HTGAWM Finale – Here Goes Nothing!


Lit’rally cuz I don’t be knowin’ what the hayle is going on in this show.  I think there are too many players/people and too many storylines.  And they all end with somebody dying every episode and nobody getting locked up.  Thus the title of the show I guess.

But I can say one thing….Viola Davis be actin’ her arse off as Annalise.  Yes LAWD – the truth.  Deserve an Emmy in pretty much erry category.  I also love me some Miss Cicely Tyson.  And yes, gotta put the Miss on there because she is a LIVING LEGEND and a NATIONAL TREASURE.  You know when she is on the show, gon’ be some great dialogue and superb acting – she and Viola together make magic, Honey.

I wish I could talk about the plot, but I can’t.  So I will just talk about Nate.  Cuz that thane FINE, you heah me?  Annalise went home to visit her mama and sister.  Her mama told her to get up and get in the shower, and you know when a Black mama tell you that, you best move around lest you get somethin’ put on them hindparts.  And you know they don’t be caring that you extra grown.  They were throwing a little party in Annalise’s honor.  Annalise’s parents broke up when she was younger…but now her daddy back sniffin’ round.  Talmbout him and Annalise mama got kids together.  Chile.  Annalise was mad at her mama, but Mama shut it down when she said “when you get my age and somebody put a cupcake in front of you, see if you don’t eat it…”  If I was Annalise, I woulda packed my bags and went on back home. Instead she stayed…and got out on the dance floor after they prodded her, movin’ and jerkin’ like the tin man.  Givin’ Black foke a bad name with that non-dancin’.

Nate had stopped by and Mama invited him in and fed him some greens and hot water conebread.  Annalise tried to act like she wasn’t bothered but she knew that man was fine.  Her sister pulled Nate out on the dance floor and again, Annalise tried to act like she didn’t care.  She know she don’t want that man slow draggin’ with her sister.

Annalise ended up telling her mama about the baby she lost..and she wrote a letter to the baby that she buried in her mama’s backyard.

We found out that Frank was behind the car accident, and Annalise’s husband hid that from her but held it over Frank’s head, making him do all kinds of dirty work and killin’ foke.  Annalise found out she was being charged with a crime (that’s why she called Nate down) but ended up turnin’ state’s evidence in on Caleb.  There were lots of flashbacks (mostly of Caleb’s sister confessing that Caleb killed their parents) and we saw Caleb dead in a tub of water after he’d committed suicide.

Frank left town after Annalise called him white trash, and Bonnie was trying to reconcile the two of them but Annalise wasn’t having it.

Wes went to NY to see the man Annalise said was his dad.  Right after he confronted ol’ dude and said I think I’m your son, that man got shot in the head.  Pretty much got Rock-A-Byed like Keisha used to do foke in New Jack City.  Wes arse is just bad luck.  Errytime he around one of his parents, they die.

And now we wait…for like 8 months…before the show comes back since this was the season finale.  Thanks for nothin’ and snatchin’ my edges all at the same time, Shonda.

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