Scandal Recap – The Huck You Mean????!


Chile…I’m still sitting here in utter shock.  I’m talmbout (in the words of Big Mama) I ain’t NO MO’ GOOD!  I can’t even move and Scandal been off for damn near an hour.  Shonda Rhimes done left me without lashes, edges, eyebrows AND underarm hair.  I’m really just sitting here, hairless and paralyzed.  I wanna go somewhere can’t.  Wanna sang and it’s been beat out me by this latest episode.  SPOILER COMING UP (if you haven’t seen it yet stopped reading….)  Well at some point when I get my mind back right.

Tonight’s episode was all about Liv getting Huck to kill her father.  For the second time.  Or has it been like 5 times, cuz I swear that girl want her daddy dead EVERY episode.  And unlike most foke that want they daddy to hit hard times, Rowan took care of Liv, cuz we know Mama Pope was out there in them streets, playing dead and running schemes..and then later, rotting in prison where she is now.

Huck went to do the deed and found Rowan at the train station.  Chile Rowan don’t even look like he take the train.  Of course, Daddy Pope ain’t no amateur, so he caught Huck trying to off him and talked him out of it.  Y’all know Daddy Pope can talk women out they draws..them dinosaurs out they bones…and foke outta killing him when it’s obvious his arse should die.  He told Huck there were people controlling him and they were out to kill Liv.  Also told Huck there was a traitor among the Gladiators.  Somebody close to Liv that was a turncoat.

Of course, Huck thought it might be Quinn or Charlie so he had them both bugged.  Then he showed up to kill Quinn cuz he thought it was her, but she was working with Jake and Jennifer (the girl who we thought had died in the explosion but really didn’t).  They both drew guns on each other, but Jake was able to get them both to calm down.  Huck then went to prison to see his ex-girlfriend Becky (without the good hair) to ask how she was able to find his blind spot.  She showed him better than she could tell him by giving him a sob story .  He then started suspecting his new lady friend (Jennifer’s “friend”, Meg).  He slept with her and took special interest in how she was asking about Liv and wanting to meet with her.  Alone.  Quinn suspected Meg too because of her mushroom bowl hair cut. I suspected her arse  too cuz what do we really know about her?  She just popped up on the scene and in Huck’s bed with no real explanation. All too conveniently. Huck saw her talking with the same lady that’s controlling Rowan and made plans to kill her.

Of course, he got his tool box of torture together and when Meg showed up at his place, he let her know she was bout to get that lethal injection.  Somehow, she talked his arse outta killing her because she said she loved him, she had no idea what he was talking about and she wasn’t working for anybody.  Huck let her arse go when he should have at least extracted a tooth or something.

Liv, Quinn and Jake held an intervention with Huck in the parking lot where they just happened to have Sandra’s body (yes, that Sandra – Rowan’s lil lady friend  – the one he shot in the head last episode – po’ thane didn’t even get a proper fun’ral/burial).  Her body had really decomposed in a week’s time but I digress.  Huck still wasn’t buying it (he believed Rowan) but agreed to dispose of the body.  I don’t know what made him pull a chip outta Sandra’s body but he did and was able to see her last days/minutes.  He showed it to Liv who figured out her daddy was telling the truth and trying to protect her.  She called off the hit she had called against him (Quinn was gonna do it).

She then went with Huck to his lady friend’s (Meg) house to try to get her to take him back.  Huck told Meg her friend was alive and he would take her to Jennifer.  (Huck had also told Abby that Jennifer was actually alive because he wanted her help with visiting his ex-g/f in prison).  As Huck and Meg walked through the door, Jennifer was excited to see her bestie (Meg).  She started walking toward Meg and just then, was shot the hayle up.  Chile….I clutched my chest.  Meg shot her damn friend.  And then she turned the gun on Huck who had this look on his face like ‘The HUCK YOU MEAN you bout to kill me?’ She pulled the trigger once..and then two or three more times like when Ricky got shot in Boyz in the Hood.  In the next scene, Meg is meeting with Abby letting her know that Jennifer is now REALLY dead and no one will know she (Abby) had any involvement.  Yes, ABBY’s ARSE IS THE MOLE!

I want to fight Abby so damn bad!  And go to that Scandal set and turn over every desk Shonda Rhimes works from.  Even though Jake done had bout 9 lives, I truly think tonight’s episode was it for Huck.  I’m calling off work tomorrow because I am bereaved.  I also need to pick out a proper outfit for his fun’ral next week where I will be sangin’ The Upper Room like Eddie Murphy in that Life movie.  Damn you Shonda!  You had no right.  NO RIGHT!!!!!

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