Empire Recap – Freda Went To Cappin’


Chile…if you ain’t watched Empire yet, you might wanna come back and read this later cuz all kindsa spoilers bout to be posted.  I didn’t do a recap last week because I missed the first 20 minutes of Empire celebrating my anniversary (14th).  I missed the actual reunion of Lucious and his mama.  All I know is that thane IS crazier than a Betsy bug cuz by the end of last week, she was talmbout she shoulda killed him when she had a chance; had baked bout 27 pound, caramel, and 7 up cakes, and was threatenin’ him with a knife, tellin’ him to eat the cake like Annie Mae.

This week errybody was finally at the ASA awards…but before they went Rhonda almost gave it away that that she knew Anika pushed her down the stairs.  Anika ol’ red bottoms gave her away.  How does somebody that come from money NOT get rid of the shoes she done committed felonious acts in?  I always wanted to use that word.  Seriously, does she have just ONE pair of Louboutins?  But they are flat…and she is pregnant, so maybe that’s her only pair of shoes that ain’t heels.

The media director for the ASA is on the DL but feelin’ Jamal (litrally and figratively).  They were alone together when Lucious came in.  That dude damn near knocked Jamal’s arse right off actin’ like Jamal was pushin’ up on him.  Bad actin’ on his part cuz nobody was convinced.  Lucious knew his arse liked boy coochie and proceeded to berate Jamal for being used.  Jamal asked Lucious how he know he wasn’t the one to make that media director HIS beetch?  Lucious wasn’t convinced and told Jamal that ol’ dude was probably on top.  More words were exchanged…Lucious grabbed Jamal by the throat and told him he was gon’ celebrate the day that Jamal dies of AIDS because he ain’t nothin’ but a big ol’ gay disappointment.  Just when I start back likin’ Lucious cuz he play a mean piano or write a good hook, he does somethin’ so ignorant and evil, I be back to hatin’ his arse again.

Cookie finally got through to Jamal about staying away from Freda.  Told Jamal that she had dry snitched on Frank Gathers (Freda’s daddy).  Said Frank was dangerous and Freda was too.

Cookie’s sister Carol was supposed to go to the ASAs with Cookie but they had a big fallin’ out about Tariq the freak (undercover five O).  Cookie even threw salt in Carol’s game by tellin’ that man she had that nasty women’s disease.  She uninvited Carol to the ASAs and threw her arse out.

Lucious showed up to the ASAs lookin’ like an extra from The Harlem Nights and Cookie showed up like she was one of Beyonce’s backup dancers from the On The Run tour with that veil over her face.  He bought Cookie a nice diamond bracelet, and they went to the awards and walked the red carpet together.

Lucious Mama thought she was goin’ to the ASAs with Andre, but Thirsty showed up and threw they arse in the safe (at least they had a tv).  I was surprised Mama wasn’t beat up prior cuz she told the “help” that her greens don’t be seasoned.  You cain’t tell a black woman that and not expect to fight.

Meanwhile Freda was there looking especially nice in her finger waves and white suit. I mean really good for somebody workin’ with the man that killed her daddy.  Carol showed up drunk, and Cookie pretended to hug her while snatchin’ a hand fulla Carol’s weave.  She told her to just walk away.  Carol did but not befo’ she tried to get Freda to walk her in to the actual ceremony.  Freda said she had to do more press, and Carol called her a hoodrat and told her she couldn’t believe she was that close to Lucious (or similar) seeing as what he had done to her father.  Freda started flashing back…and figured out Lucious had something to do with her daddy being killed in the joint.

Freda ran up on one of the security detail, snatched his gun, ran slow motion through the crowd to shoot Lucious who had his back turned.  Jamal saw her…and said no and jumped in front of the gun/bullet.  Lucious wasn’t hit…but Jamal was…seriously.  They got Freda up outta there but not before she saw what she’d done.  They rushed Jamal to the hospital, where he was losing blood and flatlinin’.  Andre was tryna get Thirsty to open up that safe…but Thirsty was drunk off them people’s brown likka and in and out of sleep.  He dropped his glass and finally woke up to the news of Jamal being shot and got Andre and Andre grandmama outta there and to the hospital.  Of course, he had a gun drawn on Andre. I feel like Andre still shoulda stole on his arse tho’.

Of course, Cookie is mad as hayle  at Lucious that Jamal has been shot (he also didn’t win that ASA).  And in the melee of all of that, Mama Lyons slipped out them people’s hospital and went to greet the media.  With cameras flashing..they asked her if she was family and she said yes…then they asked her what her relationship was to Lucious…it went off before she could tell them she is his mama.  Chile…I got my whole entire life from birth to grave.  Lucious done told all them people his mama dead to sell records…and she bout to tell it ALL! (I still cain’t believe that lady been under lock and key and heavy security for 20 years and errybody just let her sashay out them people’s hospital!  Thirsty and the security need to be FIYAH’ED!)

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