DAMNNNN Tommy! Power S4E4


Woosah (that’s me finally breathing after that whole scene with Tommy that I will get into later).  Episode title – We’re In This Together (I damn sure feel like I am in prison with Ghost and I’m tired..let that man out already!)

Let’s start from the beginning – Ghost was working on getting prison fine I guess for either a) the day he gets out or b) the day another prisoner tries him for his uh “cornbread”.  But of course, that man just can’t work out like the rest of the prisoners (most of the time, it’s as if he, Teresi and Biscuit are the only prisoners they got at this jail).  Noooo.  He has to constantly be harassed by Marshall Williams (played to perfection by an obviously sick Charlie Murphy, RIP).  This time is NO exception – Marshall rolls up on Ghost, who is bench pressin’ bout a thousand pounds, and attempts to crush his windpipe with the weight while telling him he has done it before and how nobody cares about cop killer.  He also tells him the cameras in the prison are for show – they don’t work.  He stops pushing the weight on Ghost’s trachea right when I thought he was gonna injure it and tells Ghost “Pull your skirt up Beetch”  I hollered!

It’s apparent that Julio ain’t fit to be the new Distro.  Nobody respects him…hell he may as well resign and go work at Truth, serving drinks alongside his hoe.  Dre realizes this and though he is pretending to work for Julio, I think secretly, he is waiting for the time when he can take out Julio and become Distro.  That club management has gone to his head.  He ain’t about that life either though because he still paying Kanan, and still getting threatened by him and yoked up and choked out whenever Kanan feels like it.  Even Tariq lil lean-gulping arse ain’t following Dre’s instructions.

And where is Tasha while her child is still out with Kanan, running scams (yep ran another one last night)?  I swear I wanna call Child Protective Services on her arse because those kids (even that baby that we see every fifth episode) are just running amuck.  Luckily Raina is just a good kid.  Tariq ain’t.  Last night, he got his virginity took by the neighborhood jump-off.  I didn’t see a condom in sight.  As an aside I still can’t stand Kanan crispy burnt up arse.  Dummy out here stealing 32 inch tvs from rich kids when you can buy them for $200 WITH A REMOTE and IN A BOX for $100 at Walmart.  I see how his mentally-challenged arse ended up in prison.

Meanwhile, Angela still calling Tasha and meeting up with her trying to get her to work with her to take down Ghost.  Couldn’t be me because I would be in jail for contempt already – I prolly woulda got to fighting with Angela two seasons ago just on principle.  Again, Angela drops gems on Tasha who is never in the know about ANYTHING.  Told Tasha that they offered Ghost a deal he didn’t take.  Of course, Tasha ran up there to that jail and reminded Ghost of their partnership and what’s what.

Kesha is round here acting like Tommy her boyfriend after two sessions of hunching and dry grinding.  She got jealous because Tommy has been sleeping on Tasha’s couch.  Tommy told her he was trying to be there for Tasha and the kids and Kesha asked him what about her and her kid.  Then, the scene shot to them having the driest, most uninspired sex session ever.  I just don’t buy them as a couple.  Hell even Tommy ain’t buying it – he never spends the night and told her he had to go after that vanilla arse sex they had.  I predict she will get her Columbus Day cancelled.

Terisi is still blackmailing Ghost in jail, so Tommy makes the required drop.  He’s not sure if it’s a set up so he questions the dude that answers the door so if he was wearing a wire, he would snatch that sheeit out.  He can be brilliant when he wants to be.  Later, the Feds seize Ghost’s bank accounts, club and Kesha’s shop, causing financial problems for everybody.

And then there’s Proctor.  I love Proctor.  He rides for Ghost criminal arse.  He got the DNA thrown out in the last episode, and this episode he goes for the disqualification of the gun the Feds supposedly found at Truth.  He puts Donovan (Black Fed guy) on the stand and proceeds to question him until Donovan snaps, goes all Angry Black Man and tells Proctor somebody should shut his lil arse up.  Bye Gun.  *waving bye*

Proctor tells Tommy that he is meeting with Homeland Security Guy (Bailey/Tobias Beecher) (MISTAKE) at his house and Tommy tells him he will be at that meeting (MISTAKE).  While Proctor is talking to Bailey and listening to the Ruiz tape he has, Tommy jumps out of the shadows and stabs Bailey to the high heavens.  Literally.  Proctor can’t believe his eyes and that he has just witnessed a damn murder in his own house.  Bailey couldn’t believe that sheeit either.  Why wasn’t he strapped?  Hell he ain’t know Proctor like that!  Tommy then finds out again that Ghost actually has his back and that’s why he broke into Greg’s house.  To find that tape to save Tommy.  In the words of Tommy “fugg”  Yes, FUGG!

Ghost has dirt on Terisi now and tells him he won’t be paying him any more coins.  That was the shortest extortion scam in history.  I don’t think it’s over though – Terisi will definitely try to take out Ghost since he ain’t paying and knows Terisi’s secrets.

Of course, the thing with Donovan pisses off Mak and his team, so they have Proctor removed as Ghost’s lawyer because of a conflict of interest (he also represents Tommy).  I cried like Florida Evans when she dropped that bowl after James funeral when Proctor showed up behind that glass window with that phone telling Ghost he was no longer his attorney.  Lawd now Ghost stuck with that other attorney he DESPISES.

Proctor takes his drunk arse to Angela’s apartment and goes on a rant, telling her that gun is NOT Ghost’s.  She calls Darryl (Darryl needs a raise because they always calling him for sheeit after hours) to get the surveillance tape from Truth.  Angela reviews the tape and sees that Sandoval was the last person to view it.  She then sees the last time Ghost was in his office, the night of his arrest at the club, and realizes he didn’t hide the gun.  FINALLY.  I predict Ghost will be up outta them people’s jail by the END of the next episode.  I also predict dry grinding between Ghost’s new attorney (Silver) and Tasha.

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