Scandal Recap – Cyrus Beene, Man or Monster?


I know I been slacking.  So much has been going on and everything is so crazy with this political climate.  I swear them people’s White House is in total disarray since Trump got in office.  But this blog is about another White House.  The one in Scandal-land.  Bay Bay…Scandal did THAT tonight!  I’m talmbout if they don’t load up a car trunk full of Emmys and Hoody Awards and just park the car in front of Jeff Perry’s house, I know something!

Jeff Perry is the actor that portrays Cyrus Beene.  I’m a bit behind on this blog (two episodes) so I’ll try to bring you up to speed quickly.  Cyrus was on the ticket for VP with Frankie Vargas running for President.  Just like in real life, they thought Mellie was a shoe-in but she lost to Frankie.  And then Frankie was gunned down at his post-election celebration.  Cyrus was blessed by Fitz as the next President, and not Mellie even though the electoral college still has to vote.  Liv thought Cyrus did it….sheeit I did too..but he was acting so torn up over Frankie dying in that hospital she thought she was wrong.  She had her OPA team do some digging..they discovered what they thought was a motive for Cy having Frankie killed.  Tom (Cy’s sometimes boo thang and side chick) offered to kill Frankie for Cy but Cy told him not to do it.  Tom confessed that he had killed Frankie and Cy told him to do it.  The FBI and David Rosen showed up at Cy’s house and took him into custody.

In tonight’s episode, Scandal went all Cy is the New Black because we saw Cy dealing with prison life.  He wasn’t in the joint a good five minutes before he had been spit on by a Latino guard (obvious Frankie supporter).  Nasty spit.  They put him in solitary confinement but y’all know Cy..he figga’d out how to get a pen and paper and wrote a letter to Tom which was intercepted by Cy’s husband.  Lizzie North was s’posed to get it to Tom but y’all know she don’t neva remember what she is supposed to do.  Cy’s husband told him he was divorcing him and stormed out.  Then Cy found out the death penalty was on the table for his trial.  The cannibalistic murderer across the way told Cy he would need a belt to gon’ and kill himself.

The guard (who Cy had helped get out of drug trafficking inside the prison) told Cy he could take him outside on the yard for a few minutes since it was night time, and because Cy was sooo down..he took him up on the offer.  And then the guard walked back in and left Cyrus an angry mob of Frankie Vargas supporters.  Bay Bay…they beat, stomped and kicked the sheeit outta Cyrus.  Closed his eye like Miss Sophia in The Color Purple.  While he was unconscious, he dreamed that he woke up in a hospital bed…Liv and his husband were there telling him he was exonerated (Tom recanted) and he was going to be President.  Then we saw him installed with Mellie as his VP.  Then he was in the Oval Office but it was full of Mellie’s photos…she then asked him to leave because he was bleeding all over the Presidential seal/carpet.  He woke up on the ground, still beat up.

Cy called Liv and begged for her help..telling her he didn’t do that.  He was a monster but not that kind of monster.  She told him to be a man…pay his debt…and be someone he could be proud of and not to call her again.  Cy asked for that belt…and I don’t know how he got it to that needing a kill arse cannibal but he did..who used it to damn near put that guard to sleep.  They got the guard to take them to Tom’s cell…where the cannibal put it around Tom’s neck.  Lawd Tom’s feet were hanging mid-air but he had just enough oxygen to tell Cy he (Tom) didn’t kill Frankie…that Cy really was innocent and he only lied to see Cy suffer.  Tom was spared.  The guard wasn’t so lucky.  He got his wig split.  Lit’rally.  The other guards rushed in..and Cy was smiling because Tom said he was innocent.

At almost the same time, Liv and her team found out that Tom couldn’t have killed Frankie because he was getting ChickFilA at the time in a drive through 200 miles away.  So if Tom was innocent..that meant that Cy was innocent.  Chile.  Shonda snatched my edges and most of my scalp tonight!  The soundtrack was everything..the writing superb..the acting ESPECIALLY by Jeff Perry was AMAZING.  But now, we gotta wait until March to see what happens.  Oh…and Fitz was all in bed with the FBI Director (Olivia Lite) and Mellie cain’t twerk for sheeit.  Don’t ask.

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