figure out how Ghost thinks he can trust Dre.  Dre told Two Bit nem to take his arse (Ghost) out after Ghost killed Diego.

Kanan double crossing Ghost AND Tommy and playing them against each other.  I blame them both because Kanan is NOT to be trusted.  You don’t burn somebody’s arse up within 1/2 inch of their crusty arse life AFTER you sent him to prison and the reason he had to kill his son but y’all boys now.  Come on Ghost.  You KNOW better.  Imma need you to go back to hustling school cuz you done lost your edge.  Or seven.  Kanan took Diego’s body to Peter and told him he did what Ghost and Tommy couldn’t do and as a favor (for Kanan saving his life and getting him out of that hotel so Dre couldn’t pop him), he wants to take over as the new distro.  Peter agreed but told him he’d have to take out Ghost and Tommy but K’s plan is to have them take out each other behind trust issues.  Chyle….

Proctor got his license back and hadn’t had it for 20 seconds before Tommy was telling him about some more crimes and murders he done committed.  I swear Ghost and Tommy won’t let Proctor be great.  Tommy got back with Keisha – they hunched and he spent the night and got up and made cold cereal for breakfast. I don’t even know if he used milk.  He coulda at least made some eggs.  Cuz well Keisha put her back into it and erryody knows how to make eggs.  *shrugs*

Terisi told Mak and Saxe that Ghost was really behind the guard’s murder in prison and set it up to make it look like Biscuit did it and he would testify.  I’m just in awe of how quickly Terisi became a damn rat when he stayed in prison for 25 years because he wasn’t one. He is the WORST mobster ever and I hate those purple sunglasses.  He barely killed that man tonight and needed help.  Oh Tate got GOT finally – Ghost done found out he been skimming funds from the QueensChild Project (QCP) and got receipts.  He tried to fire Ghost from the QCP and Ghost said kneegro I AM THE QCP.

Of course, Ghost can’t neva leave well enough alone.  After Tasha told him that Silver was gonna lie for her and help cover up Raymond Jones’ murder, Ghost got in his feels and went to see that man.  Silver then sent Tasha a one line text asking her to come over so he could show her something.  When Tasha went to that man’s apartment, it was dark and empty.  Tasha done had two Ghosts – James St. Patrick and Silver (who done got Ghost).  Bay Bay I hollered!  Silver had packed up that entire apartment down to the sofa bed they had just hunched and grinded on and had the electricity, gas AND water cut off.  Tasha couldn’t even wash her hands or turn on a light.  I hollered again.  He didn’t even leave her arse a real note.  He put “bye” on a yellow sticky.  I bet Silver on his way to Mexico with a new damn face.  I swear something must be wrong with Tasha – that thane cain’t keep a man in a steel bucket with a brick top, glued and taped down, with the whole thane reinforced in concrete.

So with Silver skipping town, it looks like Tasha gotta turn herself in as Raymond Jones’ murderer.  Why we still care about a dirty cop living in a trap house being murdered is beyond me.  Jukebox been dead 10 episodes and ain’t nobody said sheeit about her.  Wasn’t she a cop too?

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