Hillary Clinton – When Sisterhood Goes Tragically Wrong


I wasn’t going to post anything else about the election.  I spent all of Tuesday night making funny memes and creating funny posts to cover up my nervousness and the nervousness of a great majority of my Black female friends on Facebook.

Let’s be clear – “we” didn’t lose the election for Hillary.  The results of this election rest squarely on the shoulders of her White sisters (who rejected her in favor of Donald Trump) and herself and team for underestimating the turnout of Trump voters.  So even though I know this loss hurt Hillary Clinton (it has to hurt to not have the support of other women who look like you, who should identify with you), she should take some comfort in the notion that 96% of Black women (the OVERWHELMING majority) thought that she would make a good President and thought her to be more qualified than the Donald Trump.  That would make me feel good even though as a White woman I would probably still be crying in my wine.

This may be why Hillary chose not to address her supporters in the wee hours of election morning.  How do you face your supporters after you’ve run a race to shatter the glass ceiling for ALL women only to discover those that look most like you didn’t want you to shatter that ceiling.  Pundits are trying to make sense of the shocking upset…but really it is most shocking because the pollsters and the media got it wrong.  They assumed that Hillary (as she herself probably assumed) would carry the White female demographic overwhelmingly.  I mean, she herself is a White woman who has given most of her life to public service, and it was almost written on the day she attached her wagon to Bill Clinton and later served as First Lady, then Senator, then Secretary of State, she would be the first female President.

And then when it was time, after she laid all of that groundwork – White women chose her challenger, a young Senator from Illinois with a resume that while great, was not as awesome as her.  Ouch.  I remember feeling sorry for her then – and forgave her for how vehemently she tried to deny Barack Obama the Democratic nod.  Barack set her up for even greater success by choosing her as Secretary of State, not a bad concession gift.

And now it was her time again, and the Democrats wanted to feel the Bern.  It was her time….she had waited and conceded and waited and conceded and worked and waited.  Her staunch supporters helped the process unfairly by putting stumbling blocks in Bernie’s path to ensure her path to the Presidency.  She received the nod, but still turned off many in her party and still turned off White women.  I kept asking why – what is it about Hillary Clinton that so many can’t stand?  People when ask say “she lies..she has an integrity problem…her husband is horrible…” but is anything she said WORSE than what her challenger said?  White women HEARD the most vile, disgusting words EVER about women from his OWN mouth.  Yet they still chose him and rejected Hillary.

I don’t understand it, but that’s because I have never been a White woman.  I looked at what Hillary’s challenger (now the President-Elect) said throughout his campaign, and because I didn’t have a resume of public service to judge the probable success of his future performance, I judged him on HIS words.  HIS Tweets.  HIS campaign promises.  Most, in my opinion, were divisive.  Hate-filled.  Sexist. Misogynistic. Racist. Intolerant. I wasn’t ready to go from the feel-good diversity where everyone at least had the table in front of them to sit at even if they weren’t sitting there yet to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” world.  The last time someone said that in an election (Ronald Reagan), I didn’t have running water and even spent a time under his successor’s policies, CHOPPING cotton in the heat of the Mississippi Delta.  Yes, in the mid-80s.  My Black female counterparts agreed with me…and voted to show that America is still a country where everyone can be great…everyone is accepted….and differences are celebrated, but we could not counter-act the droves of Trump supporters, including Hillary Clinton’s White sisterhood, who did not agree.

At the end of the day, I’ll root for Donald Trump to be a President of all people and pray that his presidency will be the polar opposite of his dirty campaign.  I will reassure my baby that we live in a world of acceptance and love for our fellow man even if I am not so sure today.  And I will always thank Hillary Clinton for attempting to shatter the ULTIMATE glass ceiling and await the next little girl who attaches her wagon to a dream of being President of The United States.

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