Scandal Recap – Liv’s Skeletons Bout To Fall Out The Damn Closet


Tonight Scandal was more of the campaign.  It’s like watching Trump, Hillary and all the other candidates…wait.. Trump, Hillary and Bernie..cuz errybody else arse done dropped out.  Hollis Doyle acting JUST LIKE Trump and tonight, he confirmed to Liv that’s exactly what he was doing…acting.  That he only pretended to spew hate…to offend whole groups of people..and how he needed a gang of hand sanitizer after he shook hands with the hillbillies of America.  He was tryna to get Susan Ross or Mellie to drop out, talmbout he would allow the first one that did to become his runnin’ mate.  And he wouldn’t make they arses fall through a trap door in the stage like Ted Cruz did Carly Fiorina.  I still can’t believe her picked her as his VP & then dropped out the race a half second later, but I digress.  Liv set that arse up (Doyle) by secretly recording the conversation and letting Sally Langston “ride” with it on that Lady of Liberty show.  Two seconds later, Hollis Doyle was outta them people’s presidential race.  Disgraced.  I’m gon’ miss his ol’ country arse.

Daddy Pope still controlling foke & determined to turn Edison and Jake into the POTUS and Veep.  He told Liv she needed to take that deal for Mellie before Abby did (for Susan) because his evil arse had met with Abby in the back of a black Uber XL and given her info on Liv’s abortion.  I still think Liv need to call Maury and go on the show for a DNA cuz that cain’t be her real daddy.  Cuz he be doin’ all kinds of dirt to Liv.

Edison thought he was REALLY a POTUS contender and tried to tell Daddy Pope what he was and wasn’t gon’ do.  Bad idea.  You know Eli lectured that arse from here to Sunday and TOLD Edison what Edison what he was gon’ do, which was select Jake as his runnin’ mate.  Chile.  Edison gon’ quit talkin’ slick out the mouth to Daddy Pope when his arse come up missin’ like Harrison in them people’s desert.  That’s the last time Daddy Pope called somebody “brother”.

Liv went to Edison to try to get him to drop out the race, but Edison wasn’t havin’ it.  He blamed her…and she told him she could help him.  That same day in an interview, the media asked Edison about Hollis Doyle and that thane turned into Eli Pope Jr.  Well you know America ain’t ready for them Black man monologues so he effectively ended his run on his own terms.  I immediately started trembling cuz I was scared for Edison.  I started tryna figga out how he was about to die cuz I knew Daddy Pope was gon’ come callin’ with Jake to hem Edison’s arse up.  Surprisingly they let him live…but not fo’ Jake put a bug in his ear (tell Liv I wanna get away from her pancake and chicken makin’ arse daddy and I need her help).

Abby fell on her sword and didn’t go the press with the info on Liv’s abortion.  But Liv got dirt on Susan Ross via David Rosen and Susan dropped out the race.  Earlier David Rosen had asked Susan to marry him, and she’d accepted.  Of course, after the revelation that David made a shady arse deal that compromised his principles and America’s, she READ his arse for filth and dropped him like my Sprint calls in rural areas.  Fitz asked for his resignation but I think they let David Rosen keep that job.  David Rosen STAY losing.  Jake shoulda shot and killed him instead of James.  At least James coulda been raisin’ Ella (cuz I don’t know where Cy husband done went) and going to cocktail parties.

Oh, Shonda Rhimes gave a nice tribute to Prince by playing “Let’s Go Crazy” in one of the scenes.  And that is why she is the QUEEN of Thursdays and you betta not never forget.  Lest Daddy Pope put yo’ arse in the hole.

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2 thoughts on “Scandal Recap – Liv’s Skeletons Bout To Fall Out The Damn Closet

  1. Gwen Harmon

    Hey Sheila! JSU Alum here…and friend of Jan and Dowell Taylor! you forgot to mention how they are shooting around Kerry’s Baby Bump! trench coating, file holding an bagging tops in the scenes. Love your work girl.


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