Empire Recap – Cookie Dry Grindin’ With the Damn Debil!


I wanna know what them kidnappers did to Hakeem, you know, other than punchin’ him in the eye real hard.  They had that thane lookin’ like Debo from Friday jumped him for his bike and chain.  Cookie finally realized he had been snatched up off the streets when she got a text message and later a video of him with his kidnappers.  She thought that ol’ shady arse Lucious had done it but realized that wasn’t the case.  They both were determined to get their son back though.

Jamal was busy sangin’ during most of the episode which is what he does now that he ain’t really at the helm of Empire no mo’.  I don’t know if he broke up with his boyfriend or not, but we ain’t see him this episode.

Cookie and Lucious made a deal to have Hakeem dropped off, but realized the man driving the van was a decoy.  That ain’t stop Lucious from two-piecing his arse and Cookie from putting her stiletto on his neck though.

Hakeem got released to the streets, and ended up at Boo Boo Kitty’s place.  Bay Bay…that thane done went DOWN.  Looked like she was staying in the projects somewhere.  E’en though Hakeem’s eye was closed up like Miss Sophia from The Color Purple, he still started dry grindin’ with Anika who was just happy to have someone to hold.  Oh, I forgot to tell y’all the episode started with Precious GETTING. IT. INNNN!  I’m talmbout she had her an ol’ fine man, and I’m still trying to figga out how she threw her big ass leg up on that man like that.  I’m talmbout nothing but thigh meat was on that man’s back.  I think he gasped but kept going in litrally and figratively.

Hakeem had lots of not so nice words for his parents when he finally made it to his dad’s house.  I just knew he was gon’ get that broom again.  Lucious threatened to beat him up but luckily since he was already beat up, decided against it.  The brothers finally showed each other some support and love, but Hakeem wasn’t showing ANY toward his daddy.

Even though Hakeem was back, something seemed off with him.  But he pulled it together at the last minute to perform with his new group.  Lucious has taken a real likin’ for Frank Gathers’ daughter. I guess he gon’ make good on his plan to give her a bone.  SMH.  She has GOT to find out that he ordered the killing of her dad.  Karma just gotta  come back around on that one.

And then the episode ended….just the way it began, ‘cepting Cookie was the one dry grinding.  With that new producer man that’s been hanging around.  I was happy to see her get her a lil bit until they showed that man’s back.  That thane had the same tattoo as them men who snatched up Hakeem.  In other words, he one of the bad guys.  I thought Cookie was a good judge of character but I guess she been blinded by the dee.  Hopefully she finds out that she is sleeping with the enemy very soon…

I’m sorry if I missed anything else.  I was on the longest conference call of my life even though I was pretty much watching Empire.

There will be no recap of How To Get Away With Murder cuz I pretty much be in the dark (litrally and figratively) on what is happening with that show.

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