Lemonade Got the BeyHive Goin’ IN On Foke


Chile Beyonce done put out Lemonade, the BeyHive done drank a whole gallon, and they are DRUNK in love goin’ after anybody who they think might be Bey’s nemesis.  Now Rachel Roy was out there being funny I guess…all tongue in cheek and sheeit postin’ bout having “good hair” and such RIGHT AFTER Bey said “call Becky with the good hair” in her video.  She had to know that wasn’t going to end well (it didn’t).  That lady done had to go into hiding and put out a statement bout never dry grindin’ with Jay Z.  I’m talmbout she done missed two days of work, held a press conference AND moved back into her mama house.  The Beyhive is RELENTLESS.

They even went in on Rachel Ray…and errybody NAMED Rachel.  I know Beyonce usually stays outta Beyhive bidness, but in this case, since they done killed this lady on Wikipedia talmbout she died the date of her post under a lemonade stand…..Beyonce needs to call her off her goons…I mean bees.

I just got in the Beyhive like two seconds ago, but I cain’t condone all of this bullying.  Y’all please leave these white (and other race-ded) people alone!  Watch and listen to Lemonade….drank some…and stop draggin’ foke all ova the Innanets behind Queen Bey.

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