People v OJ Recap – I Couldna Been a Juror


Heck NAW!  I wouldn’t have wanted NO parts of that (last night’s episode was about the OJ trial jury being sequestered in a hotel and related issues).  And it was a nice hotel from what I remember reading (Hotel Intercontinental).  Those people were holed up in that hotel like Ol’ Sophia in jail…til they nearbout rot to death.  They only let them out to go to the courthouse.  I’m talking 8 MONTHS.  Like that is damn near a year.  Like if you were pregnant when you got selected, you would damn near be havin’ yo baby at the end.  The jurors didn’t even have a tv in they rooms!  Couldn’t use the hotel pool nor the hot tub.  Had to eat all meals together while being watched by deputies.  Got one conjugal visit with their spouses for 5 hours (7 to midnight) once a week.  No magazines.  Damn sho’ no Innanets (I can’t rememba if Al Gore had created it then or not).  And because they had so many Black foke on the jury they were salty bout missing Martin (the White foke wanted Seinfeld – one of the Black jurors said “What is a Seinfield?” Ha.)

The episode also showed how the jurors were routinely dismissed to the point that they got down to 2 alternates, and how a mistrial was almost declared after a juror revolt.

I think the jurors were happy when they were first selected to be on such a high-profile case.  There were 9 Black jurors, 2 White jurors, and 1 Hispanic, which is interesting when you consider the Black foke made up 12% of the population during that time.  I know people are quick to say (even the jurors themselves) that race didn’t play a role in this trial when they know that it did.  Truthfully, this jury (even though it was mostly “female” ) was probably NEVER going to convict OJ.  I still say that just like America was racially divided, so was that jury.  As a matter of fact, when they took the FIRST vote on whether Orenthal James was guilty or not guilty, the two White people voted him guilty.  I think Black foke were still mad at the LAPD for beating up Rodney King on camera with NO consequences.  So this was gon’ be payback.  I don’t know how Marcia Clark nem misread the jury so badly.

Tracy Hampton was the juror who pretty much set off the revolt.  She complained to Judge Ito that the deputies  in charge of protecting them were treating the Black jurors unfairly.  She actually brought up that on a shopping trip to Target, the White jurors got an hour…but at Ross (which Black people LOVE – yes she said that), Black jurors only got a half hour.  She also begged him to let her go home.  (He did let her go at some point, and she was hospitalized for a panic attack immediately after, and later posed for Playboy – I can’t make this stuff up!)

Judge Ito was trying to keep the jury together and avoid a mistrial so he reassigned the deputies, which set off a firestorm with most of the other jurors who had gotten close to the deputies over those months and couldn’t understand why they were now gone.  This set off the juror revolt where they refused to come to them people’s courtroom…Judge Ito threatened to hold them in contempt.  They ended up returning to court, but most of them wore black in protest (5 wore bright colors).

Judge Ito finally sat down with them and heard their concerns and tried to make things better but it never quite worked out (sent them on a local cruise (most got seasick); sent them to an amusement park (didn’t go well); sent them to a Lakers game (where they were promptly recognized so they had to roll out), etc.

Also on this episode, we saw the damning blood and DNA evidence.  Sadly for Marcia Clark and Chris Darden nem, DNA wasn’t like it is now.  Now it will send your arse straight to jail.  Back then, it was new and people felt uneasy relying on it.  Had OJ committed this murder just a few years later, he would be serving life in them people’s prison.

It also didn’t help that the criminalist (Fung) who provided all of the DNA testimony got picked apart by the defense team who challenged how the DNA was gathered (there was lots of cross-contamination), how the blood and DNA was stored (apparently it was in somebody’s pockets for a few hours and somebody kept OJ’s shoes at their house over the weekend), and gave other theories for how OJ’s hair fibers and blood ended up at the crime.  Also didn’t help that the jury’s eyes were glossed over when Fung was presenting the scientific evidence.  Probably also didn’t help that Fung shook the hands of every defense team attorney AND OJ when he left the stand (yes this really happened!).  Shapiro said Fung even HUGGED him.

The episode went off as the tip line established by Shapiro nem to find the real killer (this really happened – it was a 1-800 number!) was answered and somebody took notes that said “Furman is on tape framing the n-words”.  Whew chile…can’t wait to see how they portray Furman and these tapes next week!

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