This Ended Up Being a Good Week for Black Foke – Power Recap, S4E5


You know the week didn’t start out that great for Black foke.  R Kelly out here stealing whole people and keeping them against their will.  Usher letting it burn with these women out here in the streets, literally, and having to pay them a gang of money.  And then, OJ had his parole hearing on Thursday…and those parole board people messed around and let OJ out of jail (well in October).  Then Girls Trip, a movie with 4 Black female lead actresses, ran the box office on Friday and Saturday.  The only thing Black foke needed  for a triple-double was Obamacare to stay intact and Ghost to get out of prison.

Episode 5 started with Ghost still in jail.  He looks cute in orange but I’m ready for him to get out before he has to wash Terisi’s drawls.  Angela visited Ghost after she tried to talk to Sandoval about the tape and never seeing Ghost hide the gun in it.  Sandoval wasn’t trying to hear anything Angela was saying because he is hellbent on pinnin’ Greg’s murder on Ghost.  Angela gave Silver and Ghost some information about the prosecution trying to turn the case into a RICO one.

Silver told Tasha she would probably have to testify about St. Patrick’s assets since the prosecution found a check for a grip from Tommy to Ghost.  Ghost ended up taking the stand instead and Sandoval cross-examined him and did a pretty good job of it too.  Ol’ strong jawed killing arse.   Back in jail, Terisi was still mad that Ghost stopped that extortion scam he had set up before it got started really.  He put a bug in Marshall Williams’ ear that Ghost was behind his transfer to another prison.  Terisi had a plan to take out Ghost and Marshall fell right into the trap.  Ghost was in jail trying to keep them abs and triceps poppin’ and in walked Marshall Williams.

Everybody else disappeared and then he started talkin’ crazy to Ghost bout him (Williams) possibly hunchin’ Tasha and having her and Ghost kids call HIM daddy.  Y’all know Ghost gets mad quick and ain’t NOBODY safe.  We talmbout the same dude that in the past put on a black hoodie and killed everybody but Ruiz and Tommy on one damn episode.  He start beating Williams with a weight and bust his head all the way to the white meat.  Literally.  I’m talkin’ bout Williams was unrecognizable – a skull, teeth, and gums pretty much.  I thought damn, that’s gotta leave a stain..and in walked Terisi and Biscuit.

Biscuit had a shank in the one good hand Ghost left him with and thought he was bout to slice up Ghost, but Terisi had other plans.  He killed Biscuit with his bare hands (choked him up in some type of figga 4 headlock) and then made Ghost change clothes with Biscuit.  They strung Biscuit up on a belt on some type of suicide sheeit and made it look like he killed Williams and then killed himself.  Ghost didn’t have to murder Williams lil frail self like that though.  Chile…. I am still having nightmares behind that murder.  Speaking of murders, Williams wasn’t the only one…Soo’s Hello Kitty got killed too.  By Julio.  I’m talmbout she needed to take a leave of absence from work after all that hunching and dry grindin’ and whatnots.

What else..oh Stern was back tonight trying to offer Ghost a loan.  You know his money comes with all kinds of strings and stipulations attached.  Ghost turned it down.  Good.  I ain’t liked him since he was the engineer on Titanic and couldn’t stop it from sinking.  I guess Raina nem gon’ be out of private school for a while (last week, Tasha’s check bounced).  It probably doesn’t make a difference for Tariq.  He wasn’t going to school anyway and if he was, he wasn’t learning sheeit.  He did lose his virginity last week – he ended up telling Tommy.  He said he used protection but I ain’t so sure.  The way he out here stealing 32 inch tvs without the remotes from his friend’s condos.

Tasha figured out Tommy was doin’ Kesha and told him to be careful because she could flip on them if he breaks her heart.  Tommy also came clean about choking out and killing Holly.  Tasha said she understood – ANYTHING to protect the family.  DAMN.

Angela came to court to testify for the defense, finally believing that Ghost didn’t kill Greg.  You know Mak, Sandoval and Saxe were so mad they didn’t know what to do.  Mak tried to throw Angela under the bus behind her sexual relationship with Ghost, but the judge had heard enough.  He dismissed the charges against Ghost without prejudice!  Yasss!

Meanwhile, Tommy was summoned to Chicago by the connect.  And had the nerve to leave his phone with one of his henchmen.  Now Ghost can’t call him and Julio can’t tell him he saw Kanan talking to Dre.  And Ghost can’t give Tommy the phone Terisi gave him when he processed out, asking for Tommy to call him (Terisi) on it.  Terisi said if Ghost didn’t give Tommy that flip phone, he was gonna tell the truth about what happened with Marshall Williams.

Tasha ended up hugging Silver just a little longer than she should have in a private moment back at the St. Patrick penthouse….and it was awkward and uncomfortable for me.  Please sweet baby Jesus don’t let them start dry grinding with each other.  He told her that she may need some money before the assets were unfrozen.  She called Stern.  THREE HOURS before James was gonna get out of jail.  That is going to bite her right in her all black wearing arse.  And of course Tariq was once again outta pocket.  Shoulda been home hanging streamers and blowing up balloons for Ghost Welcome Home Party but instead he was back in that raggely arse apartment trying to hang with Kanan.  But instead of Kanan, Jukebox arse was there.  In that cop uniform that she always have on looking like a low-budget female version of Otis (Martin Lawrence show).  I guess she found out about Ghost, turned on her sirens, and took the express lanes from Baltimore, DC or wherever she from.

When Kanan walked in, she told him the plan was back on – kidnap Tariq, get Ghost’s money, and then kill Tariq AND Ghost.  She bout to get her non-civilian clothes havin’ arse killed fooling around with Ghost’s child.  Even though Tariq needs to at least have both his temples grazed for what he out here doing, and Tasha needs a visit from Child Protective Services.

Ghost is outta jail, y’all!  Freed just like OJ.  Look at GOD! Won’t HE do it!!!!

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OJ Simpson – Let That Man Outta Them People’s Jail


Can we just talk about OJ’s facial expression in this photo? This may have been the exact moment he realized he got off for killing everybody in that driveway that night except that Akita but was goin’ to jail for stealing his own stuff back via armed robbery. And let’s be clear – I always thought he stole his own stuff back and wondered how 6 to 8 grown arse old men sat around and came up with the idea to do an armed robbery and not a one said “you know OJ…this might not be a good idea. The Goldmans, LAPD and their blue brethren all over the country and Mark Fuhrman are still watching you Man. You may want to just charge those old footballs and Hertz posters to the game…” But come to find out not only did he take back some of his old jerseys, he also left outta there with Joe Montana and Pete Rose sheeit. So what was THAT about? Said OJ had put that stuff on EBAY. But I digress.


Tomorrow is OJ’s parole hearing. Apparently, somebody has asked Black foke to protest. OJ this ain’t 1995. Black foke tried to ride with you because of what happened with Rodney King, but as soon as them people let you off, you turned back white and was back playin’ golf and dealing with loose women and thots. And then had the nerve to write a book talmbout if you did it. Knowing good and well your arse did it. I doubt if you gon’ get two protesters outside that courtroom. And if you do it’s because they nosy. They probably ain’t gon’ even have signs.

That said, it’s time for OJ to be released. He is not in prison for Ron and NIcole’s murders – he got off remember? All of the other men that were involved in this armed robbery are out. Only ONE of them did actual time (some months I think). The rest got probation in turn for flippin’ on OJ. I ain’t mad at that. I woulda flipped on his dumb arse too. That man has served his time for armed robbery and been a model citizen in prison, running the gym and washin’ drawls. It’s time for OJ to make parole and hit the talk show circuit so that any lil money he makes can go to the Goldmans ….

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DAMNNNN Tommy! Power S4E4


Woosah (that’s me finally breathing after that whole scene with Tommy that I will get into later).  Episode title – We’re In This Together (I damn sure feel like I am in prison with Ghost and I’m tired..let that man out already!)

Let’s start from the beginning – Ghost was working on getting prison fine I guess for either a) the day he gets out or b) the day another prisoner tries him for his uh “cornbread”.  But of course, that man just can’t work out like the rest of the prisoners (most of the time, it’s as if he, Teresi and Biscuit are the only prisoners they got at this jail).  Noooo.  He has to constantly be harassed by Marshall Williams (played to perfection by an obviously sick Charlie Murphy, RIP).  This time is NO exception – Marshall rolls up on Ghost, who is bench pressin’ bout a thousand pounds, and attempts to crush his windpipe with the weight while telling him he has done it before and how nobody cares about cop killer.  He also tells him the cameras in the prison are for show – they don’t work.  He stops pushing the weight on Ghost’s trachea right when I thought he was gonna injure it and tells Ghost “Pull your skirt up Beetch”  I hollered!

It’s apparent that Julio ain’t fit to be the new Distro.  Nobody respects him…hell he may as well resign and go work at Truth, serving drinks alongside his hoe.  Dre realizes this and though he is pretending to work for Julio, I think secretly, he is waiting for the time when he can take out Julio and become Distro.  That club management has gone to his head.  He ain’t about that life either though because he still paying Kanan, and still getting threatened by him and yoked up and choked out whenever Kanan feels like it.  Even Tariq lil lean-gulping arse ain’t following Dre’s instructions.

And where is Tasha while her child is still out with Kanan, running scams (yep ran another one last night)?  I swear I wanna call Child Protective Services on her arse because those kids (even that baby that we see every fifth episode) are just running amuck.  Luckily Raina is just a good kid.  Tariq ain’t.  Last night, he got his virginity took by the neighborhood jump-off.  I didn’t see a condom in sight.  As an aside I still can’t stand Kanan crispy burnt up arse.  Dummy out here stealing 32 inch tvs from rich kids when you can buy them for $200 WITH A REMOTE and IN A BOX for $100 at Walmart.  I see how his mentally-challenged arse ended up in prison.

Meanwhile, Angela still calling Tasha and meeting up with her trying to get her to work with her to take down Ghost.  Couldn’t be me because I would be in jail for contempt already – I prolly woulda got to fighting with Angela two seasons ago just on principle.  Again, Angela drops gems on Tasha who is never in the know about ANYTHING.  Told Tasha that they offered Ghost a deal he didn’t take.  Of course, Tasha ran up there to that jail and reminded Ghost of their partnership and what’s what.

Kesha is round here acting like Tommy her boyfriend after two sessions of hunching and dry grinding.  She got jealous because Tommy has been sleeping on Tasha’s couch.  Tommy told her he was trying to be there for Tasha and the kids and Kesha asked him what about her and her kid.  Then, the scene shot to them having the driest, most uninspired sex session ever.  I just don’t buy them as a couple.  Hell even Tommy ain’t buying it – he never spends the night and told her he had to go after that vanilla arse sex they had.  I predict she will get her Columbus Day cancelled.

Terisi is still blackmailing Ghost in jail, so Tommy makes the required drop.  He’s not sure if it’s a set up so he questions the dude that answers the door so if he was wearing a wire, he would snatch that sheeit out.  He can be brilliant when he wants to be.  Later, the Feds seize Ghost’s bank accounts, club and Kesha’s shop, causing financial problems for everybody.

And then there’s Proctor.  I love Proctor.  He rides for Ghost criminal arse.  He got the DNA thrown out in the last episode, and this episode he goes for the disqualification of the gun the Feds supposedly found at Truth.  He puts Donovan (Black Fed guy) on the stand and proceeds to question him until Donovan snaps, goes all Angry Black Man and tells Proctor somebody should shut his lil arse up.  Bye Gun.  *waving bye*

Proctor tells Tommy that he is meeting with Homeland Security Guy (Bailey/Tobias Beecher) (MISTAKE) at his house and Tommy tells him he will be at that meeting (MISTAKE).  While Proctor is talking to Bailey and listening to the Ruiz tape he has, Tommy jumps out of the shadows and stabs Bailey to the high heavens.  Literally.  Proctor can’t believe his eyes and that he has just witnessed a damn murder in his own house.  Bailey couldn’t believe that sheeit either.  Why wasn’t he strapped?  Hell he ain’t know Proctor like that!  Tommy then finds out again that Ghost actually has his back and that’s why he broke into Greg’s house.  To find that tape to save Tommy.  In the words of Tommy “fugg”  Yes, FUGG!

Ghost has dirt on Terisi now and tells him he won’t be paying him any more coins.  That was the shortest extortion scam in history.  I don’t think it’s over though – Terisi will definitely try to take out Ghost since he ain’t paying and knows Terisi’s secrets.

Of course, the thing with Donovan pisses off Mak and his team, so they have Proctor removed as Ghost’s lawyer because of a conflict of interest (he also represents Tommy).  I cried like Florida Evans when she dropped that bowl after James funeral when Proctor showed up behind that glass window with that phone telling Ghost he was no longer his attorney.  Lawd now Ghost stuck with that other attorney he DESPISES.

Proctor takes his drunk arse to Angela’s apartment and goes on a rant, telling her that gun is NOT Ghost’s.  She calls Darryl (Darryl needs a raise because they always calling him for sheeit after hours) to get the surveillance tape from Truth.  Angela reviews the tape and sees that Sandoval was the last person to view it.  She then sees the last time Ghost was in his office, the night of his arrest at the club, and realizes he didn’t hide the gun.  FINALLY.  I predict Ghost will be up outta them people’s jail by the END of the next episode.  I also predict dry grinding between Ghost’s new attorney (Silver) and Tasha.

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POWER Recap – They Bringing in ERRYBODY (Season 3, Episode 3)


Last night’s episode of Power was a little slow for me.  That said, Power is still one of the best shows on television right now.  50 Cent definitely got it right with this series.  I guess I’m struggling trying to figure out where the writers are gonna go from here for the remainder of the season.  We’re almost 1/3 of the way done and Ghost is still in jail.  I knew they were going to milk this for all it’s worth, but there’s only so much they can show in jail unless they go all “Oz” on Power.  And it’s bad for Jamie St. Patrick if he is bought and sold for cigarettes; ends up washing another prisoner’s drawls; and has to get one side of his beard braided.

Speaking of making nice in prison, I think we all thought Terisi was Tommy’s long lost dad (because Tommy’s mama seemed like she mighta got it in back in the day with whoever) but now I’m not so sure.  If he is Tommy’s dad, he doesn’t care about a relationship with his son because he is blackmailing Ghost.  I get it – he has information that will confirm that Jamie IS Ghost and to keep quiet, he wants coins.  He needs those coins for his wife’s experimental treatment for cancer but still.  A $20,000 payment every week?  Where is GHOST supposed to get that kind of money?  He had one foot out of the drug trade when he went in.  And the club looks full when they do parties, but how often is that?  Plus, Dre already drainin’ that club dry to pay Kanan to keep him alive.

The heat is on Tommy too because the Feds brought in Julio, Dre and Kesha for questioning.  I love Kesha but she ain’t bout that life.  I think she might flip if the Feds get to close.  Sad because she trusted Tasha and then Tasha brought her into the drug money launderin’ business without her knowledge.  Tasha ain’t no kinda real friend.  Who does that?  And took Shawn.  Well I guess Shawn really wasn’t with Kesha like that, but he had carnal knowledge of her and had been all up under her clothes.  Of course, criminals like Julio and Dre know to say NOTHING when questioned by the police.

Ghost has a new attorney – a co-chair for his trial named Silver.  Bay Bay Silver is soooo annoying because he has Ghost’s number.  He knows exactly what kind of man Ghost is and is not afraid to say it.  At every nauseating turn.  Still he seems like a good lawyer because at least he came in talking about creating timelines and other stuff that only attorneys know and do.  Much better than Proctor – I keep trying to figure out whose law school he went to.  I mean, he seems solid but maybe he is in too deep with criminals.  And he has to feed his ex-wife’s drug habit.  She must have something REALLY BAD on him because she has primary custody of their child and vacuum cleaning up everything with her nose.

Last night, Ghost FINALLY mentioned the illegal traffic stop and surmised that’s how his DNA ended up under Greg Knox’s fingernails.  Not because Greg was scratchin’ and clawin’ as he lay dying.  They were able to find footage of the traffic stop and got the judge to throw out the DNA (Mak didn’t fight to keep it because he knew leaving that video in would bias the jury unfavorably against the prosecution.  Plus Angela DID tell him that Ghost said he was stopped and he didn’t investigate it).  Score one for the defense.

Before I end this recap, can I just ask WHY Tariq is still able to hang out and why he still got a cellphone?  What is Tasha doing?  I ain’t seen no man, and she doesn’t work.  There is NO reason Tariq should be all in the streets still runnin’ amuck after that kidnapping scare and STILL hanging around questionable friends.  Now, he helping run scams with Kanan burnt up arse.  I just can’t.  And where is that lil baby we see every fifth episode?  I ain’t sayin’ Tasha ain’t a good parent, but that thane is more absent than a kid with truancy issues.  At any rate, I am patiently waiting for a) Kanan to turn Tariq against Ghost and the rest of the St. Patricks b) Tariq to finally get that epic whooping he been hankering for since last season and c) that fine arse Larenz Tate to show up on my tv screen.

Oh and waiting for Jamie to get out of jail once they figure out his prints are not on the murder weapon AND his girlfriend retrieved the fingerprints outside of Knox’s window, with no witnesses.  And she had the nerve to try to speak to Ghost last night without attorneys present.  Girl BYE.  I’m also waiting for somebody to knock that smug look off her face.  Lit’rally.

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BET Awards – Thoughts From A Woman of a Particular Age


I have come to accept that I am too old to watch the BET Awards.  I caught the opening act (Bruno Mars) and was looking forward to seeing all of the artists honored.  And then M.C. Lyte (who’s blood she drinking cuz that thane don’t NEVA age) went through the list of performers/artists and I felt like Mariah Carey. You know when she smiles and says “I don’t know her”.  Or even that lil white lady that got Oprah (Sophia) in The Color Purple when she said “I don’t know her either”.  That should have been my cue to turn but I didn’t.  Because I saw El Debarge and New Edition (being honored with a lifetime achievement award).  I was also there for Mary J Blige’s performance (because I knew she was gonna give the audience that work behind that light-eyed man taking a right smart of her mutual funds and 401Ks in that divorce) and Xscape’s reunion.  That was about it on who I knew and cared about.

Instead of following my first mind, I watched the show.  Right away with Migos (Migas?) I knew there would be problems.  Something about cooking up greens and thot thot thots in a crockpot.  Yea I don’t understand.  And don’t want to.  And then I saw Trey Songz and at least recognized him but he sounded slightly better than awful singing in the key of Z (as my friend Sonja, who’s a singer, said).  And then I realized BET doesn’t spend any money on staging because the stage pretty much stayed the same the whole night.  The dancer with Trey at one point was laying down on a bare arse scratched up floor.

I love Leslie Jones on SNL, but I couldn’t get into her as the host.  I don’t know what it was.  All that screaming made my nerves bad, but maybe it was good for other people.  Again, I’m old, so maybe I just didn’t get her and all the references to weed.  It was the BET awards, but do we have to act out every stereotype?

Xscape was good (and looked good) even as Kandi (love her) had some rough spots.  Real rough spots.  I thought Tamar was EXCELLENT even if she did look like Storm in 12 lbs of hair.  And then they said she was lip syncing.  I’m not mad at it – some of the other people clearly should have done that.  Mary J Blige looked great – didn’t sound all that great but maybe it’s BET’s janky arse mics and sound system.  They probably ain’t spending on the best quality in that area either.

El Debarge was smooth paying tribute to George Michael.  Careless Whispers is still that jam.  I cried a many night with a broken heart to that song.  His suit was REALLY shiny though and he clearly couldn’t decide how to wear his hair – it looked like it was surprised they were both performing.

Have to say I LOVED the New Edition tribute from the actors that played them in the BET movie (both generations).  And of course, they came out and performed which was the highlight of my night.  They all performed together and it was amazing.  I’m getting ready to watch it again right now.  And y’all know Bobby was extra – he had a WHOLE white cat on his damn shoulder (he might have taken some of Whitney’s furs before he got put out but I can’t be sure).

Remy Ma won the award for best female hip hop artist (over Nicki Minaj, Cardi B (huh) and Missy Elliott (she got something out?) and used her speech time to shade Nicki Minaj yet again like she hadn’t already bodied her in Shether.  Of course, I ran to Twitter and Instagram because I am here for the beef.

My final thoughts are that I should have watched the show in the beginning and the end and skipped most of what came in between.  That show lasted every bit of 6 hours (it was daylight out when it started and midnight when it ended) and that’s time in my life I can never get back.  When you are a woman of a particular age, you can’t be wasting time.  I don’t know how much time I got left and I definitely don’t want to spend it with people sangin’  or rappin’ bout stuff I don’t understand if I can even figure out what they are saying half of the time.  I still don’t know why they were sangin’ bout a girl being bad and bougie cuz she got a gun and a crockpot…..

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2017 BET Awards - Roaming Show

Power – Where Have I Been?


First of all, let me apologize for the neglect of this blog.  I have a full-time job, a business on the side (with another one starting soon) and I’ve been writing.  I also got published (Chicken Soup For The Soul) and am contemplating my next move from that standpoint.  I’ve also been trying to keep up with FB (two accounts), Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.  I believe the creators of all these social media forums do NOT want me to be great.  I fell off on Scandal recaps because this season was soooo good!  I would wake up spent and devoid of emotions because that series would drain me of everything I had to give.  Now I’m hooked on Power.

And I wanna tell y’all that this show has captivated me since I watched the very first episode a few weeks ago.  So much so that I caught up on all 3 seasons in about 4 days.  I couldn’t wait for the premiere.  How would Ghost act in them people’s prison?  Would Tasha put money on his books since he spent the last three seasons laying up under (and on top of) Angela?  Would Sandoval’s stone-faced arse move to Mexico, knowing that he killed Greg Knox?  And why we so mad about Knox being dead anyway, since he was annoying af (as the youngsters would say)?

Though I didn’t want Tommy to necessarily kill Angela in the beginning (this was around the time when she too was slightly less annoying), when she put Ghost in them handcuffs and escorted him up outta his own club, I was really wishing Tommy had cancelled her Fourth of July, Columbus Day, and Christmas.  Then we wouldn’t even be in this predicament.  If you are not watching Power, you are missing OUT!  I’m just mad all of my almost 3,000 FB friends ain’t told me NOTHING!  You gotta respect 50 Cent’s hustle, even when you mad at how he talks up under Vivica Fox’s clothes from time to time and degrades her.  When you got millions of foke waiting up at night for that new episode to hit at 12:01 on the Starz app like they fiends, you know you got a real hit on your hands.

The premiere didn’t disappoint.  Ghost was still locked up and they won’t let him out.  The wife he disappointed, lied to and cheated on was trying to scrape up money for his bail and went to visit him in prison even AFTER finding the beautiful diamond necklace he bought another woman in her home AFTER she found out he cleaned out all the bank accounts.  She’s a good one because I wouldn’t have taken his calls and damn sho’ wouldna drove down to that jail to visit.  But I’m petty like that.

Angela is STILL convinced that Ghost killed Greg Knox even as she hunched the both of them last season.  Ghost (after having killed enough people to populate Rhode Island – remember that episode when he killed EVERYBODY but Tommy and Luis?) touched the damn window at Greg’s apartment without wearing gloves.  Juicy had him crazy.  Sandoval almost peed on himself in excitement when he got the call Ghost went down for Greg’s murder and I’m sure saved that gun to plant it on Ghost somehow (but how is he going to get Ghost’s prints on it?).  Keisha is alive (I knew it) and is primed to dry grind with Tommy (I see it coming – Sean dead and Holly dead – they both lonely and alone).

Tommy thinks Kanan is gone not realizing that he been raised from the dead outta that fire and goes by the name of Slim (what kinda fake name is that?  Kanan ain’t even “slim”?).  When Tommy said he was dead, the entire audience made a face like “naw he ain’t”.  Tariq is at least home safe and sound but still looking for a father figure in Slim (Kanan).  And Dre is getting ready to celebrate his last Fourth of July because when Tommy finds out that he been playing both sides AND ain’t told him about Kanan, he gon’ get all of his remaining holidays cancelled.

Can’t wait until the next episode.  I see right now Power gon’ mess with my walk with the Lord releasing them episodes at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday night knowing I need to be in church.

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Scandal Recap – The Huck You Mean????!


Chile…I’m still sitting here in utter shock.  I’m talmbout (in the words of Big Mama) I ain’t NO MO’ GOOD!  I can’t even move and Scandal been off for damn near an hour.  Shonda Rhimes done left me without lashes, edges, eyebrows AND underarm hair.  I’m really just sitting here, hairless and paralyzed.  I wanna go somewhere can’t.  Wanna sang and it’s been beat out me by this latest episode.  SPOILER COMING UP (if you haven’t seen it yet stopped reading….)  Well at some point when I get my mind back right.

Tonight’s episode was all about Liv getting Huck to kill her father.  For the second time.  Or has it been like 5 times, cuz I swear that girl want her daddy dead EVERY episode.  And unlike most foke that want they daddy to hit hard times, Rowan took care of Liv, cuz we know Mama Pope was out there in them streets, playing dead and running schemes..and then later, rotting in prison where she is now.

Huck went to do the deed and found Rowan at the train station.  Chile Rowan don’t even look like he take the train.  Of course, Daddy Pope ain’t no amateur, so he caught Huck trying to off him and talked him out of it.  Y’all know Daddy Pope can talk women out they draws..them dinosaurs out they bones…and foke outta killing him when it’s obvious his arse should die.  He told Huck there were people controlling him and they were out to kill Liv.  Also told Huck there was a traitor among the Gladiators.  Somebody close to Liv that was a turncoat.

Of course, Huck thought it might be Quinn or Charlie so he had them both bugged.  Then he showed up to kill Quinn cuz he thought it was her, but she was working with Jake and Jennifer (the girl who we thought had died in the explosion but really didn’t).  They both drew guns on each other, but Jake was able to get them both to calm down.  Huck then went to prison to see his ex-girlfriend Becky (without the good hair) to ask how she was able to find his blind spot.  She showed him better than she could tell him by giving him a sob story .  He then started suspecting his new lady friend (Jennifer’s “friend”, Meg).  He slept with her and took special interest in how she was asking about Liv and wanting to meet with her.  Alone.  Quinn suspected Meg too because of her mushroom bowl hair cut. I suspected her arse  too cuz what do we really know about her?  She just popped up on the scene and in Huck’s bed with no real explanation. All too conveniently. Huck saw her talking with the same lady that’s controlling Rowan and made plans to kill her.

Of course, he got his tool box of torture together and when Meg showed up at his place, he let her know she was bout to get that lethal injection.  Somehow, she talked his arse outta killing her because she said she loved him, she had no idea what he was talking about and she wasn’t working for anybody.  Huck let her arse go when he should have at least extracted a tooth or something.

Liv, Quinn and Jake held an intervention with Huck in the parking lot where they just happened to have Sandra’s body (yes, that Sandra – Rowan’s lil lady friend  – the one he shot in the head last episode – po’ thane didn’t even get a proper fun’ral/burial).  Her body had really decomposed in a week’s time but I digress.  Huck still wasn’t buying it (he believed Rowan) but agreed to dispose of the body.  I don’t know what made him pull a chip outta Sandra’s body but he did and was able to see her last days/minutes.  He showed it to Liv who figured out her daddy was telling the truth and trying to protect her.  She called off the hit she had called against him (Quinn was gonna do it).

She then went with Huck to his lady friend’s (Meg) house to try to get her to take him back.  Huck told Meg her friend was alive and he would take her to Jennifer.  (Huck had also told Abby that Jennifer was actually alive because he wanted her help with visiting his ex-g/f in prison).  As Huck and Meg walked through the door, Jennifer was excited to see her bestie (Meg).  She started walking toward Meg and just then, was shot the hayle up.  Chile….I clutched my chest.  Meg shot her damn friend.  And then she turned the gun on Huck who had this look on his face like ‘The HUCK YOU MEAN you bout to kill me?’ She pulled the trigger once..and then two or three more times like when Ricky got shot in Boyz in the Hood.  In the next scene, Meg is meeting with Abby letting her know that Jennifer is now REALLY dead and no one will know she (Abby) had any involvement.  Yes, ABBY’s ARSE IS THE MOLE!

I want to fight Abby so damn bad!  And go to that Scandal set and turn over every desk Shonda Rhimes works from.  Even though Jake done had bout 9 lives, I truly think tonight’s episode was it for Huck.  I’m calling off work tomorrow because I am bereaved.  I also need to pick out a proper outfit for his fun’ral next week where I will be sangin’ The Upper Room like Eddie Murphy in that Life movie.  Damn you Shonda!  You had no right.  NO RIGHT!!!!!

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