Scandal’s Back -Liv & Fitz are OVAH


Yassss Honey!  Been waiting so long for Scandal to come back, I near bout rot to death like Miss Sophia in The Color Purple.  Tonight was the night…and then Shonda did what she is notorious for doin’ – flashin’ forward 6 months.  And truthfully, I don’t know if it’s cuz I done got old or what, but I needed that whole 6 months cuz nothin’ made sense!

It was clear that Fitz and Liv were broken up, and they actually hadn’t spoken to each other in that whole time.  They had Fitz actin’ like a damn deadbeat – knocked that girl up and cain’t even call to check on her.  And that after she done put her feet in them people’s stirrups and had that abortion.  And not just that, Liv is a now a damn outsider.  Liv has ALWAYS had access to the White House and The President and whatnots, but not no mo.

Sally Langston was back tonight, still hostin’ that ol’ bootleg arse show and talmbout liberty.  I guess the same kinda freedom she gave her damn husband when she sent his arse on to glory with that kitten heel shoe.  Daddy Pope is still outta jail (I wonder if he got probation, cuz I ain’t see his arse checkin’ in and callin’ NOBODY) and was dinin’ at his favorite restaurant with Liv.  Yes, you read that right.  They back to bein’ father and daughter and drankin’ wine togetha and breakin’ bread.  She won’t go to her daddy’s house though cuz Jake is stayin’ ova there.  Daddy Pope claimin’ Jake as his son, so I’m wonderin’ if Daddy Pope also claiming Jake on his taxes, cuz Jake ain’t got his own apartment. This show, we watched him go back and forth between Liv’s and Rowan’s.  I guess he ain’t pay his rent last season and his arse got evicted.

And yes, you read that right…Jake and Olivia back to dry grindin’.  Olivia don’t let no grass grow under her feet nor cobwebs on that thane, Honey.  That sex scene between her and Jake was hot, hot, HOT!  Jake was workin’ her over like he needed somewhere to stay.  Oh that’s right- he did.  SHADE Honey!

Liv was supposed to be helping out a so-called WH whistleblower, but soon found out that Fitz REALLY ain’t checkin’ for her cuz he ain’t answer her call with his lonely arse.  He runnin’ the sheeit outta Red (Abby).  It’s apparent he ain’t got nothin’ else (or nobody) to do.  OPA and associates was on the case, trying to find the REAL whistleblower cuz ol’ girl was set up.  Marcus, (Harrison’s {Columbus Short} replacement, is trying to fit in as a new Gladiator, but Huck ain’t havin’ it and Marcus done been reduced to runnin’ errands, making snacks and ordering food.  This during Black History month!  Do betta, Shonda!

Come to find out Jake was behind ERRYTHANG (even killed a man and put him in the fridge) – Baby, Jake From State Farm so damn smooth sometimes, I be done forgot he’s a trained killa.  Jake ended up gettin’ that lady ol’ job at the WH, and was back at Daddy Pope’s eatin’ a steak after the press conference.  Fitz was glad to put his ol’ pal back in that position.

Daddy Pope told his daughter to stop cryin’ bout that lady job and go get her power back.  Surprisingly, Liv ain’t get nekkid (y’all know there’s power in that thane she got!) but instead went to Mellie to work with her on a tell-all book. Cyrus was back in his office, with his baby and that heaux he turned into a housewife nowhere to be found. I miss James.  Sho’ wish Jake hadn’t sent him on to glory.

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