Lawd Jesus – The Scandal Finale Snatched My Edges, Lashes and Brows!


Shonda is the damn truth, y’all!  I saw the warnings bout viewer discretion so I knew that whatever happened tonight was gon’ be SOMETHING.  The episode started out pretty harmless, if not sorta sad.  Liv had made her full transition into them people’s White House, and America was falling in love with her.  Her outfits for the week of official duties were ready in the same closet that Mellie hid that hooch.  Liv was busy pickin’ out China and involved in mindless chitchat bout cookies.  For somebody that had finally gotten her man and the country, Liv didn’t look happy.  That’s the first thane I noticed.

Mellie, now that her husband been took, was busy being the junior senator from VA.  She realized she had joined the old boys club when they told her to shut up and vote with them on a particular bill.  She had a hard time with that because even though Planned Parenthood was gon’ be funded, it was discretionary.   She decided to filibuster to stop the passing of the bill.  The only thane she was missing was a back brace like Wendy Davis wore here in Texas when she was a Congresswoman trying to stop a similar bill.  I give Shonda Rhimes MUCH kudos for even addressing something sooo controversial.  And so began Mellie’s record 16 hour filibuster.  I’m talmbout cain’t stop to eat (couldn’t e’en order a pizza), cain’t stop to pee (and I know she had to go BAD cuz she still on them people’s hooch), cain’t prop up on nothin’ not even the podium, just gotta stay talking and on the floor.

Luckily, Liv got involved and was able to send in the Veep, who you know don’t be doin’ nothin’ but running in behind David Rosen.  Since the Veep was the presiding officer, she had Mellie yield the floor to her which was a cover so Mellie could go tinkle.  Mellie ran into that lady who stole her husband, her closet, her clothes and her hooch – Liv.  She told Liv that she couldn’t filibuster any longer – her back was bout to give out.  Liv is told her she had too, and is good at getting foke to do whatever by callin’ ’em beetches, and just like that – Mellie was back on them people’s Senate floor talkin’.  #ISTANDWITHMELLIE  Superb acting.

In the meantime, Rowan, who had been captured by Huck, was s’posed to be eating lunch and getting in Huck’s head.  Instead her got HUCKED because Huck brought him an Underground Railroad burger (Imma let Huck make it) but no Freedom Fries.  How you gon’ do anythane pertainin’ to the Undergound Railroad with no Freedom?  Oh yeah, I’m deep.  And he got HUCKED again when Huck asked him which white boy he preferred inside his daughter.  And that’s when I lost my edges.  I’m talmbout snatched BALD.  Cuz fo’ that happened, Rowan had the upper hand even restrained with zip ties.  Huck flipped that thane quick!  Had Daddy Pope teary-eyed.  I just knew he was gon’ deal with Rowan, but he let him go cuz it was Christmas on Scandal.

Jake was still trying to find Rowan – found Tom instead and followed him to Russell.  He pulled a gun on Russell, Russell tried to reason with him, Shonda nem played some Christmas music, and Jake from Start Farm shot that man in the cheek.  Bay Bay I was HOT!  Russell too fine to get shot in the damn face! I guess it’s safe to say I won’t be lustin’ behind him no mo.  Cuz I had an ol’ nasty lusty spirit.

Meanwhile…Liv had an appointment.  At the damn abortion clinic!  YES, they took it there,and I lost both eyebrows.  Fitz ain’t know what happened but got mad that Liv missed a meeting on china.  Place settings and NOT the country.  He lit into Liv…she lit into him…they cut each other up with their words.  Liv was actin’ kinda ungrateful.  Shoulda been happy she ain’t have to pay no mo’ rent and ‘lectric bill.  Liv moved out and back home….to her popcorn and wine…and since Fitz told Liv she worse than Mellie…I’m assuming he gon’ do the obligatory double back.

Rosen is still getting it in..caught up in a love triangle with Lizzy Bear and the Veep.  That thane don’t care where he drops his drawls!

Lawd…Liv was pregnant by that man, and she aborted the baby without even a discussion.  Imma spend all winter wonderin’ what Fitz gon’ say when he find out Liv done aborted America’s Other Baby.  Knowin’ she shoulda had that lil mixed baby so they could all live in Vermont.

Oh and Kerry Washington retweeted me tonight.  I figga’d something good had happened cuz my phone notifications were going CRAZY.  That was pretty awesome.  Stellar acting, directing and writing tonight on Scandal.

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