RHOA Recap – And the SHADE Continues


I know a lot of foke don’t like Kenya Moore since her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice and what happened with Vivica’s phone. Now y’all know I loves me some Vivica A. Fox, Lawd knows I do, but I am also Team Twirl all day.  And cain’t nobody douse foke with shade like Miss Buckhead, y’all.

She done hopped all ova Sheree as soon as Sheree stepped in the doe, and after she got that girl’s blood pressure all the way up, she talmbout she sorry she called her a bee.  But sorry not sorry that she told her that Chateau Sheree is an eyesore that’s been in the building stage for 5 years.  Which, as a Black person who has always attended a Black church, I ain’t got no problem with.  Big Mama nem STAYED donating to the church building fund back in the 60s, 70s, 80s, AND 90s, and I was just home and the church still got that lil two room buildin’ I went to revival in.  Sometimes, it just takes longer for “us” to get our properties right.  Oh, and I hollered again when Kenya was getting herself together using her phone and said that Phaedra need to worry bout herself and getting her locks changed since Apollo ain’t neva coming home.  Bloop.

Todd was still feelin’ some kinda way bout Phaedra not payin’ him the rest of his money for producin’ that Donkey Booty video.  I just assumed since only the people that go to Phaedra’s mama’s church bought it, Todd had forgiven the rest of the coins she owed him.

Kandi met up with Phaedra so they could talk about the breakdown of their friendship.  Phaedra told Kandi she felt unsupported by her, and that she was hurt to learn that Apollo’s stuff was in Kandi nem’s garage.  Said the feds came to her house looking for assets.  I guess they shoulda gone to the strip club and confiscated a few of the strippers since that’s where Apollo spent them people’s hard-earned 401(k).  Kandi better than me cuz I woulda said “I’ll be right back…” and drove that motorbike right in that front room so Phaedra could take it home with her.  There was crying (reminiscent of Celie and her sister on The Color Purple – thanks Don Juan) and mo’ crying, and then I think they made up e’en though she still owe Todd a right smart of money.

Don Juan showed up while they were talkin’, and turned right back around and left.  He did the right thing, cuz nothing good would have come of him walking in there on all of that.  He ended up coming in after Phaedra left.  Phaedra and Kandi had JUST made up.  And then Don Juan went in – asking where was Phaedra when Kandi lost her mother-in-law, was sick and pregnant, was going through with Mama Joyce and Carmon nem.  He was like she can’t expect foke to support her with that Apollo stuff cuz that’s what happens when you marry an ex-con, straight outta them people’s prison.  Ouch.  And even though there was a lil bit of messiness in what he was saying…he damn sho’ spoke the truth.  Apollo been criminal-minded since the early 90s.

Porsha had a party for her new boo.  She made him her trophy man which meant she had to present him with a plaque that said he was The Real MVP.  She was also wearing white pants (I’m assuming this was taped ‘fo Labor Day) and a jersey tee with his numba on it.  She did this in front of her family and Kandi and Phaedra.  That damn man looked sooo uncomfortable…like he just wanted to go home.  Then they started spillin’ tea on his arse, talmbout he into porn and transgender women.  Bay Bay…I hollered.  Porsha you done jumped outta the frying pan and into the fiyah with this one!  Thirsty much?

What else?  Oh, this was Tootie’s/Ragine’s (Kim Fields) first appearance on the show.  She and her family look normal, so I’m praying for their marriage, cuz we know these reality shows put people in divorce court.  Kenya even threw shade her way, talmbout her skates on EBAY now after Kim said they were in the Smithsonian.  Oh, and Cynthia need to leave Peter.  She said she is not attracted to that man when he nekkid.  Pretty much ain’t no coming back from that.  Follow me on Twitter @staylorclark cuz one day Imma get “on” for these blogs and you gon’ wanna say you knew me when…


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