Scandal Finale (Season 5) – That’s My Girl


Let me just say this finale was just like Janet Jackson’s baby hair – life giving.  Yasss Hun-tee.  It did NOT disappoint, so if you ain’t seen it, get thee to a DVR before you read the rest of these spoilers.

It started off nice enough.  Jake was hangin’ out with his new father-in-law.  At first, I was a bit confused because I be forgetting Jake married cuz he be everywhere except with his wife.  I think his clothes are still at Daddy Pope’s house, and I don’t even think they got to go on a honeymoon.  Jake’s father-in-law was telling him how Jake was just like a son to him while he sipped brown likka.  That Jake poured him.  Remember that Jake is a trained killer.  That man clutched his heart and asked Jake to call the ambulance.  Jake was like “yeah, I’m not your son…Rowan is my daddy…and he thinks you are of most use to us dead cuz we need the insurance money”.  That man fell on the floor, and Jake ushered him on to glory in the same way he did with James.  Told that man to let go and let GOD.  I was so mad at Jake for killin’ that man.  Look like he only had bout 8 months left anyway lookin’ like a fake arse Bernie Sanders.

Edison went to see Liv to give her Jake’s message – he needed Liv to save him from Rowan.  At first Liv wasn’t going to but she thought about how Jake used to hit that one spot she got and figured she would help him out.  She met with Jake and told him to trust her.  She tried to tell him why she said what she did at that church the day he got married, but Jake was only interested in the plan.

Meanwhile, Mellie and Frankie were both trying to find runnin’ mates.  Rowan had his hand in errybody’s pot just a-stirrin’ cuz he tried to get Frankie and Cyrus to let Jake be on his ticket (and Frankie is a Democrat – SMH).  Cyrus didn’t like it and went to Liv for help.  Liv pretty much cussed him out and then agreed with Cyrus.  She had to go up against her father.  By becoming command and going up against him in his face…being gangster and whatnot per Huck.

Abby left Liv’s medical files just laying around the office instead of shredding them.  Fitz found them but surprisingly didn’t mention that to Liv when he met with her.  He did apologize for not listening to her more.  It was a tender moment, but they ain’t have no soundtrack, so I wasn’t moved. That much.

Mellie picked some guy as her VP that sold drugs in college.  Liv “handled” that by sendin’ Huckleberry Quinn over with a new identity and address for the drug dealer’s partner.  But alas, he was found out and he had to drop out the race like Carly Fiorina fell through that stage trap door.  Liv ended up picking Jake to be Mellie’s running mate and went to get him from Daddy Pope’s house.  She told Jake to get up and leave with her, at which point Daddy Pope pulled out a pistol and put it to Jake’s head and told Liv she was bout to get her brother killed.  I was tryna figga out when Jake became Liv’s brother and if that nastiness they had done before was incest.  Liv told Jake Rowan wasn’t going to shoot him because Jake was his son.  Sheeit is Jake REALLY his son?  Now I’m confused.  She held Jake’s hand and Rowan did not pull the trigger.  He told Jake to get the hayle out fo he changed his mind.  I get it though…Jake done lived at that man’s house rent free and ate up all them pancakes and steak and drank up all that man’s wine and now he wanna leave?  That’s enough to get your temples grazed.

Jake decided he didn’t really wanna run for VP and tried to back out and move to a lil house in Vermont.  Liv told him the hayle..he was gon’ put that tie on and like it and get out there and Vice Presidentiate.  Jake said ‘you saved me from being Rowan’s bitch only to make me your bitch’.  Bay Bay…I got my life and other people’s.

Meanwhile, Cy changed his mind on getting David Rosen to be Frankie’s running mate, opting to run next to Frankie himself.  He quit Tom in the process (who was planning on killing Cy’s husband and making it look like an accident) and got back with his husband.  I don’t think you wanna cross somebody like Tom.  He ain’t got nothin’ to lose and done killed before.

I just knew Daddy Pope was in the audience to shoot Jake, Liv, Mellie, Abby, AND Fitz cuz that’s how he gets down.  He done killed errybody that done died on that show, either directly or indirectly.  But no..he was at home on his couch drankin’ wine and celebrating how he pretty much gave Liv the power to regain the White House.  We saw flashbacks to everything he ever said to her..did to was all a set up so she would do what he wanted – go take back the Presidency and the White House.  That damn Daddy Pope.  He is the ULTIMATE puppet master.  He said “That’s My Girl” watching Liv on TV.  Now Shonda Rhimes just need to give Rowan’s arse a girlfriend so he will have something to do besides killin’ people.

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