LHHNY Reunion -Pregnancy Tag, Amina’s “It”

And in other “news”…. For those that don’t watch Love & Hip Hop NY, it’s a show that is supposed to show what it’s like for relationships (or in a lot of these foke cases – having relations) in the world of hip hop/rap. Remy Ma is prolly the largest star of the series, but she fell off for a minute while she was doin’ a bid in them foke prison for attempted murder. Peter Gunz (one of the rappers) had a song called Uptown Baby back when I was off in college and ain’t done nothin’ since but dry grind and make babies.
He is caught up in a love triangle with Amina (below right), the wife he married behind his long-time girlfriend, Tara’s (13 year relationship), back and didn’t even tell her. He been goin’ back & forth between them since, and even moved them into the same building so he could get it in with one on the top floor, then take the elevator down to the basement and lay with the other one on a dirty mattress (seriously they were on a mattress on the floor (Peter gotta be errybit of 50).
Both of the women got pregnant at the same time…Tara (below left) kept hers (VERY pregnant on last nite’s reunion tho’ she done delivered the little boy now) but Amina (the wife) had an abortion. She ain’t know Tara was pregnant at the time. Peter announced he was gon’ get “snipped” (the smartest thing he could ever do since he act like he is allergic to the other methods) which enraged Amina. She said she couldn’t believe Peter was gon’ let Tara be the mother of his last baby.  “You gave her a baby, and I killed mine” while she cried tears.  Chile….it was so dramatic.  
So they were going back and forth last night about which one of them is the true side chick.  Tara definitely appears to be the side chick since she done got pregnant and had a baby by a MARRIED man.  She also told his wife she can sit on “it” any time she wants before she got pregnant, so I guess she wanted to prove her point.  She told Amina that she destroyed Tara’s family and life with Peter because they had been together “common law” for 13 years before she showed up on the scene and Amina knew about Tara.  Now I don’t know if NY recognizes common law, BUT, I always thought a real marriage license trumped that foolishness.  Especially in this day and age.  This ain’t the 1900s.
So Amina starts respondin’ and flipping and pullin’ her I Dream of Jeannie ponytail and says in a low voice “and that’s why she’s not havin’ Peter’s last baby” (remember Peter was supposed to get snipped and the last scene of the season showed him in the doctor’s office, in stirrups, for the procedure with all kinds of scissors laying on on the table next to him).  The host was like ‘what are you saying Amina?’, and that’s when Amina dropped the bombshell that she was pregnant by Peter AGAIN.  Bay Bay, I musta fanned and fell out.  As Amina was standin’ up to show off her pregnancy bump, the camera panned to the very pregnant Tara’s face and there was a look of confusion, perplexity, sadness, and “damn…she done beat my arse again at this game of pregnancy tag we playin’…”  I felt a little bad for Tara cuz she had been sittin’ up there all smug with her overly pregnant arse.
And just like all shows do, the show went off and social media went CRAZY.  Amina took to Twitter and Instagram to say why she was having another baby (his TENTH) with her husband especially after she had an abortion 6 months prior.  I don’t know why she feels the need to explain stuff to “us”.  I ain’t gon’ have $10 on yo’ baby’s formula NOR Pampers.  Peter ol’ arse need to quit.  He either didn’t have the vasectomy or it didn’t take and somebody need to be sued.  And he is constantly in trouble for child support cuz there’s a whole gang of “mothers” for his kids so I don’t expect him to take care of these newest ones either.  He must REALLY have that “thane”…
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2 thoughts on “LHHNY Reunion -Pregnancy Tag, Amina’s “It”

  1. bkl93

    First of all, I abhor most of these “reality tv” shows that are as real as gagsta’ rap, but I digress. STC, you’re my girl for life, and I’m gonna’ ride with you for life! Congratulations on your blog. Although I don’t get down with this show, your blog is “Fire” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


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