OJ Simpson – Let That Man Outta Them People’s Jail


Can we just talk about OJ’s facial expression in this photo? This may have been the exact moment he realized he got off for killing everybody in that driveway that night except that Akita but was goin’ to jail for stealing his own stuff back via armed robbery. And let’s be clear – I always thought he stole his own stuff back and wondered how 6 to 8 grown arse old men sat around and came up with the idea to do an armed robbery and not a one said “you know OJ…this might not be a good idea. The Goldmans, LAPD and their blue brethren all over the country and Mark Fuhrman are still watching you Man. You may want to just charge those old footballs and Hertz posters to the game…” But come to find out not only did he take back some of his old jerseys, he also left outta there with Joe Montana and Pete Rose sheeit. So what was THAT about? Said OJ had put that stuff on EBAY. But I digress.


Tomorrow is OJ’s parole hearing. Apparently, somebody has asked Black foke to protest. OJ this ain’t 1995. Black foke tried to ride with you because of what happened with Rodney King, but as soon as them people let you off, you turned back white and was back playin’ golf and dealing with loose women and thots. And then had the nerve to write a book talmbout if you did it. Knowing good and well your arse did it. I doubt if you gon’ get two protesters outside that courtroom. And if you do it’s because they nosy. They probably ain’t gon’ even have signs.

That said, it’s time for OJ to be released. He is not in prison for Ron and NIcole’s murders – he got off remember? All of the other men that were involved in this armed robbery are out. Only ONE of them did actual time (some months I think). The rest got probation in turn for flippin’ on OJ. I ain’t mad at that. I woulda flipped on his dumb arse too. That man has served his time for armed robbery and been a model citizen in prison, running the gym and washin’ drawls. It’s time for OJ to make parole and hit the talk show circuit so that any lil money he makes can go to the Goldmans ….

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