Rachel Roy Learned Today That You Don’t Come For Queen Bey


Lawd JESUS! I JUST got in the Beyhive like yesterday and already…on the heels of our Queen of ERRYTHANE that is holy, just and slayable releasin’ Lemonade (and with it a right smart of tea), here come somebody throwin’ shade and underhanded digs. (First off, I just knew Bey was gon’ announce her separation today from Jay Z but I guess she ended the album with scenes from they wedding and them getting those fangah tattoos)  I’m confused though cuz I thought this designer chick was married to Damon Dash…so why would she let it be known that she done laid up under Jay Z?  You know…allegedly.  I’m also tryna figga out WHERE Rachel Roy been? Don’t she know you cain’t come for Queen Bey by bus, train, Instagram OR Twitter?

She hinted that she is the “Becky” Beyonce was talmbout in her new song “Sorry” on social media (y’all know I had to sign up for Tidal to listen – Beyonce done snatched my edges and $9.99 from my bank account), which was less than smart. Cuz that Beyhive done got a hold of all her Innanet accounts, home phone number and where her mama AND daddy live. Even worse, they done came for Rachel Roy’s CHILE. Bay Bay they done stung her and her fam’ly all across the face, head AND chest! When all she had to do was say NOTHING, or call her good girlfriend that already knows the scoop and giggle bout it if she just had to do/say something.

Now that thane talmbout being bullied. Girl Bye!  You musta been livin’ up under a rock. You DO NOT COME FOR BEYONCE especially after you done allegedly dry grinded with her husband and especially after she done made her fans wait months for this new release. Rachel Roy might need to move. Interestingly enough, I got a pair of Rachel Roy shoes…I think I need to burn them sheeits before this goes any further. I’m still monitoring this thane as the story breaks, but if anybody knows Rachel Roy tell her to set all her accounts to private…matta fact delete them, MOVE, and get an assumed name. Put all yo’ stuff in your mama name. Cuz Bay Bay..the wrath of one million bees bout to swarm over your clueless like Stacy Dash arse.  Must be somethin’ bout that last name on girls.

I’d also be scared of Beyonce…did she see how Bey took that bat to all them car windows in that video?  Bay Bay…that thane look like she will put them hands on Rachel Roy..I mean Becky..aw hayle, I’m confused about who I mean.  I bet Solange gettin’ another purse ready to beat Jay Z’s arse again in them people elevator.  And Lawd I don’t wanna here nothing else bout no elevators right now.

I am so not here for all of this right here.  I’m still wearing all purple and in mourning behind Prince.  Tryna figga out how Imma get to his memorial service since his sister nem ain’t invite me to the fun’ral.  Tryna figga out who Debra Lee and BET nem gon’ get to do his tribute at the next award show cuz it betta not be no foolery.  Hopefully Trey Songz and Tyrese will both be outta the country…I love them but they cain’t do Prince bad.  And Lifetime betta leave a movie about his life alone.  Love my girl Wendy Williams but if she puts money and producer cred behind this in the vein of that Aaliyah movie, bad gon’ come to her just like it did Mister when Celie put them crooked fangahs up.

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2 thoughts on “Rachel Roy Learned Today That You Don’t Come For Queen Bey

  1. It’s suggested that Rachel Roy might need to move…I hear that Monica Lewinsky needs a roommate.

    Don’t mess with Bey or any other sista in “Selfie Brave Way” then turn into the cowardly “Delete Master” after you Beckied Up…Bey, She has a bat and a sista friend girl Serena that’s good with a tennis racket along with a blood sista Solnage with a purse. So, Becky aka R & R doesn’t have a chance with a sista with a bat, a clutch or a tennis racket.

    Sheila, keep dem shoes and “Walk All Over The Name of Foolishness and Folly” LOL

    You have the most entertaining commentary LOL Hands Up and Down LOL

    In the memory of Dearly Beloved Prince, Let’s Sip This Purple Lemonade 🙂


    • Alesha Girl…..I am still HOLLERING at how the Beyhive is STILL stangin’ Rachel Roy. I bet she wished she had acted like a deaf mute behind this issue. Surely she knows how the Hive gets down. They shut down entire social media platforms. Got some people scared to Tweet. Famous people. She needs to move to Antarctica after she disconnects her Innanets and phone services. Thanks for the support Hun!!!


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