Political Soup – Presidential Candidates


Yeah, I didn’t know what else to call it.  I just want to do a brief post on the presidential election and such to let y’all know that I ain’t always about shade.  Though I’m sure some shade will find it’s way into this blog post.

First let’s talk about Donald Trump.  Can you really believe he is a SERIOUS candidate?  If somebody hadda told me that Trump would go from Celebrity Apprentice host to front runner in the presidential election 2 years ago, I woulda called them a bold-faceded LIE. Then I woulda proceeded to tell them why Trump would not make sense.

First, ain’t nobody in they right mind gon’ support that fool in a serious bid for the White House.  Second, the American people like their presidents to be somewhat attractive (no different from most people).  In other words, if you got a bad toupee with a combover and yo’ brows are bushy and the same color as your bright orange fo’head, you prolly ain’t got a chance in hayle of getting to them people’s White House.  Third, Donald Trump RICH.  Like stanky, super, filthy rich.  We don’t like REALLY rich people as President.  We like to think we can make a donation and at least get to take a photo with the President if not influence legislation.  Fourth, that thane on TV firin’ foke for stupid stuff.  Who wants that kinda flighty behavior in the Oval Office.  All we need is for his ol’ shaky, trembly handed arse to get shifty with that red button and then BAM….bombs have been dropped for no apparent reason.  So I’m just gonna say that Trump is secretly working for the Democratic party cuz ain’t no way in hayle he is supposed to be a serious contender.

I would talk about the other candidates here but they are really not that important for me to use my words on.  Chris Christie done had that gastric bypass, but still built up bad.  Got a FUPA and ain’t s’pose to have one.  “They” say Ted Cruz 45 but that thane look 65 and supposed to be Hispanic but wants to ship Hispanic people outta the U.S.  Plus was he even BORN in America?  Foke saw President O’s birth certificate and swear he was born in Kenya.  SMH.  That Carly lady’s face doesn’t move when she’s at those debates.  Her happy, mad, concerned, passionate, and sad face all look the same.  Next.  Ben Carson.  Well you know if Republicans are supporting a black candidate, there has to be SOMETHING wrong with him.  Oh, and errybody in Jeb Bush’s family been in the White House, but he cain’t even get as close as me.  And sadly, he would probably be better than Dubya, but we still got a bad taste in our mouth behind his brother.  Plus, his glasses are kinda big. He might wanna get contacts.  I don’t trust foke with REALLY BIG glasses.

And that brings me to the Democrats.  I will say this.  I sooooo wanted Hillary to get the nom and win the White House.  I feel like she deserves it after a relative unknown newbie came outta nowhere, from organizing the community, and stole her life and the next 8 years.  LOL.  Seriously, do y’all remember how she looked upside President O’s head during those debates.  Like she couldn’t believe that sheeit.  She had spent all those years grooming herself and being groomed…had stuck it out with Bill Clinton’s cheating ways…and even got her hair cut in a cute style and changed her look…started wearing cropped jackets and kitten heels instead of flats….and y’all went out there and voted for President O.  And now, it’s like the same thing is happening with Bernie.  I’m starting to feel that the Democrats want anybody that’s not her.  I could probably run and sit next to her on the debate stage.

Now y’all know who NEEDS to run?  Seeing as we need another Democrat to keep the gains we’ve made…AND a woman.  Michelle Obama.  Or Oprah.  Oprah moreso than Michelle.  White people ain’t scared of Oprah.  Matta fact, they love her especially white women. Plus Oprah got a better chance right now than Hillary.  I think the Dems still love you Hillary…they just don’t wanna vote for you.  Nor email you.

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