The Repeal of ObamaCare (ACA) – Thoughts From A Breast Cancer Survivor


I don’t think a lot of people understand what the ACA (Obamacare) is or what it does. It is not a government health insurance plan.  You might want to google a “layman’s-termed summary”.  If it is repealed, 30 million people will lose coverage or some form of coverage, even under their employer-sponsored plans. If you have had breast cancer like me….you have diabetes..are obese…..have ever been treated for an illness and are now cured…before Obamacare you could be denied insurance OR you paid an astronomical price for it. Your kids in college? No longer covered if the ACA goes away. All the incentives in place for preventative care (before you get sick)? Gone. Insurance companies being mandated to cover preventative office visits and screenings in their entirety? GONE. The ban on lifetime limits (only being able to use a certain amount of insurance for your lifetime and when it runs out, you’re dead)? GONE.

Know too that insurance costs were rising BEFORE this was put in place. That’s really the issue here. Be careful what you ask for with this repeal and with your vote of people who would repeal. They (Congress) have insurance at your expense. So while you are yelling about paying for other people’s healthcare (not in Congress, I guess) and being forced to have health insurance coverage (no different than being “forced” to have car insurance or insurance on your home if you hold a mortgage but nobody’s complaining about that)….be careful that you don’t lose some of your own coverage…and cut off your own nose to spite your face.

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