POWER Recap – They Bringing in ERRYBODY (Season 3, Episode 3)


Last night’s episode of Power was a little slow for me.  That said, Power is still one of the best shows on television right now.  50 Cent definitely got it right with this series.  I guess I’m struggling trying to figure out where the writers are gonna go from here for the remainder of the season.  We’re almost 1/3 of the way done and Ghost is still in jail.  I knew they were going to milk this for all it’s worth, but there’s only so much they can show in jail unless they go all “Oz” on Power.  And it’s bad for Jamie St. Patrick if he is bought and sold for cigarettes; ends up washing another prisoner’s drawls; and has to get one side of his beard braided.

Speaking of making nice in prison, I think we all thought Terisi was Tommy’s long lost dad (because Tommy’s mama seemed like she mighta got it in back in the day with whoever) but now I’m not so sure.  If he is Tommy’s dad, he doesn’t care about a relationship with his son because he is blackmailing Ghost.  I get it – he has information that will confirm that Jamie IS Ghost and to keep quiet, he wants coins.  He needs those coins for his wife’s experimental treatment for cancer but still.  A $20,000 payment every week?  Where is GHOST supposed to get that kind of money?  He had one foot out of the drug trade when he went in.  And the club looks full when they do parties, but how often is that?  Plus, Dre already drainin’ that club dry to pay Kanan to keep him alive.

The heat is on Tommy too because the Feds brought in Julio, Dre and Kesha for questioning.  I love Kesha but she ain’t bout that life.  I think she might flip if the Feds get to close.  Sad because she trusted Tasha and then Tasha brought her into the drug money launderin’ business without her knowledge.  Tasha ain’t no kinda real friend.  Who does that?  And took Shawn.  Well I guess Shawn really wasn’t with Kesha like that, but he had carnal knowledge of her and had been all up under her clothes.  Of course, criminals like Julio and Dre know to say NOTHING when questioned by the police.

Ghost has a new attorney – a co-chair for his trial named Silver.  Bay Bay Silver is soooo annoying because he has Ghost’s number.  He knows exactly what kind of man Ghost is and is not afraid to say it.  At every nauseating turn.  Still he seems like a good lawyer because at least he came in talking about creating timelines and other stuff that only attorneys know and do.  Much better than Proctor – I keep trying to figure out whose law school he went to.  I mean, he seems solid but maybe he is in too deep with criminals.  And he has to feed his ex-wife’s drug habit.  She must have something REALLY BAD on him because she has primary custody of their child and vacuum cleaning up everything with her nose.

Last night, Ghost FINALLY mentioned the illegal traffic stop and surmised that’s how his DNA ended up under Greg Knox’s fingernails.  Not because Greg was scratchin’ and clawin’ as he lay dying.  They were able to find footage of the traffic stop and got the judge to throw out the DNA (Mak didn’t fight to keep it because he knew leaving that video in would bias the jury unfavorably against the prosecution.  Plus Angela DID tell him that Ghost said he was stopped and he didn’t investigate it).  Score one for the defense.

Before I end this recap, can I just ask WHY Tariq is still able to hang out and why he still got a cellphone?  What is Tasha doing?  I ain’t seen no man, and she doesn’t work.  There is NO reason Tariq should be all in the streets still runnin’ amuck after that kidnapping scare and STILL hanging around questionable friends.  Now, he helping run scams with Kanan burnt up arse.  I just can’t.  And where is that lil baby we see every fifth episode?  I ain’t sayin’ Tasha ain’t a good parent, but that thane is more absent than a kid with truancy issues.  At any rate, I am patiently waiting for a) Kanan to turn Tariq against Ghost and the rest of the St. Patricks b) Tariq to finally get that epic whooping he been hankering for since last season and c) that fine arse Larenz Tate to show up on my tv screen.

Oh and waiting for Jamie to get out of jail once they figure out his prints are not on the murder weapon AND his girlfriend retrieved the fingerprints outside of Knox’s window, with no witnesses.  And she had the nerve to try to speak to Ghost last night without attorneys present.  Girl BYE.  I’m also waiting for somebody to knock that smug look off her face.  Lit’rally.

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