Power Episode 510 -Ding Dong…Is the Bih Dead?


I know….I shouldn’t have typed that but I couldn’t get it out of my head. I actually had forgotten to do this post.  I been caught up in local news, the results of my 23 and Me (Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Prince NOR Whitney Houston showed up in my results – I was so sure I was kin to at least one of ’em too……) and this kid and her 50-11 events  Let’s get into it though.

I just KNEW this was gon’ be the episode where Dre finally got Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. cancelled.  It is sooo uncomfortable watching him get it on so I was glad when the Jimenez hittas rolled up in his spot to take him out mid-stride the lady he was on.  He saw them in the mirror in the headboard (that’s why *I* keeps one as well..you never know what evil may be lurking when you hunching) and rolled over and commenced to firing and fighting.  His baby mama was a REAL soldier because that thane also popped up butt booty arse nekkid and bust one of the hitters over the head with a bottle or something.  Dre took them both out (yep, still nekkid) and luckily they ain’t harm the baby.  He immediately went to Angela and asked for the witness protection program.  And then he showed us that he is still a bih – the way that lady fought unclothed right beside him, he told Angela he only needed protection for him and his baby — he didn’t need the mother.  Bay Bay, I wanted to come off the top rope and do a rise, pause and fall on his arse through the screen.

Speaking of bih arses, Mr. Houdini (now you see my arse, now you don’t), Terry Silver came back.  Tasha thought he was back to do the right thing but it became clear he was working with the investigators to get her to flip on Ghost to save herself.  She told Terry she wasn’t flipping on the father of her child (cuz that lady ain’t bit mo’ got chirREN cuz we don’t neva see that other lil girl) but gave him some in the parking lot.  Ghost was behind one of the columns in the garage watching cuz he an old freak and getting mad.  It’s all dry grinding and fun til the rabbit getting the gun.  Y’all know what happened next – Tasha drove off and Ghost slipped up behind Silver ol’ nasty arse (first that lady couch..then up on a car in the parking lot?) and put him to sleep.  Permanently.  He shoulda stayed gone.

The feds knew they had to flip somebody in the crew so they were working overtime.  Angela took her team of criminals to class in their old school with a whiteboard diagramming how they could not break team.  As long as no one flipped, they would be good.  Y’all know Tommy cain’t pay attention – he was passing notes talmbout we should just kill the bih once they found out the feds had Angela the night before trying to get her to flip.

Keisha almost got her cap peeled back but made the right decision to be all IN in the nick of time.  Y’all know Tommy was paranoid with his finger on the trigger.  Cash was about to be an orphan.  Aw hell, who am I kidding….ain’t no damn Cash.  I ain’t neva seen Keisha son.  Saxe came to Tommy’s house with the tape of Terisi flipping on Ghost but saying Tommy ain’t have nothing to do with anything.  Saxe let Tommy know that Angela knew they were working with Teresi…and Tommy grabbed his gun to ride out (Tasha 2.0 (Keisha) said she understood what was about to go down and she was gon’ be there when Tommy got back).  Tommy got that look in his eye so I knew somebody was getting all they Christmases cancelled.

By this time, I believe that your boy Dre had shown up to the meeting spot to see Angela about his witness protection paperwork.  But he’d told Francis (2-Bit) that he wasn’t going to say the Jimenez ordered the Sandoval and Lobos hits and instead was gon’ say Ghost and Tommy did that sheeit.  Francis told Tommy because he wants to make sure he can still sell drugs for somebody when Dre is gone…and then Tommy set it up like he was gonna clip Dre at the meet up spot but they only scared him with all that gunfire before he jumped through the window.  There was a waiting van with Angela’s friend that released the Jimenez in a previous episode with the paperwork for Dre to sign saying the Jimenez ordered the hits.  I think  Tommy shot at the van again, and Dre signed and the van took off with him.

Silver never showed up at the hearing but his attorney (MC Lyte- yay!) did.  Angela’s attorney had asked them to drop the charges because of Dre’s signed statement.  Tasha went to Angela’s but unlocked the door behind her.  Dre slipped in and was bout to clip Angela because she told Ghost about Terisi and Silver knowing they would both be killed.  Angela told them they needed the photos back, of Terisi talking to the feds, so Tasha (who’d just told Angela it was time for her to go…) told Tommy to let ol’ girl make it.  Tommy went to Vincent and confirmed that Ghost knew and told Vincent so Vincent would tell Tommy and Tommy would take his own dad out.  Tommy got that look in his eye again and went to find Ghost at their old school to kill him.

Ghost was kissing Angela (after he figured out she wasn’t the female witness Proctor told them the feds still had willing to testify against Ghost), and as Angela looked up she saw Tommy at the top of the stairs with his gun aimed at Ghost.  She moved Ghost out of the way and took that bullet like a G for her man.  Tommy smiled because he finally showed Ghost what it feels like to watch someone you love be killed.  Because of Ghost, he had killed his lady (Holly) and his dad – two people that meant the world to him.  And two people who really cared for him.  Ghost screamed out NOOOO (funny I don’t remember all that emotion when Raina died but Angela do got that box that Ghost love) because he was just getting ready to take Angie’s clothes off in that stairwell and commence to hunching.

It’s going to be a long dry YEAR until we see if Angela dies.  Why does Power take a damn year off between episodes?  It looked she was hit center mass AND there was a lot of blood.  If it had been me, I woulda been wearing a vest seeing as how Tommy had just tried to kill her earlier.  We still need to see what happens between Ghost and Tommy.  And if Silver has a fune.  And if Tariq block head arse still enrolled at Choate.  And if Cash FINALLY makes an appearance from the daycare he must attend with Ghost other child.

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