Power – Where Have I Been?


First of all, let me apologize for the neglect of this blog.  I have a full-time job, a business on the side (with another one starting soon) and I’ve been writing.  I also got published (Chicken Soup For The Soul) and am contemplating my next move from that standpoint.  I’ve also been trying to keep up with FB (two accounts), Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.  I believe the creators of all these social media forums do NOT want me to be great.  I fell off on Scandal recaps because this season was soooo good!  I would wake up spent and devoid of emotions because that series would drain me of everything I had to give.  Now I’m hooked on Power.

And I wanna tell y’all that this show has captivated me since I watched the very first episode a few weeks ago.  So much so that I caught up on all 3 seasons in about 4 days.  I couldn’t wait for the premiere.  How would Ghost act in them people’s prison?  Would Tasha put money on his books since he spent the last three seasons laying up under (and on top of) Angela?  Would Sandoval’s stone-faced arse move to Mexico, knowing that he killed Greg Knox?  And why we so mad about Knox being dead anyway, since he was annoying af (as the youngsters would say)?

Though I didn’t want Tommy to necessarily kill Angela in the beginning (this was around the time when she too was slightly less annoying), when she put Ghost in them handcuffs and escorted him up outta his own club, I was really wishing Tommy had cancelled her Fourth of July, Columbus Day, and Christmas.  Then we wouldn’t even be in this predicament.  If you are not watching Power, you are missing OUT!  I’m just mad all of my almost 3,000 FB friends ain’t told me NOTHING!  You gotta respect 50 Cent’s hustle, even when you mad at how he talks up under Vivica Fox’s clothes from time to time and degrades her.  When you got millions of foke waiting up at night for that new episode to hit at 12:01 on the Starz app like they fiends, you know you got a real hit on your hands.

The premiere didn’t disappoint.  Ghost was still locked up and they won’t let him out.  The wife he disappointed, lied to and cheated on was trying to scrape up money for his bail and went to visit him in prison even AFTER finding the beautiful diamond necklace he bought another woman in her home AFTER she found out he cleaned out all the bank accounts.  She’s a good one because I wouldn’t have taken his calls and damn sho’ wouldna drove down to that jail to visit.  But I’m petty like that.

Angela is STILL convinced that Ghost killed Greg Knox even as she hunched the both of them last season.  Ghost (after having killed enough people to populate Rhode Island – remember that episode when he killed EVERYBODY but Tommy and Luis?) touched the damn window at Greg’s apartment without wearing gloves.  Juicy had him crazy.  Sandoval almost peed on himself in excitement when he got the call Ghost went down for Greg’s murder and I’m sure saved that gun to plant it on Ghost somehow (but how is he going to get Ghost’s prints on it?).  Keisha is alive (I knew it) and is primed to dry grind with Tommy (I see it coming – Sean dead and Holly dead – they both lonely and alone).

Tommy thinks Kanan is gone not realizing that he been raised from the dead outta that fire and goes by the name of Slim (what kinda fake name is that?  Kanan ain’t even “slim”?).  When Tommy said he was dead, the entire audience made a face like “naw he ain’t”.  Tariq is at least home safe and sound but still looking for a father figure in Slim (Kanan).  And Dre is getting ready to celebrate his last Fourth of July because when Tommy finds out that he been playing both sides AND ain’t told him about Kanan, he gon’ get all of his remaining holidays cancelled.

Can’t wait until the next episode.  I see right now Power gon’ mess with my walk with the Lord releasing them episodes at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday night knowing I need to be in church.

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2 thoughts on “Power – Where Have I Been?

  1. POWER makes Empire look like a Disney Channel program. I found myself calling Angela a “hussy”, like literally out loud, when she walked into TASHA’S crib. I know good and well these folks aren’t real but I swear I think I know a couple of Angela Valdezes….


    • I agree. I almost shaded them in this post but I’m going to still watch. I can’t stand Angela. She is just as annoying if not more so than Greg Knox. I wish Sandoval had taken HER out instead.


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