Scandal Recap – Find What You Love & Kill It


Let me just say that after tonight’s episode, I took off my wig and just threw it on the floor.  Bay Bay, Shonda Rhimes pretty much snatched my wig off my head and flung it around before throwin’ it out in a river somewhere never to be found.  So let’s not prolong this discussion since I just got back from Spring Break and I need another vacation to get over that vacation.

Tonight was a combination of things – the softer side of Poppa Pope and scenes from election night when Frankie Vargas met an untimely death at the hands of an assassin.  I know what you are saying – Poppa Pope ain’t got no damn softer side.  Apparently before he got sprung off Momma Pope, Eli had a thang for another lady.  Sandra.  They met in graduate school over their mutual love for dinosaur bones.  I feel a ‘dem bones, dem bones, dem DRY bones’ song coming on but I digress.  Sandra (played deliciously by Tonya Pinkins of The Young and Restless fame) showed up in town to do a seminar and invited her ex-boyfriend (Eli) to come.  They got all cozy and Sandra invited him to work with her on some huge Tyrannosaurus Rex project being financed by some big investor.  Really didn’t give Eli much info, but because he got a fake job anyway at them people’s Smithsonian as a curator…he agreed to yet another fake arse job.  Because who offers you a paying position with NO details and you are in, just like that?  And we know Poppa Pope usually doesn’t allow foke in without due diligence and unless some killing or the potential is present.

At the new job, Eli figures out the place is wired with cameras and bugs and his lady friend is in on it.  She lures him back to the place after hours and he brings along wine and Marvin Gaye and starts to kiss and dry grind with her….he pulls her into a closet where I just know he bout to get REALLY busy at work for a change, and puts a gun to that lady’s head.  Now I don’t know what kinda foreplay Eli was doin’ or if he just been out the game that long, but hell naw!  You s’posed to murder the cooch (sorry but I had to go here) not murder your lady friend.  He figured out ol’ girl was working with some foke who wanted HIM and luckily spared her life.  I guess he has a heart after all.

Eli ends up doing the nasty with Sandra (yes, she climbed into bed nekkid with that man AFTER he put a damn gun to her temple and damn near grazed it) but puts her out before morning and before she has eggs.  But at least he was smiling while he was eating his eggs.  He had called the people she was working for (the mob) out and finally met the three of them, which ended up being two when one of them turned on the other to get Eli’s attention.  They let Eli know that he needs to make sure Mellie wins the election (remember this is the flashback to the election) and they will let Sandra live.  Eli tries sending her to Zanzibar but you know Black women ain’t hardly gonna go to another continent after a man done got that familiar with her…plus she had had one hell of a dry spell to even do that with Eli after that whole gun to the head thing.  Sheeit..we don’t be wanting to go home after sex – we damn sure ain’t changin’ countries.  Plus how we gon’ go through your phone way over there?  I’m sure she left a toothbrush or a pair of pannies in his bathroom or something.

Eli tries to rig the voting machines but Liv has handled that so he can’t.  Then he tries to lie about it and realizes the mob foke got Sandra.  They tell him if he kills Frankie Vargas they will let Sandra go/live.  Sandra must got that good/good because Eli sets everything up and SHOOTS Frankie himself.  That’s right – Eli went up under the stage and shot that man damn near in his nuts and berries..and then when Frankie looked at him through the stage, he blew his head right off.  He then set up Cyrus to take the fall at the request of the mob.  That’s right – Cyrus is still innocent but still sitting up in them people’s prison til he done nearbout rot to death like Sophia from the Color Purple after the white folks got her.

The deed done…Eli told the mob foke to let Sandra go.  They appear to agree but then realize they want to control Eli so maybe they shouldn’t let her go and they should kill her instead because she is his weakness.  Eli goes into a slave-like tirade complete with “massas” and “boss” this and that…and then turns around and shoots Sandra twixt the eyes like he didn’t just know her carnally the night before. Yes Ma’am – he shot that lady in COLD BLOOD and didn’t even flinch.  And then he told them mob people “I don’t have a weakness”.  And that’s when they threatened to put one twixt the eyes of his precious daughter, Liv.  CHILE.  Y’all know I love The Color Purple..and it was just like when Miss Millie asked Sophia if she wanted to work for her, be her maid..and she said hell naw..ended up punchin’ a man, getting knocked out with a pistol handle, spending time in jail only to get out and have to work for Miss Millie anyway.  That’s why I  love but really can’t stand Shonda Rhimes.  Every damn time a Black man try to get some on Scandal, the woman dies or he dies….  Follow me on Twitter @soshaydee



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