Power Episode 509 – Snitches Get Snitches..or Get Dead


I thought the previous episode was something with the way Tasha nem smooth set Kanan up and he ended up in rigor mortis on a gurney.  Chyle that episode was lightweight compared to Sunday’s.  Let’s just start at the beginning.  Tariq ol’ blockhead arse was in his room watching the news about Kanan’s death and feeling some kinda way bout him and Shawn.  That boy really felt like Kanan was his daddy or something.

Tasha, Ghost and Tommy were arguing about Tasha setting Kanan up and how she could have gotten Tariq killed.  Now that I agreed with – Tasha and Ghost stay slippin’ as parents.  CPS needs to take that baby that we don’t ever see anyway.  Ghost asked Tasha if one dead child wasn’t enough for her and promptly got slapped across the face.  Tommy said he deserved that sheeit and I hollered.  Tariq came and shut errybody down talmbout it was all his idea to fix a problem he created.  He is sooo disrespectful and I keep wondering when Tasha or Ghost gon’ wrap him up around the head and neck til his arse gives up the ghost.  Ain’t paying no bills and getting all Fs at Choate (gotta be cuz he ain’t neva there) but wanna talk all bad to grown foke.

Ghost took him back to the train station for school and asked Tariq what he wanted from him.  Tariq stepped to his dad and said ‘teach me the mf’ing game, Ghost’.  Bay Bay, my left eye started switching.  Ghost shoulda done the rise, pause and fall on his lil arse.  Now we s’posed to believe Tariq arse is Ghost Jr. when he was just sheeiting his drawls and speaking in a Michael Jackson voice when he saw Kanan out there killing cops in the last episode and his lil arse couldn’t get out the backseat of that car.  This is the same lilly-livered cad who hid while his sister confronted Ray Ray and was shot and killed because of his arse.  I can’t stand Tariq frog faced arse.  Of course, Tariq lil arse didn’t get on the train.  Came right back out that station and went to Vincent for help to move Kanan’s weight.  That thane wanna be a G so bad….

Of course, it was Sunday so that meant Mak and Saxe were still trying to bring down Angela.  Lawd, I get so tired of them slithering and lurking around Terisi and Proctor trying to get Angela and James St. Patrick.  Ghost still mad that Tasha and Angela went behind his back.  He still cain’t get over his side chick and his wife working together.  That IS some freaky sheeit, though.

Alicia Jimenez done put Dre arse on a PIP and demoted him so now Dre working for Cristobal.  Cristobal met with Dre to make sure there were no hard feelings and told Dre that in addition to the promotion, Alicia wanted to give him that ‘arse’.  It was clear that the notion of that was as uncomfortable for Cristobal as it was for all of us watching.  Dre of course was plotting because y’all know he’s vindictive as hell.  He decided to work with Angela for immunity since she still wants to bring down the Jimenez cartel and since Diego’s head was found in Dre’s club, Angela knew the cartel was unstable and ripe for the picking.  He told Angela where Cristobal and Alicia would be and just as they were about to get into the most awkward lovemaking session in Power history (mouths all open, but not actually touching lips; panting but not kissing; both were dressed in a bunch of clothes; they were clumsy and they both looked uncomfortable), Alicia’s phone rang and they realize it was a bust.  Angela and the feds stormed in and arrested them both.

Angela of course received accolades from Tameka and her staff except for Mak and Saxe who were still not convinced that Kanan (who they had blamed for Ray Ray’s murder) and Angela were not connected.  They turned up the heat on Proctor — making him wear a wire for a meeting with Ghost.  Proctor warned Ghost via a napkin that he was wearing a wire so Ghost wouldn’t incriminate himself.  But Ghost didn’t incriminate Angela either, which was what Proctor was hoping for.  After Proctor disconnected the wire, Ghost almost threw his arse over the balcony.  I just knew Proctor was a dead man, but Ghost didn’t kill him.  Proctor told Ghost to save himself and stop letting Angela’s magical coochie get him all effed up, or he (Ghost) would be doing life in prison.

Saxe and Mak turned up the heat on Terisi, who turned over Ghost as the person who ordered the killing of bad guy and federal agent Sandoval, but cleared Tommy.  He was supposed to flip on Tommy but ended up changing his mind.  His best friend Sammy wasn’t going and was about to tell Tommy everything when Terisi shanked him with the knife he had just used to cut up bread and vegetables.

Angela found out that Mak nem had a criminal informant and even though she had photos of the guy and could have confirmed his identity through various methods similar to methods she had employed in the past several seasons, she decided to ask Mak who the informant was.  Mak set a trap for her arse by telling her it was Terisi, Tommy’s dad.  Angela had that information for 4.5 seconds before she told Ghost and provided photos…Ghost then told Vincent…and then Vincent told Tommy his daddy was indeed a rat.

Well y’all know how Tommy feels about loyalty.  He drove Terisi to see Connie one last time but not before telling him he knew.  Terisi told Connie Tommy knew he planned to drop a dime on him but he changed his mind.  He turned and looked at the exit sign before leaving the hospice center.  I think he thought about running and then realized he had no reason to avoid death – Connie was gonna be dead soon (hospice, they could only make her comfortable, etc); he had killed his best friend Sammy; had lost Tommy’s trust; and Vincent and the family knew he was a rat, so he was disgraced.  He got in the car with Tommy again (Tommy even seemed disappointed that he didn’t run because he knew he’d have to kill his daddy) and Tommy took him home (Terisi’s).  I think he thought for a minute Tommy wasn’t going to kill him and then he saw the nose of that gun in the dark.  He did tell Tommy he changed his mind about ratting him out, but it was too late.  Y’all know Tommy killed his woman over loyalty so Terisi wasn’t gon’ be different.  Of course Tommy cancelled Christmas and all other holidays on his arse, but sorta buried him by laying him on top of the Terisi headstone at the cemetery while the most haunting music played in the background.

Tommy went to his mama…and told her she was right.  She told Tommy he was too trusting and held him in her arms.  Tommy told her he killed Terisi and she told Tommy he did the right thing.  Tommy’s mama is a G.  Sheeit, she should be the new ghost.  Or the kids (Keisha’s son, Tasha and Ghost other daughter) we don’t never see – they the real Ghosts.

The next scene showed Angela and Tameka rushing to a late night meeting even though Angela didn’t know about a meeting.  Then that door opened and Angela saw that whiteboard with the diagrams of her to Tasha, to Ghost, to Tommy, to Kanan and liked ta fell out.  Sak told her they drew a diagram in case she needed to know which drug dealer she was aiding and abetting today.  Chyle, I hollered.  Instead of saying I didn’t do this, Angela arse said ‘you have no proof’ and that’s when Mak told her Terisi was a test, and Donovan confirmed they’d found his body earlier that evening.  As she stood there with the walls closing in on her, Tameka (with Bianca (the Latino detective), Mak, Donovan and Saxe all present) told Angela they were done playing games.  If she didn’t give them everything she knew about St Patrick and the other players in the enterprise, Angela arse would go down right along with them.

Awwww SHEEIT- they finally got Angela, but the question is will she flip on Ghost to save herself?  Or will Ghost takes Proctor’s advice and flip on Angela?  Who’s flipping on who?  And will Dre make it past the EXTENDED season finale next week now that Cristobal and Alicia knows he set them up?  I still cannot believe his big nosed arse is STILL alive.  Chyle…..

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