Being Mary Jane Finale Recap -Just WOW


I tried to come up with a cute, funny title and realized “just wow” is pretty much all I got.  I remember when I watched the very first episode of Being Mary Jane.  I sorta didn’t know what to think…thought it was a lot…thought it was doing too much.  Well, I’m glad I hung the hayle on cuz BMJ is the BIDNESS.  Yas SIR!

Tonight’s episode was written superbly..and the acting was even better.  There was more than one storyline but it didn’t make the finale too busy.  BMJ got errythane right tonight.

BMJ was still disappointin’ the ancestors by layin’ up with that lil white man, but he fine, so I ain’t mind.  David’s mama (Meredith Baxter Birney!  Love her!) came by cab to MJ’s house to try to get her to get back with David.  Even tho’ that man got a wife AND a baby.  In other words, askin’ MJ to sell herself real short by stayin’ the side chick. MJ was like hayle naw….and pretty much told her to get the hayle outta her house.  I was glad.  I don’t like how errybody feel like they can just show up to MJ house talkin’ all reckless and actin’ familiar.  She need to get a pit bull guard dog.

After that lil fine white man rapped off beat at karaoke, MJ realized they weren’t gon’ make it.  She wants Black love and he cain’t give her that.  I think them people at TalkBack had somethin’ to do with the break-up too cuz they wanted to make her “something new” a show topic.  You know when they bring in the cameras on yo’ stuff, it ain’t gon’ be right.

MJ went down to CeCe’s bookstore and gave a talk and signed some books and whatnots.  She told CeCe they should make their story (car accident and extortion plot) into a book.  You know CeCe is all for anythane that gon’ grease them ol’ dry palms she got, so she was def on board.

Kara got in trouble with HR behind Marisol and got blackmailed for talkin’ reckless.  You know these Millenials don’t care nothin’ bout titles and hierarchies at work.  They ain’t tryna work no overtime or pay no dues.  Kara went ahead and made Marisol the anchor for her new show, and still got HR called on her.  Barbara from HR showed up right to Kara’s office, and you know it ain’t neva good when Barbara show up at your place of bidness or call yo’ phone.  Ask Shirley from that old blues song.

That one intern MJ done hired ready to do some good stories bout the Black Lives Matter movement, but as a favor to her boss, MJ had to go back to the fluff pieces.  The intern called her out and was still allowed to keep her job and leave early.  These millenials are sooo entitled.

Niecy is still working at that job (I just knew she’d be fired by now after givin’ them hook-ups) and her daddy or her uncle was bout to buy her a car.  And yes they all still up in they daddy/granddaddy house after Shaft pretty much told they arses to get the hayle out last week.

CeCe bought her a new pair of tennises with MJ’s money so she could be fly for the business meeting to pitch their book.  That thane kept runnin’ her mouth to them PR foke at the meeting MJ had set up.  But what CeCe ain’t know was that them foke she was talking to were undercover five O and they recorded errythane she said and arrested her for extortion. Bay Bay…she cussed MJ high and low…told her she (CeCe) was the only-est friend MJ got and how she killed her other friend.  MJ told her that was why her arse was headed to them people’s jail cuz she takes it too far.  Just like the extortion..wanting mo’ and mo money.

They put them cuffs on CeCe and because game recognize game, CeCe made them tip her hat to MJ.  They also shoulda run a comb through that hair while her hat was off (she had a serious case of hat hair) but they didn’t.  Bye Ce-cisha!

And in the final scene, Mara Brock Akil nem laid me low and snatched all my edges.  Niecy got a new car and was driving her kids home with her music playing loud.  She got pulled over by a cop who snatched her up outta the car for talkin’ back and then tazed by the same cop.  She was layin’ on the ground, being roughed up by the cops while her Black babies looked on.  RIP in Sandra Bland, and thank you Mara Akil Brock for this vehicle, Gabrielle Union for successfully leading such a talented cast, and Raven Goodwin for becoming Sandra Bland and all the other nameless people who have been hurt or killed by those who swore to protect them.

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