Scandal Recap – Mellie & Cyrus Had a Sleepover While Liv Won Over America


Of course, I was late to the party tonight.  American Airlines was treating me like Big Worm, playing with my emotions and whatnots.  I joined 5 mins into the show to find Liv back at work, and hopefully writing Quinn nem checks for backpay cuz I’m sure Liv ain’t made payroll since she told the press she had been dry grindin’ with Fitz.

In the next scene she was at Edison Davis’ house.  Bay Bay, Liv done had some fine men Chile.  I keep wonderin’ how she have so many eligible men and I got friends in D.C. who can’t get 1/8th of a good man.  Edison called her a whore like 7 times.  If I was Liv, I woulda mushed him in the face or somethin’.  That thane still scorned after all this time.

Tonight was all about how she was gon’ go on TV and make America fall in love with her and her and Fitz’ love story.  Is that what they calling it now?  Now I love that Liv’s character is strong, smart, a go-getter, and all of that.  But I’m conflicted on if I like her love story with Fitz.  The wife in me feel some type of way bout her layin’ up in that White House in the marital bed Fitz used to share with Mellie.  At least go in a spare bedroom, change the mattress or something.  Meanwhile, the wife been put out to pasture, litrally and figratively…reduced to drankin’ cocktails and eatin popcorn with Cyrus while she watches Liv take her place.

I thought I would be happy when Fitz finally got with Liv, but I wasn’t.  I ain’t feel right about it.  I almost would have rather Fitz denounce his presidency and go off somewhere with Liv.  Like Timbuktu.  Or Idaho.  Or Vermont.  Ain’t he still got that house there?

Liv went on them people’s news show and poured her heart out about falling in love with Fitz.  I swear she pulled at erry last one of my heart strangs.  And then she went to see Jake.  And promptly met HIS wife.  Yes, BOTH of Liv’s boyfriends married.  That thane stay side chickin’.

Liv figga’d out that as part of the impeachment proceedings against Fitz, they got the tape of Liv kidnapped and will prove that Fitz went to war over coochie, pretty much, which will bring down the White House.  Fitz called the only person he could – Cyrus.  Cuz without Cy, it was clear the White House had done went from sugah to sheeit.  Cyrus ended up agreeing to come back but had a list of demands longer than that prison sentence they done gave Daddy Pope.  Fitz agreed all to all of ’em.

Next week, we been invited to the wedding of the year.  Yes, Liv bout to marry Fitz in a quickie wedding.  She must be pregnant.  And Daddy Pope gon’ be able to come to the wedding via Skype.

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