Scandal Recap – Lawd They Had Liv Sittin’ In Them People’s Jail Til She Nearbout Rot To Death


Not really but y’all know I am always ready to use a well-placed Color Purple quote.  Especially if it’s in relation to ol’ Sophia, Miss Celie or Mistah.  But yes, Honey, I need some of them people’s smelling salts after that first scene of Scandal tonight. I’m talmbout I had to use the paddles on my own chest and yell “clear”! They had Liv sitting up in the same prison her daddy was in!  And Fitz was asking her if it was true.

Of course, we didn’t know how we arrived at Liv being in prison so we had to flash back.  Liv was damn sho’ actin’ as the President de facto again, brokerin’ deals, tellin’ Cy and Abby what to do, runnin’ the country, trying to get an arms agreement in place and whatnot.

Liv daddy came to see her (cuz y’all know he be pickin’ them lil Dolla Gen’ral locks Liv got), and Tom Larsen (yes that ol’ murderous B613 agent that creeps me out..I think it’s because his eyebrows are the same color as his skin.  I don’t trust foke like that.  Or foke that got slits where they eyes are s’posed to be) made it happen.

Soon, Liv was listening to her daddy..who went into a 5 minute diatribe without even stopping to catch his breath.  He told Liv he loved her and if he didn’t make it (all of the B-613 agents done turned on his arse) she had what she needed.  He also told her he was afraid and she should be too.  Daddy Pope ain’t neva scared, so for him to say that must have meant they got a hit out on him and there’s likely one on Liv too.  Lawd Jesus!

Liv STILL hadn’t told the President (the fake one cuz she the President)  that she was the one who got her daddy out them people’s jail.  Mellie tried to blackmail her into a meeting…threatenin’ to tell Fitz about Liv releasing Rowan.  I kept wondering when Liv was gon’ just gone and tell Fitz the truth.  But she never did, even when they were both in the bed nekkid dry grinding.  That woulda been the best time to come clean.

Liv sent for Jake and when Jake arrived, he pretty much told cussed Liv out.  All of her privileges been revoked, up to and including email, phone calls, inboxes, etc.  He told Liv she could no longer ride him, and I felt some kinda way.  Jake, you mad or nah?  When that thane asked Liv if she called him to “spoon”.  I hollered!

Cyrus asked David Rosen to discover who let Rowan out.  I’m surprised Rosen actually was in his office working because he be busy dry grindin’ with Lizzy Bear.  That VP ain’t got a chance in two hayles to get with Rosen now.  Po’ thane.

Rosen figga’d thangs out and sent the FBI with an arrest warrant for Liv.  Liv had blood on her hands, litrally, because she saved an informant’s life (related to the arms agreement).  She didn’t try to resist arrest, which was good because we don’t need no mo’ black lives matter situations.

And just like that, Liv got locked up…less than 48 hours after her daddy got out.  They traded one Pope for another.  I tell you who they didn’t trade.  Mama Pope.  That thane got out and got some basic cable and you ain’t heard hide nor tail of her.

Fitz found out that Liv had been captured and hauled down to them people’s penitentiary and rushed to find out if was true.  Liv said a bunch of stuff, but because Shondra Rhimes nem had the music turned up so loud, I couldn’t hear it.  I tried to read her lips but I ain’t good at it.  It ended with Fitz walkin’ out on her.  And at that moment..I realized that Liv had turned into a basic woman.  That “thane” she had been puttin’ on the President was now common.

Of course, I was wrong..and Fitz got her outta jail.  Nobody told Mellie who was still tryna blackmail and got the dial tone.  Fitz told Jake to kill Rowan, but lied and told Liv they were going to find him and put him back in prison.  The help was putting away Liv’s clothes and her white hat in the WH closet cuz Liv done officially moved in.  Tom Larsen got kilt and Huck had Rowan tied up.  Lawd Jesus!  Is it time for the winter finale already?  They bet not kill Rowan!  Until they do right by him, errythane they even thank about gon’ crumble!

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