RHOA Recap – Kenya’s Mama Ought to Be Shame!


Now folks that know me KNOW I was not feelin’ what happened with Kenya’s mama last night on RHOA!  I knew when she said last week that she was goin’ to that lady house and knocking on the door, it was not going to end well.

For those of you that are not watching, Kenya Moore (the former Miss USA) was raised by her dad’s side of the family.  More specifically, her paternal grandmother.  Kenya’s parents were teens when they had Kenya, and Kenya’s mama wanted to put her up for adoption.  Kenya’s grandma BEGGED Kenya’s mama to let her raise Kenya, and when she was 3 days old, Kenya’s mama (Patricia) handed her over.

Since this time, Kenya’s mama has refused to even SEE her.  Can you imagine what that is like?  Your mama, the one who carried you for 9 months, did not want your Black arse and went on with life like you didn’t exist.  Now, I am willing to give Miss Patricia a pass, cuz she was like 14/15….a kid herself.  A baby really who had no bidness out there dry grindin’.  However, after she got grown and established, she should have at least wanted to SEE her child.  Just out of sheer curiosity.  I’m talmbout that lady has never had a conversation with Kenya.  They say that errytime they would try to go to that lady house with Kenya, she would close all her blinds and bolt all her doors and act like she wasn’t there.  Said that lady treated them like they were Jehovah’s Witnesses comin’ on a Saturday morning.

So after 45+ years, Kenya thought she could go to that lady house (with a busload of people that included her friend Brandon & her daddy), with the Bravo cameras not far behind, knock on the door and be invited in for tea and crumpets.  I knew Miss Patricia wasn’t havin’ it, and I think that Kenya tried to force the issue which made Miss Patricia’s older sister (Kenya’s Aunt Lori who HAS been in Kenya’s life – now that is some strange sheeit.  Your sister claims your child but you don’t.) upset too.

Kenya’s mama ain’t open up that door..matta fact, Kenya heard her say ‘don’t answer that door’ and bolt all the locks.  SMH.  Just sad.  I feel bad for Kenya.  Because I know EXACTLY how she feels.  That tough exterior with all the shade-throwin’ and funny jokes is just a cover for feelings of inadequacy because her mother didn’t want her.  Sheeit..I could sit down with Kenya and have a LONG conversation about that.  Kenya won a crown y’all.  A CROWN…with all of America adorin’ her…idolizin’ her…little girls wanting to be her…men wanting to wife her….a sex symbol…with a beautiful face and long flowing hair….a great body…intelligence….and still it all boils down to a little girl longing for her mother’s love.

Here’s hoping that Kenya can find peace.  That she knows whatever happened with Miss Patricia is Miss Patricia’s cross to bear.  She may NEVER accept Kenya or want to see her.  But that has NOTHING to do with Kenya.  Kenya may have gone through life feelin’ less than, but she needs to understand that she is, in fact, GOOD ENOUGH.

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