Lawd…When You Old With Kids, You Cain’t Keep Up With Recaps!


So I guess I forgot to recap last week’s Scandal and Annalise nem.  Between me & you, I ain’t even finish watchin’ HTGAWM.  That dark set and all that sex talk had my eyes REAL heavy!  Annalise ain’t nothin’ but an ol’ freak.  Bay Bay – that hard walkin’ thane gets it in!  Last week, ERRYBODY was gettin’ it in.  E’en ol’ broke gaydar-ed Mikayla had done pulled HER somebody.  I have to finish watching last week’s show before this week’s.  I need to know how Annalise ended up gutted and layin’ in that pool o’ blood so don’t tell me if you already know.

On Scandal, I was all set to watch the fall-out from Liv tellin’ the world she been dry grindin’ with the President, and it started out just that way.  Mellie pretty much called Liv a “thot”, and hired Cy to broker a deal between her and Fitz that would keep Fitz from marrying Liv, keep Liv outta the White House as a permanent resident, and keep Fitz from impregnating Liv.  In other words, Mellie was gon’ have them thanes on a strang until she got to be President herself.  Ain’t nothin’ like a woman scorned.

Liv realized she made a mistake when she saw Mellie grabbin’ that white hooch in a mason jar from her closet and then allowed Abby to make thanes right.  Cy felt powerful and pretty much did errythane but get down on his knees when he begged Fitz for his job back.  Fitz told him to go back to his hoe cuz he ain’t work at the White House no mo’.  That he couldn’t even clean the toilets.  Damn.  Fitz ain’t even look at him either, and was so cold that I felt a breeze in my livin’ room watchin’.

Paris burned (litrally and figratively) while Liv and Fitz and Mellie was caught up in they love triangle…and Jake (who really ain’t got nothin’ to do now that Liv don’t rub her booty up against him no mo’) saw it and ran up outta OP and Associates.

And then it happened.  In the words of Miss Sophia from The Color Purple.  I was feeling low….I was feelin’ mighty bad….and then I seent Daddy Pope up in them people’s prison eatin’ jello and watchin’ tv and I KNOW there is a GAWD!  Bout time.  Jake went to see him, put money on his books and sneak him a carton of cigarettes while they chatted about what was happening in Paris.  Looks like this week, they gon’ have something cooking.

Liv and Fitz are back to being undercover lovers, Fitz asked Mellie to move back into the White House, Huck still crazy and threatenin’ to wrap foke up in plastic, Abby still runnin’ thanes in the White House, and Cyrus still on the outside looking in.

:::Insert dramatic music::: Will Daddy Pope break outta them people’s jail?  Will he have to fight like Ol’ Sophia to keep his conebread?  Will Liv and Fitz still be dry grindin’ to ol’ Aretha Franklin and Roberta Flack songs?  Will Cyrus stay down for long?  Will Huck duct tape somebody and go back into the tooth extraction business?  Will Jake now have a storyline that doesn’t include Liv?  Tune in Thursday for the answers to these and other questions….

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