Being Mary Jane Recap – Teachable Truths


Yes, that’s what I’m calling tonight’s episode because there was so many truths.  It started with that tender moment when MJ was tryna protect her niece.  MJ is always saving her family, so tonight was no exception.  The family wants Patrick to get his act together, and as a recovering addict, to get off them prescription drugs.  In the meantime, they are keeping his daughter away from him to shield her from the situation.  But kids are smart, especially nowadays with access to the Innanets and social media, so of course, that baby asked if her daddy was back on drugs.  MJ, again trying to protect that baby’s innocence, told her no.

We also got to see firsthand what happens when parents don’t let their kids grow up.  This is such a relevant topic because in my day, as a woman of a particular age, kids left home when they turned 18 and for the most part never looked back because their parents told their asses not to.  In other words, don’t even THINK about coming back home.  We had to hit it and sink or swim.  Well I think we felt bad about that and must have vowed to let our kids stay home and lay up on us as long as they want to because nowadays, it is pretty common for kids to graduate college and return home to Mom and Dad.  When Mom and Dad should be enjoying retirement or life as empty-nesters.  Tonight’s episode was all about how Mom and Dad were forever providing that safety net and covering for their kids fugg-ups and whantnots, and as a result, their kids had drained them dry and were still hanging around with their hands out.  And largely ungrateful.

Shaft apologized to MJ’s mama…saying they should have sold the house and traveled more…let their kids figure sheeit out.  And Niecy and the other son were ear hustling on the other side of the bedroom door.  They seemed to feel bad, but I notice nobody left either.  SMH.

Tonight’s episode also shows something you rarely see portrayed in the media – a Black father going through hell and high water to get to his child.  I damn near cried cuz it made ME miss something I never had.  Blessedly, my husband is a great father to our little girl, and hopefully, she will never have to yearn for his love.  Not only did I yearn for a daddy’s love…but I yearned to know his identity when I was growing up.  But this ain’t about me, and to hear more about that, you gotta get my book.

MJ is revamping Talk Back, and got her a think tank with erry race/gender/age group represented – she got her a black girl, an Asian man, a Black man, a white male producer…mostly younger so they can reach the youth.  She ain’t have nobody old tho’ and that’s where CeCe comes in. Y’all know that thane always showin’ up at MJ’s house or job.  I thought after MJ made that last payment, CeCe would move around and gon’ bout her bidness.  But I think CeCe knows GOD is still in the blessing bidness, and MJ’s income is CeCe’s blessing, so in the words of Celie’s sister (The Color Purple), nothin’ can keep her (CeCe) from it.  That thane even spoke some ol’ nasty sexual innuendo stuff to MJ, talmbout when she get on her knees it ain’t always for praying.  Just nasty for no good reason.

Next week is the season finale…and I don’t know what I’m gon’ do without my friend in my head (Mary Jane).  This show is really well-written, isn’t afraid to tackle current issues, and has a stellar lead actress in Gabrielle Union (not just saying this cuz she retweets me on the regular either) and cast in place.  Next week, Mara Brock Akil nem address the issue of #BlackLivesMatter in the same vein of Sandra Bland.  It’s going to be heavy…I might need some wine.

And here was yet another episode without Mark.  I mean he ain’t called, sent a text nor an email.  I don’t even think he has updated his Facebook status or logged into his Instagram.  My guess is Mark might be gon’ on home to glo-ray.

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