Power Episode 508 – Tasha STAY setting up Kanan


I struggled with what to call this recap.  I thought about “Gone On Home to Glory” but we know good and well Kanan ain’t went to nobody’s heaven and there really ain’t no such thane as heaven for a G.  Even an OG.  Then I thought about “Kanan – Rest In Peace” but that thane ain’t bit mo’ go rest in peace with all the dirt he did in life.  And finally I thought about “Dead Arse Lonely” because both of those things described Kanan’s last moments.  But before we get into talking about that, let me apologize for this recap being somewhat late.  The “man” had my Black arse working so hard, I didn’t have time to write this earlier AND I was feeling some kinda way at first, losing Aretha Franklin, John McCain AND Kanan.  They say death comes in threes…

I’m not feeling Ghost much these days.  He just seems to be on the outs with errybody – his bestie Tommy ain’t feeling him; Tasha moved out; Angie, Ghost’s side chick, making whole plans with his wife and leaving him out; John Mak’s entire department is trying to take him out; Proctor pumpin’ Ghost for information and thinking bout snitching on him; Tariq won’t return Ghost phone calls even though he steady writing checks to that high arse Choate school; and Dre still talking to Ghost any kinda way.  Plus, he gave Fancy that work and we ain’t seen that lady nor her checkbook again.  I’m hoping he gets his mojo back in the remaining episodes.  That said, I wouldn’t kick him out my bed for eating crackers and he could still get it but I wouldn’t want him to talk to me during or after.

Tasha’s plan initially–now that Silver done pulled a Houdini (now you see my arse, now you don’t)–was to turn herself in as Raymond Jones killer to save Tariq.  Again, I don’t know why we still trying to save Tariq’s block head don’t never be at that school Ghost paying for arse.  I bet he got all Fs because he spends too much time with Kanan learning gangster ways.  Ghost wasn’t having it and finally took responsibility – saying he would be the one to go to prison for his family.  As he should because if he hadn’t been in that club and Angela all the time, the streets never woulda got Tariq (just like them whyte foke never woulda got Miss Sophia in The Color Purple).  Ghost felt like everything was Dre’s fault so his plan later was to set Dre up for the murder of Raymond Jones and then take Dre out.  He was gonna blame Dre’s death on the Jimenez since Kanan was still carrying Diego’s head around.  Yes, he has kept that man’s head on ice.  Even in death, Diego cain’t get no respect.  Ghost just needed a way to tie Dre and Raymond Jones together and Tommy gave him that.

What Ghost didn’t know though was that wifey and side chick were busy putting together a plan of their own.  They figured out they could frame Kanan because well hell Tasha stay setting up Kanan.  All she needed was Tariq to help her because he was close to Kanan.  Tariq wasn’t going at first and said some horrible sheeit to Tasha that shoulda got his face slapped.  He finally agreed to plant the gun in the car to set up Kanan even though he was conflicted.  Tasha also told him Kanan killed his own son (Shawn) so that may have helped sway him.  Tariq loved Shawn.

Kanan was still training Tariq in the ways of the street, even telling him that fancy school ain’t teaching him nothing.  We can all agree on that, Kanan.  He took Tariq outta school and put him on the streets to hustle.  Tariq dumb arse got paid with fake money and had to get Kanan’s gun and go back to the dude that ganked him.  He did get real money that time (funny how that happens when you put a gun in somebody’s face).  He then asked Kanan how he could kill his own son?  Kanan said he never took a DNA test and shoulda and bay bay, I HOLLERED.  He told Riq Shawn wasn’t built like them and Riq was more of a son to him than Shawn was.

The police pulled Kanan over (Tasha had reported Tariq missing) and they found Tasha’s gun (that Riq used to kill Raymond Jones) in Kanan’s trunk.  Then when they asked Riq if he was being held against his will, he confirmed he was.  He said that Kanan was his friend’s Shawn’s father and he (Riq) thought he was safe with Kanan.  In that moment I felt sorry for old Kanan.  You could tell his heart was broken when he said ‘take the boy’ to the officers.  Kanan had also told Riq he wasn’t ever going back to jail.  Kanan asked the cops to not make the handcuffs too tight and then grabbed the officer’s gun and started shooting up police officers like Cleo did in Set It Off.  Kanan was mortally wounded in return gunfire, but was still able to walk over to the last cop to finish him off.

Meanwhile, Riq was in the back of the police car watching the shootout.  He witnessed Kanan blow the brains of the female officer out right in front of him.  When Riq saw Kanan head toward the police car he was in (K was coming to finish off the last officer), he tried to get out but his beetch arse was locked in.  Kanan finished off that last cop and then turned to Tariq who had to have sheeit his pants.  I’m also sure if he’d spoken, his voice was higher by SEVERAL octaves.  Kanan just looked at him, gun still in hand and limped away in disappointment.  I was a bit let down.  I didn’t want him to kill Tariq at that moment but he could have at least grazed his temples or something.  Kanan jumped in one of the cop cars and took off like Cleo did in that movie after she lit that cigarette.  He didn’t make it far before he slumped over on the steering wheel and died.  I was still expecting him to make it even after he coughed up blood.

I thought he was still alive until they pulled that sheet back in the morgue.  Tommy was there to identify him, and Ghost showed up as well.  I still thought that thane was gon’ be resurrected and rise up off that gurney but nope…he was REALLY dead this time.  I know Kanan was a straight up thug and killer but I really felt sorry for him.  No next of kin (he killed Shawn and his baby mama still at her house waiting for Shawn to come home) and no address.  Wearing a toe tag and the dude you run licks with and what nots gotta come and tell the people who you were.  Even if we wanted to send condolences and flowers, we cain’t.  I bet Kanan won’t even have a fun’ral.  No next of kin..no forwarding address…so you know that thane ain’t have no life insurance.  Yeah I found myself feeling a little bit sad.  Didn’t have ANYBODY as he took his last breath and the one person he had come to sorta love turned on him and helped set him up.  Sheeit..he was probably glad to gone and die.

That’s all I got.  I ain’t gon’ talk about Terisi and Tommy and Keisha cuz well Kanan deserves better – he deserves this blog entry in its entirety.  I will briefly mention that they put that head in the refrigerator at Dre’s club and the police were there retrieving it as the show went off.

I’m gon’ miss old Kanan.  Those one liners were EVERYTHING.  He was a funny dude even as he killed people, including his own son.  But I think we will see him again.  He is damn sure gon’ haunt Tasha for setting him up AGAIN.  It all worked out for the St Patricks and Angela – Keisha corroborated Tasha’s story that Kanan was at the penthouse and could have stolen her gun….Riq corroborated the same…and Angela gave the Raymond Jones file back to ol’ girl.  But is it over?  The last scene showed Proctor ratting out Angela to her colleagues.  Proctor say he JUST got his license back…he ain’t giving it up AND he too petite to go to jail….

Follow me on Twitter  @soshaydee where I will be kinda mourning Kanan which is a little bit weird.  Maybe we should have a social media repast.  I got the fried chicken.  What y’all got?


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