Power Premiere Recap – #Murderers A Joint Recap from MattB and SoShaydee


Welcome MattB #TheeILove to my Power Recap! We are going to try out this joint recap thang so y’all get both the female and male point of view of one of the best shows on television. MattB is Phirst Pham and an alum of THEE BEST HBCU EVER (Go JSU), so you know this recap bout to be lit. Matter of fact, I don’t think y’all ready but we gon’ give it to you anyway. And if anybody know anybody on the Power set, we both are available for hire. We looking for a talk show, podcast, somebody’s grandmama’s kitchen table to talk about one of our favorite shows. Hell we will even tweet on behalf of Power for the right amount of money. Let’s get into it…..
SoShaydee: It seems like I waited 5 years for Power to come back on but the premiere didn’t disappoint. Well except for the new theme song. I guess they thought we weren’t gonna notice. But I did cuz I was ready to juke to it like I always do and couldn’t.
MattB: Yeah, that theme song remix is gahbage! They changed it and 50 prolly ain’t tell Joe nothin!! Good Times ran for 6 seasons too and they didn’t go change theirs so what makes Power so special? Mane, do better.
Although I’ve wanted her gone since day one, I was honestly surprised they let Thin Mint die for real. Since she saved Ghost’s life, I figured they would let her make it but…..! She played both sides of the fence and ultimately it caught up with her. I just got my 8-piece suit outta the cleaners I was gon wear to huh future fune anyway so I’m good. For the repast, I wonder if they too, put raisins in their potato sala….nvm.
SoShaydee: Yeah, the last time we saw Angela, she had taken a bullet through her heart (how fitting) for that ol’ raggely but fine arse Ghost. He MUST have that thane but it could have been me. I wouldn’t let Tommy graze my temples behind Ghost. If you haven’t watched it yet (because you in Timbuktu with no innanets), SPOILER ALERT – Angela died 10 minutes into surgery. Now you KNOW Ghost wants revenge against Tommy because he knows this means he can’t hunch Angela no mo’. I wanted Angela gone, but not gone gone, so I’m conflicted.
MattB: Tommy is wide open! Dude ain’t been the same since he’s been hard on dat nahkotic! That booga shuga has him wildin! Him tryin to kill Ghost but Angela instead has he and Ghost on a path to potentially kill each other! I feel like him killin Poncho was twisted and will have his crew looking at ways to take him out in the future. His business relationship with Jason will prove problematic as well. Smokin Kanan’s ashes tho? He only trusts Tasha, Tariq and Keisha but that won’t be enough for him to stay sane. He’s a loose cannon and seems like he’s self destructing more and more by the minute.
SoShaydee: Tommy STILL a hothead – I can’t believe he shot his primera in the face cuz ol’ dude clowned him for getting the brakes beat off him by Ghost. Yep, Ghost and Tommy got to fighting. Ghost said he gon’ put Tommy in a body bag behind Angela. Funny I don’t remember him going that hard when Reina his DAUGHTER got smoked. Angela musta knew how to work them ol’ narrow arse hips. But I hollered when he rolled Kanan’s ashes up in that blunt and turned on Bone Thugs & Harmony! That thane a FOOL!
MattB: The Feds are coming unglued. They don’t have the evidence they claim they do and internally, their investigation is unraveling. Viola Davis Jr. lost her job after Thin Mint’s death and Sax is still doing every underhanded thing he can to get something to convict Ghost on. His desperation will probably cause him to do something stupid and not finish the season. I hope they find him somewhere stankin real quick.
SoShaydee: I’m still mad they fired Tameka. They always letting “us” go FIRST behind some mess. She prolly ain’t even get a PIP – just one old raggely arse box to put her pichas in. They prolly gon’ deny her unemployment.
MattB: Tasha is all over the place and not in a good way. I’ve been disappointed with her for a while and this episode didn’t change that. I wish they’d let me be the one to tell her to stop lookin for Slim Shoulders cause he’s dead dead! She thought he was goin to be her way out but he wasn’t bout that life no way. Her wanting to divorce Ghost and see him suffer was interesting to see. That part of her grows by the minute! I use to be Team Tasha for a long time but now……I’m waiting to bring that 6 pack of Chek Sodas to huh future repast too!!
SoShaydee: I can’t believe she followed up Ghost with Terry Silver. That thane slight of build AND scary. She still calling that man phone and he prolly sleeping in the bottom of the river that they throw everybody and they weapons in. Again let me remind you, this is the dude she pining for (see photo). Eliiiiiiiizaaaaaah!
MattB: I sweatergawd I love Keisha but LaLa ain’t doing her character any favors. Her acting in this episode was trash; that Bachelors Of Acting from Everest ain’t paying off just yet. So nobody was gon tell me her son rapped with Kris Kross? This was the first episode we’ve seen Daddy Mack and he was already tryin to steal money from his Mamma’s purse! Keisha has her hands full now that she’s getting deeper and deeper in Tommy’s mess; I believe that alone will keep she and her son in constant danger. Why can’t she just go back to selling full frontals, fake edges and Brazilian bundles in peace?
SoShaydee: Her money prolly went to waste on acting classes from ICDC college, but she got a new and improved build a bear butt. And did she dispose of the murder weapon without wearing gloves? How long she been around Tommy? She ain’t learned sheeit about the game. No fingerprints are like Crime and Murder 101. You ain’t bout that life, Sis.
MattB: Tariq is showing us that he don’t believe fat meat’s greasy. Ain’t no way I’d be able to disrespect my Father the way he does. I’d still be tryin to find my jaw right now if I ever tried my Pops! I believe he may be the one to actually pull the trigger against Ghost.
SoShaydee: I’m still wondering how his arse is everywhere BUT Choate (that private school), wasting up Ghost and Tasha good coin on tuition and ain’t neva in class.
MattB: – Proctor is by far one of the most consistently sleazy characters throughout the series and this episode was no different. He can’t be trusted in the least; I hate to see Ghost believing he’s loyal. I feel like it’s only a matter of time before he gives everyone up around him to save himself; especially since he still has that laptop as an insurance policy.
SoShaydee: Proctor is my DUDE. I swear if they EVER kill him off, I’m going to that set and turn over every table and piece of furniture they got! And his little girl just like him – secure the bag, Baby Girl!
MattB: Ghost is a wreck! He’s reeling from Thin Mint’s death, Tommy’s attempt on his life, he and Tasha’s pending divorce, Tariq disrespecting him all while trying to secure his own freedom! Frat has way too much on his plate! His beef with Tommy will be one for the ages; I can only imagine how many lose their lives in the crossfire.
SoShaydee: Ghost say he ain’t gon’ stop til he kills Tommy. And believe me he tried this episode. He unloaded on Tommy’s car but he wasn’t in it. Bay Bay, that automobile had more bullet holes than a stripper on the southside of Chicago.
MattB and SoShaydee: When is Dre gon’ die? They can send Councilman Tate on to the Upper Room too.
MattB: This was a good way to start the season and I look forward to seeing how the rest of these story lines play out. #Power #Murderers
SoShaydee: I agree. It was aptly titled too cuz everybody on this show is a killer or a potential one. Hell they had my Black arse wanting to choke out Trey Songz behind that new theme song – both he and Fitty need they natural behinds beat. I’m with you though – can’t wait for the rest of the season!
Let me know what y’all think about this joint recap!  MattB kinda long winded but since he a guest, I let him get in more words than me.  Even though I’m paying for this site all by my lonesome outta my pocket.  Black people.  LOL! silver Hit us up and FOLLOW US on Twitter @soshaydee and @mattb1906 for more fan reaction throughout the season. And yeah, I know I’m going to hell for that unflattering photo of Terry Silver.

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