Scandal Recap – Liv’s A Low-Key Stalker


Shonda Rhimes pretty much owns Thursday.  You know how powerful you gotta be to OWN a day of the week.  They should just change the name to Shon-day but I digress.  Scandal teased us last week by saying one of the Gladiators was gon’ take off the white hat and go to the dark side.  I just knew it was gon’ be Marcus cuz he is tired of being treated like he doesn’t matter – they don’t tell that man NOTHING; he ain’t got an office or a cubicle (he always in somebody else space or the conference room); he ain’t got no OPA badge or ID; and I haven’t seen him at a bank or check cashin’ place with an OPA payroll check since he got hired on.  Unless he still an intern and workin’ for free.  He need to quit that job and go back to being a community activist.

Liv was still up in her daddy and Jake’s place breakin’ bread and sippin’ cocktails with Jake’s new fiancee.  I give her props because I am too petty for that kinda sheeit.  Jake was JUST at her apartment pickin’ locks and other parts of her…pushin’ all her buttons, litrally and figratively, and he done proposed to somebody.  I didn’t even see his nasty arse wash his hands first.  Liv learned how the two of ’em met…and kee kee’d it up long enough for Quinn nem to plant bugs, cameras and other surveillance equipment in that lady apartment.  I think Liv wanna stalk Jake (cuz he got that thane) but because he keep livin’ from one house to the next and ain’t got no place in HIS name, she had to have the equipment put in that lady house.

She then went back to her place and started watching Jake and his woman on video.  Jake looked right at the camera and really started performing.  Yes, he knew that Liv had cameras all up and through and was watching him so he put an arch in his back and lifted that lady’s rump.  And then he called her daddy and asked Papa Pope to be his best man.  Naw, I’m kidding about that part.

He then hand delivered the tape to Liv and told her they weren’t doing the stalking thing anymore.  That he was in love with that woman and was going to marry her for that …that there was no plot, no scheme…just love.  He pretty much cut live down with his words.

In the meantime, Huck was watchin’ Javi’s soccer game (i.e. low-key stalking) with Marcus when he found out his ex-wife was dating.  He was convinced the new guy was somebody he duct-taped and wrapped in plastic back in the day and had to rescue his family.  He kidnapped that man and then figga’d out it wasn’t him.  Luckily he didn’t send him on home to glory.  Liv and Quinn nem rushed to find Huck cuz ‘fo he put that man in the Upper Room.  Quinn let Liv have it about abandoning them.  Liv told her she could be selfish cuz them people kidnapped her & bought and sold her on the open market.  Later, she apologized and told Quinn she took time for herself because she knew she could leave Quinn in charge.  She also asked them to stop treating Marcus like an intern.

Somebody left the gate open and Hollis Doyle showed up at the White House where he was courted by both Mellie and the VP for campaign coins.  Fitz told him to get the hayle up off his couch, so it looked like Hollis was gon’ side with Mellie.  Instead he stole her ideas for her campaign and announced his candidacy in the spirit of Donald Trump.

Abby found out Cyrus is in bed with two guys (well three if you count his former heaux husband) – Fitz and the Dem governor he got to run for President.  She told Liv she wanted to run the WH and it was time for Cy to step aside.  Fitz was against it first, but told her the job was hers if she fired Cyrus.  She did…and promptly took his job.  Cyrus sat there all calm after it was done, drinking a cocktail (white liquor).  She needs to be VERY AFRAID.

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