Scandal Recap – The Huck You Mean????!


Chile…I’m still sitting here in utter shock.  I’m talmbout (in the words of Big Mama) I ain’t NO MO’ GOOD!  I can’t even move and Scandal been off for damn near an hour.  Shonda Rhimes done left me without lashes, edges, eyebrows AND underarm hair.  I’m really just sitting here, hairless and paralyzed.  I wanna go somewhere can’t.  Wanna sang and it’s been beat out me by this latest episode.  SPOILER COMING UP (if you haven’t seen it yet stopped reading….)  Well at some point when I get my mind back right.

Tonight’s episode was all about Liv getting Huck to kill her father.  For the second time.  Or has it been like 5 times, cuz I swear that girl want her daddy dead EVERY episode.  And unlike most foke that want they daddy to hit hard times, Rowan took care of Liv, cuz we know Mama Pope was out there in them streets, playing dead and running schemes..and then later, rotting in prison where she is now.

Huck went to do the deed and found Rowan at the train station.  Chile Rowan don’t even look like he take the train.  Of course, Daddy Pope ain’t no amateur, so he caught Huck trying to off him and talked him out of it.  Y’all know Daddy Pope can talk women out they draws..them dinosaurs out they bones…and foke outta killing him when it’s obvious his arse should die.  He told Huck there were people controlling him and they were out to kill Liv.  Also told Huck there was a traitor among the Gladiators.  Somebody close to Liv that was a turncoat.

Of course, Huck thought it might be Quinn or Charlie so he had them both bugged.  Then he showed up to kill Quinn cuz he thought it was her, but she was working with Jake and Jennifer (the girl who we thought had died in the explosion but really didn’t).  They both drew guns on each other, but Jake was able to get them both to calm down.  Huck then went to prison to see his ex-girlfriend Becky (without the good hair) to ask how she was able to find his blind spot.  She showed him better than she could tell him by giving him a sob story .  He then started suspecting his new lady friend (Jennifer’s “friend”, Meg).  He slept with her and took special interest in how she was asking about Liv and wanting to meet with her.  Alone.  Quinn suspected Meg too because of her mushroom bowl hair cut. I suspected her arse  too cuz what do we really know about her?  She just popped up on the scene and in Huck’s bed with no real explanation. All too conveniently. Huck saw her talking with the same lady that’s controlling Rowan and made plans to kill her.

Of course, he got his tool box of torture together and when Meg showed up at his place, he let her know she was bout to get that lethal injection.  Somehow, she talked his arse outta killing her because she said she loved him, she had no idea what he was talking about and she wasn’t working for anybody.  Huck let her arse go when he should have at least extracted a tooth or something.

Liv, Quinn and Jake held an intervention with Huck in the parking lot where they just happened to have Sandra’s body (yes, that Sandra – Rowan’s lil lady friend  – the one he shot in the head last episode – po’ thane didn’t even get a proper fun’ral/burial).  Her body had really decomposed in a week’s time but I digress.  Huck still wasn’t buying it (he believed Rowan) but agreed to dispose of the body.  I don’t know what made him pull a chip outta Sandra’s body but he did and was able to see her last days/minutes.  He showed it to Liv who figured out her daddy was telling the truth and trying to protect her.  She called off the hit she had called against him (Quinn was gonna do it).

She then went with Huck to his lady friend’s (Meg) house to try to get her to take him back.  Huck told Meg her friend was alive and he would take her to Jennifer.  (Huck had also told Abby that Jennifer was actually alive because he wanted her help with visiting his ex-g/f in prison).  As Huck and Meg walked through the door, Jennifer was excited to see her bestie (Meg).  She started walking toward Meg and just then, was shot the hayle up.  Chile….I clutched my chest.  Meg shot her damn friend.  And then she turned the gun on Huck who had this look on his face like ‘The HUCK YOU MEAN you bout to kill me?’ She pulled the trigger once..and then two or three more times like when Ricky got shot in Boyz in the Hood.  In the next scene, Meg is meeting with Abby letting her know that Jennifer is now REALLY dead and no one will know she (Abby) had any involvement.  Yes, ABBY’s ARSE IS THE MOLE!

I want to fight Abby so damn bad!  And go to that Scandal set and turn over every desk Shonda Rhimes works from.  Even though Jake done had bout 9 lives, I truly think tonight’s episode was it for Huck.  I’m calling off work tomorrow because I am bereaved.  I also need to pick out a proper outfit for his fun’ral next week where I will be sangin’ The Upper Room like Eddie Murphy in that Life movie.  Damn you Shonda!  You had no right.  NO RIGHT!!!!!

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Scandal Recap – Find What You Love & Kill It


Let me just say that after tonight’s episode, I took off my wig and just threw it on the floor.  Bay Bay, Shonda Rhimes pretty much snatched my wig off my head and flung it around before throwin’ it out in a river somewhere never to be found.  So let’s not prolong this discussion since I just got back from Spring Break and I need another vacation to get over that vacation.

Tonight was a combination of things – the softer side of Poppa Pope and scenes from election night when Frankie Vargas met an untimely death at the hands of an assassin.  I know what you are saying – Poppa Pope ain’t got no damn softer side.  Apparently before he got sprung off Momma Pope, Eli had a thang for another lady.  Sandra.  They met in graduate school over their mutual love for dinosaur bones.  I feel a ‘dem bones, dem bones, dem DRY bones’ song coming on but I digress.  Sandra (played deliciously by Tonya Pinkins of The Young and Restless fame) showed up in town to do a seminar and invited her ex-boyfriend (Eli) to come.  They got all cozy and Sandra invited him to work with her on some huge Tyrannosaurus Rex project being financed by some big investor.  Really didn’t give Eli much info, but because he got a fake job anyway at them people’s Smithsonian as a curator…he agreed to yet another fake arse job.  Because who offers you a paying position with NO details and you are in, just like that?  And we know Poppa Pope usually doesn’t allow foke in without due diligence and unless some killing or the potential is present.

At the new job, Eli figures out the place is wired with cameras and bugs and his lady friend is in on it.  She lures him back to the place after hours and he brings along wine and Marvin Gaye and starts to kiss and dry grind with her….he pulls her into a closet where I just know he bout to get REALLY busy at work for a change, and puts a gun to that lady’s head.  Now I don’t know what kinda foreplay Eli was doin’ or if he just been out the game that long, but hell naw!  You s’posed to murder the cooch (sorry but I had to go here) not murder your lady friend.  He figured out ol’ girl was working with some foke who wanted HIM and luckily spared her life.  I guess he has a heart after all.

Eli ends up doing the nasty with Sandra (yes, she climbed into bed nekkid with that man AFTER he put a damn gun to her temple and damn near grazed it) but puts her out before morning and before she has eggs.  But at least he was smiling while he was eating his eggs.  He had called the people she was working for (the mob) out and finally met the three of them, which ended up being two when one of them turned on the other to get Eli’s attention.  They let Eli know that he needs to make sure Mellie wins the election (remember this is the flashback to the election) and they will let Sandra live.  Eli tries sending her to Zanzibar but you know Black women ain’t hardly gonna go to another continent after a man done got that familiar with her…plus she had had one hell of a dry spell to even do that with Eli after that whole gun to the head thing.  Sheeit..we don’t be wanting to go home after sex – we damn sure ain’t changin’ countries.  Plus how we gon’ go through your phone way over there?  I’m sure she left a toothbrush or a pair of pannies in his bathroom or something.

Eli tries to rig the voting machines but Liv has handled that so he can’t.  Then he tries to lie about it and realizes the mob foke got Sandra.  They tell him if he kills Frankie Vargas they will let Sandra go/live.  Sandra must got that good/good because Eli sets everything up and SHOOTS Frankie himself.  That’s right – Eli went up under the stage and shot that man damn near in his nuts and berries..and then when Frankie looked at him through the stage, he blew his head right off.  He then set up Cyrus to take the fall at the request of the mob.  That’s right – Cyrus is still innocent but still sitting up in them people’s prison til he done nearbout rot to death like Sophia from the Color Purple after the white folks got her.

The deed done…Eli told the mob foke to let Sandra go.  They appear to agree but then realize they want to control Eli so maybe they shouldn’t let her go and they should kill her instead because she is his weakness.  Eli goes into a slave-like tirade complete with “massas” and “boss” this and that…and then turns around and shoots Sandra twixt the eyes like he didn’t just know her carnally the night before. Yes Ma’am – he shot that lady in COLD BLOOD and didn’t even flinch.  And then he told them mob people “I don’t have a weakness”.  And that’s when they threatened to put one twixt the eyes of his precious daughter, Liv.  CHILE.  Y’all know I love The Color Purple..and it was just like when Miss Millie asked Sophia if she wanted to work for her, be her maid..and she said hell naw..ended up punchin’ a man, getting knocked out with a pistol handle, spending time in jail only to get out and have to work for Miss Millie anyway.  That’s why I  love but really can’t stand Shonda Rhimes.  Every damn time a Black man try to get some on Scandal, the woman dies or he dies….  Follow me on Twitter @soshaydee



Scandal Recap – Command Is Actually Taking Commands..and From a Woman!


I almost titled this recap “Jake Be Killing EVERYBODY” but since we sorta already know he has murderous tendencies, I thought I would go with the REAL shocker of the night (spoiler coming so if you haven’t seen it, stop reading here) – Daddy Pope got a BOSS, Chile!  And this on the heels of “International Women’s Day” and “Day Without A Woman”.  I bet he wanted to opt for the latter after that mystery lady hemmed him up.  But before we get into that, let’s talk about what happened before. I’ll try to make it short and sweet because this almost sleep apnea I got won’t let me be great for long.

It started off with Sally Langston and that bootleg talk show she got.  I swear she will never EVER be prosecuted for killing her husband with a letter opener.  Or was it a steak knife or scissors? I forget.  She was calling Cyrus a murderer…ain’t that the pot?  Anyway, we got to see a little bit more of Jake’s relationship with his wife, Vanessa.  She was all about power and dry grindin’ with Jake, until she realized Jake was holding something back from her.  She thought for sure it was Liv, so she confronted Miss Pope.

I guess Vanessa must have thought she was confronting Becky with the Good Hair and not Livvie with the natural hair that is flat ironed because she CAME for Liv (pretty much called her a tramp, a mistress AND a thot) before Liv backed her into a wall (lit’rally AND fig’ratively).  She told Vanessa not to come for her unless she sends an Uber for her.  Vanessa was all over the place after and had got caught out there bad in them streets drunk with some lil young side dude.  Luckily Quinn nem found her before the media did because Jake is still trying to be Vice President now that Mellie has a good chance at being POTUS.  And a VP’s wife can’t be out there canoodlin’ and cavortin’ with some strange dude that works as a waiter at Chili’s.

After some digging, Liv, Quinn, and Huck found out that Jake was behind that house being blown up with  the campaign worker in it.  After he lost the election, he left to go get some fresh air or something.  Daddy Pope rolled up on him and gave him orders to kill the girl.  Cuz you know Daddy Pope is ALWAYS behind some treachery and several felonies.  Liv was trying to uncover more dirt while Vanessa (who Mellie had gotten all the way together with her pep talk on how to be a Vice President’s wife) and Jake were being interviewed by Sally Langston.  Jake figured it out of course and gave Liv a piece of paper that left her speechless.  In the next scene, we saw her bustin’ up in the Smithsonian where her daddy is still holding on to that fake arse job he got as a curator.  I swear Smithsonian just wasting money with him on the payroll.  He has the same bones in there every episode and they ain’t neva put together.  But I digress.

The piece of paper showed that money had been wired to Tom Larson’s account from Liv’s bank account, basically implicating her in the framing of Cyrus for Frankie Vargas’ murder.  Now Daddy Pope does  a LOT of dirt, but he genuinely looked SHOOK after Liv’s revelation/accusation/allegation.  That’s when he went to HIS boss’s office.  That’s right…Rowan got a BOSS.  A girl Boss.  He wanted to know why Liv was tied to what happened with the whole bank account paper trail.  Mystery woman told him she is the one who asks the questions and she needed insurance to ensure that Liv didn’t get try to get Cyrus out of prison.  Because if Liv does that, Liv is going down for playing a part in Vargas’ murder.  And Liv is too cute to be in prison with half her head braided & fightin’ for her cornbread.  That mystery lady went on to tell him that EVERY breath Liv takes is a gift from on high and she could easily get rid of her….and Daddy Pope too.  That it ain’t nothin’ to cut a beetch off.  Daddy Pope shut right up and went back to that museum so he could fake work on them dinosaur bones.

In the next scene, Jake finds Liv in a parking lot and makes her get in the car with him.  He tells her to be quiet when she tries to tell him she didn’t pay Tom Larson.  He takes her cellphone and discards it….and drives her out in the dark to a wooded area.  Chile, I just knew he was gon’ kill Liv cuz Jake be killing EVERYBODY.  And he had that look of killing all about his face and countenance.  Even Liv was looking nervous.  She didn’t want to get out of the car but he reminded her she lost control of the situation when she got in the car with him.  Bay Bay…my heart dropped because I knew KellyAnne Conway (my name for the mystery woman) had ordered a hit.  I started to breathe again when he made Liv go into a house in the woods where she found the campaign worker she thought had been blown up, alive and well…… And then I picked up my edges and stuck them back to the sides of my head.

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Scandal Recap – Cyrus Beene, Man or Monster?


I know I been slacking.  So much has been going on and everything is so crazy with this political climate.  I swear them people’s White House is in total disarray since Trump got in office.  But this blog is about another White House.  The one in Scandal-land.  Bay Bay…Scandal did THAT tonight!  I’m talmbout if they don’t load up a car trunk full of Emmys and Hoody Awards and just park the car in front of Jeff Perry’s house, I know something!

Jeff Perry is the actor that portrays Cyrus Beene.  I’m a bit behind on this blog (two episodes) so I’ll try to bring you up to speed quickly.  Cyrus was on the ticket for VP with Frankie Vargas running for President.  Just like in real life, they thought Mellie was a shoe-in but she lost to Frankie.  And then Frankie was gunned down at his post-election celebration.  Cyrus was blessed by Fitz as the next President, and not Mellie even though the electoral college still has to vote.  Liv thought Cyrus did it….sheeit I did too..but he was acting so torn up over Frankie dying in that hospital she thought she was wrong.  She had her OPA team do some digging..they discovered what they thought was a motive for Cy having Frankie killed.  Tom (Cy’s sometimes boo thang and side chick) offered to kill Frankie for Cy but Cy told him not to do it.  Tom confessed that he had killed Frankie and Cy told him to do it.  The FBI and David Rosen showed up at Cy’s house and took him into custody.

In tonight’s episode, Scandal went all Cy is the New Black because we saw Cy dealing with prison life.  He wasn’t in the joint a good five minutes before he had been spit on by a Latino guard (obvious Frankie supporter).  Nasty spit.  They put him in solitary confinement but y’all know Cy..he figga’d out how to get a pen and paper and wrote a letter to Tom which was intercepted by Cy’s husband.  Lizzie North was s’posed to get it to Tom but y’all know she don’t neva remember what she is supposed to do.  Cy’s husband told him he was divorcing him and stormed out.  Then Cy found out the death penalty was on the table for his trial.  The cannibalistic murderer across the way told Cy he would need a belt to gon’ and kill himself.

The guard (who Cy had helped get out of drug trafficking inside the prison) told Cy he could take him outside on the yard for a few minutes since it was night time, and because Cy was sooo down..he took him up on the offer.  And then the guard walked back in and left Cyrus an angry mob of Frankie Vargas supporters.  Bay Bay…they beat, stomped and kicked the sheeit outta Cyrus.  Closed his eye like Miss Sophia in The Color Purple.  While he was unconscious, he dreamed that he woke up in a hospital bed…Liv and his husband were there telling him he was exonerated (Tom recanted) and he was going to be President.  Then we saw him installed with Mellie as his VP.  Then he was in the Oval Office but it was full of Mellie’s photos…she then asked him to leave because he was bleeding all over the Presidential seal/carpet.  He woke up on the ground, still beat up.

Cy called Liv and begged for her help..telling her he didn’t do that.  He was a monster but not that kind of monster.  She told him to be a man…pay his debt…and be someone he could be proud of and not to call her again.  Cy asked for that belt…and I don’t know how he got it to that needing a kill arse cannibal but he did..who used it to damn near put that guard to sleep.  They got the guard to take them to Tom’s cell…where the cannibal put it around Tom’s neck.  Lawd Tom’s feet were hanging mid-air but he had just enough oxygen to tell Cy he (Tom) didn’t kill Frankie…that Cy really was innocent and he only lied to see Cy suffer.  Tom was spared.  The guard wasn’t so lucky.  He got his wig split.  Lit’rally.  The other guards rushed in..and Cy was smiling because Tom said he was innocent.

At almost the same time, Liv and her team found out that Tom couldn’t have killed Frankie because he was getting ChickFilA at the time in a drive through 200 miles away.  So if Tom was innocent..that meant that Cy was innocent.  Chile.  Shonda snatched my edges and most of my scalp tonight!  The soundtrack was everything..the writing superb..the acting ESPECIALLY by Jeff Perry was AMAZING.  But now, we gotta wait until March to see what happens.  Oh…and Fitz was all in bed with the FBI Director (Olivia Lite) and Mellie cain’t twerk for sheeit.  Don’t ask.

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The New Edition Story – Part I Review


I have been waiting on this movie since it was announced back in the summer and was happy that it came on at 8 p.m. EST because of course, my kid had some type of practice.  Basketball to be exact…and she was having a hard time controlling her emotions.  She missed a shot and the whole team had to run (last week, she made them all) and visibly upset, she barely ran.  She had to run again and just lost it.  The coach took her to the side at the end and said she was a good ball player but she has to understand that you are going to miss shots in your career.  You can’t let that affect you…can’t let it get in your head.  Meanwhile, I’m looking at this Rudy moment while also looking at my watch because I need to get in place with my snacks and my libations and stretch my Twitter fingers for live tweeting for The New Edition Story.  Then, her daddy made her run two more laps.  I barely made it home.  I’m assuming McKenzie ate dinner and took a bath.  But I digress.

I didn’t have super high expectations for the movie because it IS BET.  I expected it to be maybe a step above the biopics Lifetime does and was just gonna be happy if the actual members, present day, weren’t in the movie, showing up in scenes, narrating.  Luckily, BET went with the voice-overs and got casting mostly right.  The result was a really solid movie.  I loved the casting that they did..and the little boys they selected to play the young just starting out New Edition were talented and VERY likable.  I hated to see them grow up in the movie honestly.  And can I just say, I came away with a new respect for Ralph Tresvant?  He was offered a solo career in the beginning but only agreed to sign with Maurice Starr if he could bring his boys along.  This after realizing that his family really needed the money he would have garnered solo without a 5-way split.  Brook Payne (their first manager) honed those boys talents..and got them together with precision in their steps and singing, training them hard like Joe Jackson trained Michael nem without the belts.

I had to go look up the real Maurice Starr because they chose “Big Worm” from Friday for the role and that long Daniel Boone wig they had him in threw me off.  Like other stars of that time, Maurice raped them financially.  They were from the projects and had never seen contracts or a lot of money at one time, and their mamas let them sign that deal with Maurice for $500 and a BetaMax (tape recorder).  Child…at least Pebbles gave TLC Rav-4s.  Or were those Suzuki Sidekicks?  Those boys went on tour for six months EVERYWHERE and had the biggest hit of that time and only made $1.87 each.  Yes, that’s less than $2.  Brook Payne brought the checks to the mamas, and promptly got fired.  He was lucky he made it out of there without getting beat up.  Black mamas of that time didn’t play about their cigarettes, their change from the store from getting said cigarettes nor their money!  I just knew he was going to get a good cussing out (I’m sure he did in real life) and jumped.

The mothers got together and chose a new manager.  This time they went “White” but it looks like that is NOT going to make a difference because the previews from tonight’s episode (3 part series) show them getting in his behind about the money.

I learned so much about the group I have loved since Candy Girl.  I did not know Ronnie Devoe was Brook Payne’s nephew and that’s how he got in the group.  Solid acting and performances by all of the actors, especially the younger ones.  New Edition should be proud.

But of course, I have one small gripe (you know Big Mama said start off with the positives) – the number of commercials.  I don’t know, maybe it was no different than commercials during other movies but it felt like every time I got into a scene…10 commercials would come on right in the middle of it.  Every five minutes, there was a commercial.  I’m the sure the 3 part series is actually about 60 minutes of actual “movie” but the commericals makes it 6 hours.  I swear BET is making a pretty coin from this biopic because they sold an ad spot to EVERYBODY who wanted one and could cut a check.  The Country Music Channel (CMT) even had a spot asking people to turn to “Nashville” when they were done watching The New Edition Story.  I give them an A for effort.  Here’s hoping BET takes some of that ad money to do more biopics on our R&B icons.  Looking forward to tonight’s episode.  I got my snacks and drink ready..and am already stretching out my fingers….

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The Repeal of ObamaCare (ACA) – Thoughts From A Breast Cancer Survivor


I don’t think a lot of people understand what the ACA (Obamacare) is or what it does. It is not a government health insurance plan.  You might want to google a “layman’s-termed summary”.  If it is repealed, 30 million people will lose coverage or some form of coverage, even under their employer-sponsored plans. If you have had breast cancer like me….you have diabetes..are obese…..have ever been treated for an illness and are now cured…before Obamacare you could be denied insurance OR you paid an astronomical price for it. Your kids in college? No longer covered if the ACA goes away. All the incentives in place for preventative care (before you get sick)? Gone. Insurance companies being mandated to cover preventative office visits and screenings in their entirety? GONE. The ban on lifetime limits (only being able to use a certain amount of insurance for your lifetime and when it runs out, you’re dead)? GONE.

Know too that insurance costs were rising BEFORE this was put in place. That’s really the issue here. Be careful what you ask for with this repeal and with your vote of people who would repeal. They (Congress) have insurance at your expense. So while you are yelling about paying for other people’s healthcare (not in Congress, I guess) and being forced to have health insurance coverage (no different than being “forced” to have car insurance or insurance on your home if you hold a mortgage but nobody’s complaining about that)….be careful that you don’t lose some of your own coverage…and cut off your own nose to spite your face.

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Hillary Clinton – When Sisterhood Goes Tragically Wrong


I wasn’t going to post anything else about the election.  I spent all of Tuesday night making funny memes and creating funny posts to cover up my nervousness and the nervousness of a great majority of my Black female friends on Facebook.

Let’s be clear – “we” didn’t lose the election for Hillary.  The results of this election rest squarely on the shoulders of her White sisters (who rejected her in favor of Donald Trump) and herself and team for underestimating the turnout of Trump voters.  So even though I know this loss hurt Hillary Clinton (it has to hurt to not have the support of other women who look like you, who should identify with you), she should take some comfort in the notion that 96% of Black women (the OVERWHELMING majority) thought that she would make a good President and thought her to be more qualified than the Donald Trump.  That would make me feel good even though as a White woman I would probably still be crying in my wine.

This may be why Hillary chose not to address her supporters in the wee hours of election morning.  How do you face your supporters after you’ve run a race to shatter the glass ceiling for ALL women only to discover those that look most like you didn’t want you to shatter that ceiling.  Pundits are trying to make sense of the shocking upset…but really it is most shocking because the pollsters and the media got it wrong.  They assumed that Hillary (as she herself probably assumed) would carry the White female demographic overwhelmingly.  I mean, she herself is a White woman who has given most of her life to public service, and it was almost written on the day she attached her wagon to Bill Clinton and later served as First Lady, then Senator, then Secretary of State, she would be the first female President.

And then when it was time, after she laid all of that groundwork – White women chose her challenger, a young Senator from Illinois with a resume that while great, was not as awesome as her.  Ouch.  I remember feeling sorry for her then – and forgave her for how vehemently she tried to deny Barack Obama the Democratic nod.  Barack set her up for even greater success by choosing her as Secretary of State, not a bad concession gift.

And now it was her time again, and the Democrats wanted to feel the Bern.  It was her time….she had waited and conceded and waited and conceded and worked and waited.  Her staunch supporters helped the process unfairly by putting stumbling blocks in Bernie’s path to ensure her path to the Presidency.  She received the nod, but still turned off many in her party and still turned off White women.  I kept asking why – what is it about Hillary Clinton that so many can’t stand?  People when ask say “she lies..she has an integrity problem…her husband is horrible…” but is anything she said WORSE than what her challenger said?  White women HEARD the most vile, disgusting words EVER about women from his OWN mouth.  Yet they still chose him and rejected Hillary.

I don’t understand it, but that’s because I have never been a White woman.  I looked at what Hillary’s challenger (now the President-Elect) said throughout his campaign, and because I didn’t have a resume of public service to judge the probable success of his future performance, I judged him on HIS words.  HIS Tweets.  HIS campaign promises.  Most, in my opinion, were divisive.  Hate-filled.  Sexist. Misogynistic. Racist. Intolerant. I wasn’t ready to go from the feel-good diversity where everyone at least had the table in front of them to sit at even if they weren’t sitting there yet to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” world.  The last time someone said that in an election (Ronald Reagan), I didn’t have running water and even spent a time under his successor’s policies, CHOPPING cotton in the heat of the Mississippi Delta.  Yes, in the mid-80s.  My Black female counterparts agreed with me…and voted to show that America is still a country where everyone can be great…everyone is accepted….and differences are celebrated, but we could not counter-act the droves of Trump supporters, including Hillary Clinton’s White sisterhood, who did not agree.

At the end of the day, I’ll root for Donald Trump to be a President of all people and pray that his presidency will be the polar opposite of his dirty campaign.  I will reassure my baby that we live in a world of acceptance and love for our fellow man even if I am not so sure today.  And I will always thank Hillary Clinton for attempting to shatter the ULTIMATE glass ceiling and await the next little girl who attaches her wagon to a dream of being President of The United States.

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Trump’s Win & What That Means for Taxpayers


With President-Elect Donald Trump getting ready to take office in January of 2017, we are bound to see some changes in tax legislation.  I am sharing the information below from Mark Luscombe, Principal Federal Tax Analyst at WK TAA on what individuals and businesses can expect. It’s a good comprehensive discussion.  I play around but as a CPA, I am also about tax law and my coins :-).

What are some of the key components of President-elect Trump’s tax proposals?
President-elect Trump has focused his tax proposals on lowering both individual and business tax rates in order to try to stimulate economic growth.  He would reduce individual tax rates to three rates, 12, 25 and 33 percent, down from a current top rate of 39.6 percent. He would also significantly increase the standard deduction.

He has proposed repeal of the federal estate and gift tax, while disallowing stepped-up basis on gains in excess of $10 million, with exemptions for small businesses and family farms.

He has also proposed to eliminate both the individual and corporate alternative minimum tax.

President-elect Trump’s proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act would also involve repeal of the taxes enacted as part of the ACA, including the 3.8 percent tax on net investment income.

Trump has also proposed a package of tax provisions to assist taxpayers with child care. He would create a new above-the-line deduction for child and dependent care expenses. He would also increase the Earned Income Tax Credit for working parents through a spending rebate. In addition, he has proposed the creation of Dependent CARE Savings Accounts, with individual contributions matched by a 50 percent government contribution.

On the other hand, he would put a cap on the amount of itemized deductions that higher income taxpayers could claim. He would also eliminate exemptions and the head of household filing status.

That’s a good overview of individuals.  How will this affect businesses?
On the business side, President-elect Trump has proposed to lower the top corporate tax rate to 15 percent from 35 percent and an election to apply that tax rate to all business income, such as business income from pass-through entities or sole proprietorships. The campaign has indicated that they would come up with proposals to prevent the conversion of compensation income into business income and that there would be a new tax on distributions from pass-through businesses similar to the tax on corporate dividends.

President-elect Trump has also proposed taxing the carried interest of hedge fund managers at ordinary income rates rather than capital gain rates.

To help pay for the lower business tax rates, unspecified “corporate tax expenditures” would be eliminated, except that the Research and Development credit was identified as one that would be preserved.

Trump has proposed eliminating the deduction of interest expenses. Businesses would instead be able to immediately deduct all new investments in the business.

In order to spur infrastructure spending, he has proposed tax incentives to encourage public-private partnerships to build infrastructure.

In support of his child care initiatives on the individual side, he has also proposed to increase the annual cap for the business tax credit for on-site childcare, with a reduced recapture period.

For small businesses, President-elect Trump has proposed doubling the small business expense election limit.

With respect to international taxes, he has proposed a deemed repatriation of corporate profits held offshore at a tax rate of 10 percent.

How likely is he to get his tax policy implemented?
President-elect Trump modified some of his proposals to match more closely tax reform proposals that had been developed by the Republicans in Congress. His proposals still are projected to produce greater deficits than many Republicans in Congress may support. Many of his proposals may receive general Republican Congressional support with modifications to try to make them more revenue neutral. In the Senate especially, he will also still have to deal with Democrats who have very different policy priorities.

If his tax proposals are implemented, what is the timing?
President-elect Trump has said that his plans for the first 100 days in office include working on four key elements of his tax proposals:

  1. Middle class tax relief and simplification,
  2. Affordable childcare and eldercare,
  3. Repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, and
  4. Tax incentives for infrastructure development.

This will not be simple to do, since even many Republicans in Congress want to address tax relief as part of overall tax reform, and the Democrats will fight to preserve the Affordable Care Act. Affordable childcare and eldercare and tax incentives for infrastructure development may be easier to get through quickly.

Do you think there is anything missing from his tax proposals?
As is generally the case with the tax proposals of presidential candidates, the proposals are announced as general concepts without a lot of details. It is not until an effort is made to put those proposals into legislative language that we start to get the details. There are a number of unanswered questions about just how some of his proposals would be implemented. So, what is missing is the details.

Aside from what is in President-elect Trump’s tax proposals, what other tax legislation is being considered by Congress at year-end or early next year?
Well, there is a package of tax provisions that expire at the end of the 2016 that Congress may try to extend. For individuals, these include tax breaks such as the college tuition and fees deduction, the mortgage debt exclusion, the mortgage interest deduction, and the credit for residential energy efficient improvements, such as insulation, door and windows, and certain home systems.

Also in the list of tax legislation before Congress is a package of retirement savings enhancements, a bill to prevent stock options from being taxed until the stock is sold, a limit on IRS asset seizure authority, an exclusion from tax for qualified student loan discharges for students who have died or suffered a permanent disability, tax breaks for 2016 flooding and hurricane victims, and a bill permitting employers to continue to offer health reimbursement arrangements to their employees without penalty.

What kind of global impact can we expect from potential tax legislation in the next year?
Congress is likely to consider fundamental tax reform in 2017, including international tax reform, with implementation of Base Erosion/Profit Shifting (or BEPS) legislation. Many of our trading partners are also implementing BEPS legislation as well, and that could have a significant impact on international tax compliance over the next few years. Efforts at reform of the US international tax system could put US multinational companies on a more equal tax footing with their competitors in other developed countries. Also, many tax proposals that have the effect of enhancing the US economy would also tend to have a beneficial effect on the global economy as well.

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Surviving Compton – A Review


I was soooo ready for this movie, I was telling people I couldn’t hang out or be out doing ANYTHING past 6 p.m. on Saturday night.  Yes, it was that serious.  I needed to be in place at least one hour before with my snacks and wine ready to go.  The previews told me everything I needed to know about this movie – it was going to be a no-holds barred biopic of Michel’le’s (the 90s R&B singer known for her breakout album by the same name…her rocky relationship with Dre…and later her marriage to Dre’s nemesis, Suge Knight).

Michel’le felt slighted about the Straight Outta Compton movie that conveniently left her out, when the truth was she was pretty much an honorary member of NWA.  Lifetime came a knockin’….Michel’le answered…and the result was “Surviving Compton”, which premiered on Saturday night.

First off, there are a group of regular “Lifetimers” on Twitter every Saturday night, which is when Lifetime premieres new movies.  I KNEW that this movie was going to not just bring out the regulars..but a whole bunch of other people who were gonna be watching this movie.  I was not prepared for the trending of the movie, Dr. Dre, Michel’le, Straight Out of Compton, NWA, Eazy E and even Jerry Heller.  At one point, at least 7 of the trending topics belonged to this movie.

I don’t want to give away too much of what happened in the movie, but you probably know already.  Michel’le has made no secret of the abuse she suffered at the hands of Dre…and then later at the hands of Suge Knight to a lesser degree.  I also knew first hand that Dre beat the HELL out of Dee Barnes, the host of a popular 90s hip-hop show called Pump It Up because Dee sued the HELL out of him, and he pleaded no contest.  I still was NOT prepared for the graphic violence that was displayed in the movie.  When I tell you my mouth was open for 98% of the movie, I am NOT lying.

I could totally see why Dre did not want this movie made because the Internet OBLITERATED his arse.  His Twitter, IG and Facebook were in shambles because every viewer was a) reading him for filth b) running their car tires over there Beats by Dre (which was about a year or so too late since Apple now owns them and c) cussing him out for what he did to Michel’le.  Dre came off as a deadbeat, drunk arse, pot-smokin’ woman beater with multiple kids, a bad temper, and a penchant for crying.  At one point he beat Michel’le in her damn sleep.  Like who does that?  He broke her nose and I think he knocked out a tooth or seven.  And then HE started crying and she comforted HIM.  Couldn’t have been me.  I have a low tolerance for pain inflicted by a man that is supposed to love me.  I woulda have been out but not before I put something in his food.

She stayed…and endured beating after beating.  What was even MORE troubling was that Dre beat her up in front of everybody – NWA, her friends, Jerry Heller, her makeup artists and stylists, etc.  NOBODY came to her defense other than telling her she needed to leave.  Her grandmother even told her to stay because the beatings meant Dre loved her.  She ended up having a baby with him (he never referred to the baby by his name, and even said he would beat her arse if she wasn’t pregnant with is baby in one scene..and in the next scene, Michel’le came home early to find a woman (that Dre had moved in to the house while she was on tour) naked in her bed – the woman beat HER up)….and at one point, he fired a gun at her with the baby in the house.

Suge ended up helping her get out and into rehab (she got addicted to painkillers, etc. to numb the pain of Dre beating her arse).  You know it’s a rough arse movie when Suge looks like a savior!  Dre had gotten engaged to his now wife while she was in rehab.  Suge had a wife but offered her the role of side chick and in return, took care of her.  Until he broke her jaw and told her to lie and say they were playing football.  Then, he went to prison for thugging.  He ended up sending a security detail to her house, forcing her into an agreement to take care of his affairs and not see Dre, her son, or her grandmother.  He forced her into marrying him (even though he had other women that she knew about) for conjugal visits (I bet that was awful…sex with Suge looks like it would be awful).  Later she found out the marriage was fake because Suge was already married (he lied about divorcing his wife).  She finally got up the strength to leave HIM even after he pulled a gun on her…and finally took back her life.  She ended the movie with an emotional song about still being here.

I thought the movie was EXCELLENT.  I was nervous because you know Lifetime can muck up a biopic.  But ever so often, they get it right – Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston and now this one.  At first, I thought it odd that Michel’le was PHYSICALLY narrating the movie (i.e. showing up in scenes as herself, narrating) but after a while, I got used to it.  I think that may have been the only thing that I would have changed about the movie.  She should have narrated without showing up in the scenes.  All in all though…an excellent job by Lifetime and kudos for Michel’le for finally telling HER side of the story.  Even IF she ends up in a lawsuit that Dre will not win.  There is NO WAY Michel’le is lying – Tichina Arnold (who I didn’t know was her good friend) witnessed the aftermath of the beatings and there were too many details in the beatings that were depicted.  By the way, I ended up hating Dr. Dre and wishing a pox on his house.





I don’t even know what to call this blog entry.  I just know I need to write because I’m angry, fed up, and disgusted.  And I’m tired…sick and tired of being sick and tired in the words of Fannie Lou Hamer.  I’ve had enough.  More than enough.

Another police officer gone rogue in a scenario we Black people know all to well.  Brother is pulled over or otherwise confronted by the police, and the police become the judge, jury AND executioner.  MY GOD…when will it stop?!  If you are a Black man (or woman) and you leave home and encounter a police officer…you may not make it back.  I remember posting something where I wondered what we could do to ensure we make it home to our families if we are stopped by the police.  We need to appear to be damn near docile.  Compliant. Submissive.  Weak.  Obedient.  Accommodating.  And not just in the “regular” sense of respecting authority but going out of our way to appear to be non-threatening so that we don’t end up dead.  And then Philando Castile, while sitting in a car, was shot and killed by a police officer in Minnesota.  His hands were up…and he was reaching for his identification.  Several bullets were pumped into the beloved cafeteria worker by a police officer and he died right in front of his girlfriend and her young daughter.

And then there was the case manager who was trying to help his mentally ill patient.  The patient had a toy truck in his hands, oblivious to what was going on around him.  The black case manager was sitting down with his hands raised.  Telling the police officer please don’t shoot, that he was gainfully employed and he was trying to help get this guy back to a group home facility.  He was shot after he got on the ground.  Thankfully, he did not die because as in all of the cases, seldom do the officers call for medical help quickly.

And then on Friday, Terrence Crutcher had his hands up as well.  Had just left night classes at a community college.  He ended up shot to death for being a “bad dude” – an assertion made by a police officer in a helicopter over the scene.  Why he was a “bad dude” is unclear but at this point, one can only assume big, black = bad dude = he has to die by gunfire.

And then today, a disabled Black man (Keith Lamont Scott) was sitting in his car reading a book and waiting on his son’s school bus in Charlotte.  His son will never see him again because he was shot and killed by the police.

So I have no answers on what we can do to ensure we don’t end up the latest story on social media…no answers on how not to have our names in hashtags next to #BlackLivesMatter….because everything I thought would save us….did not.  Black men are being shot and killed for working (selling CDs….managing the mentally ill), eating, reading a book, breathing, existing.  White men can kill up whole nightclubs of people….fire upon people in Manhattan and other major cities…shoot up theaters…schools….bomb federal buildings…kill worshippers in a church….and yet somehow, even as heinous as those crimes are….still be taken into custody ALIVE.  How does that even happen?  Makes me wanna holler.

Sadly, the only answer I have for saving ourselves is to turn white when a policeman pulls you over.  That doubles your chances of making it home alive.  Since that won’t work as a practical matter, I would remind everyone to vote in your local elections.  Get involved in the political process.  Understand who appoints the police chief and figure out how to be a part of that process.  Figure out a way to come to some type of mutual understanding  in meetings between citizens and the men in blue who solemnly vowed to serve AND PROTECT.  March and protest peacefully for required training for officers that include sensitivity, diversity and race relations. That could be a real start.  We have to do something though…because at the end of the day, EVERYBODY deserves to either come home or go to jail (if a crime is committed).  No one deserves to be handed the death penalty without a trial.  Black Lives Matter.  They do.  Every Black man that has been murdered by police officers was someone’s son, husband, father, uncle, colleague, classmate and friend.  Black Lives WILL Always Matter.  Maybe if we say it enough, the rest of America will catch on.  Or they just may be too busy being mad at Colim Kaepernick for kneeling on the truth…

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