Ain’t NO Future in Frontin’ – Stop Cryin’ All Ova Instagram & Let Ciara & Russell Wilson BE!


Really?  We gotta discuss this?  It appears that Future (the rapper that was all set to make Ciara his wife til he tripped & fell in the privates of his wardrobe consultant) got his man panties all in a wad cuz Ciara done got with Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks, host of the Kids Sports Awards (hey McK keeps me in the know!); and Russell Wilson is playing a very public daddy to his kid, baby Future.  Ain’t Future s’posed to be one of them “hard” rappers (i.e. not Drake)?  I’m confused then as to why he is deep sea divin’ in his feelings.  And not just that….he lettin’ it play out all ova these people’s Innanets.

Folks are either squarely on Future’s side (mostly men) or Ciara’s.  There’s the camp that thinks there should be a certain amount of time before your new boyfriend is allowed to be around your children from other men.  I get it.  If you are still “dating” around, you definitely don’t wanna expose your offspring to a bunch of different men (they called ’em “uncles” in my day…I’m STILL tryna figga who my real uncles are, but this ain’t bout me…) or flavors of the week.  It’s not healthy, and allows your kids to form bonds and attachment with foke who prolly won’t be there come Christmas ( or next month).  And you never know what some of these foke out here are doin’ or what their plans are for your kids – people are doin’ some diabolical sheeit.  You know it’s bad when Jared done gone from sellin’ Subway sammiches to buyin’ lil girls on Craig’s list.  So you gotta be EXTREMELY careful with your kids and try to keep them safe.  I get all of that.

BUT, you would need to assume that the person YOU laid down and produced a child with has better judgment than to expose your child to every Tom, Harry and Dick (pun intended) anyway.  And that they would do, at the very least, a Google and Zoom search on the person they are dating.  On paper, Russell Wilson looks like a great guy.  Dare I say, he appears to be MAJOR upgrade from Future.  He appears to want something long-term with Ciara and has the type of resume that would make him an awesome step-parent (or mentor if things don’t work out…cuz let’s face it, Ciara ain’t got a good track record in keeping a man but I still adore her!) so having said all of that, Future should be happy that Russell is with Ciara and offering what seems to be additional TLC for his kid.  Matta fact, Future needs to send that man one of them candied fruit gift baskets and a thank you card.

But noooo…he is too caught up in his feelings.  Prolly hummin’ the song bout Feelings (whoa whoa Feelings) late at night when nobody’s looking.  It is NOT realistic for a man to think that a woman he had a baby with and BROKE up with will not have other men around his child at some point.  Does having your baby means that if you leave, she can’t date until said child is 18?  Never have a chance at love again?  Never get married?  That’s ASININE.  Because best believe, Future gon’ be out getting it in and dating, and if he sees someone seriously (like Russell and Ciara) he is going to have that lady around Baby Future.  He did THAT with Ciara.  Ciara was around all his other kids (I would say how many he got but I’m not sure…I think 4. I know it’s more than 2).  I’m going to venture to say that if Future was SOOOO concerned about his son hugging another man..or another man pushing his baby’s stroller, he should have STAYED with Ciara.  You don’t get to break it off with a woman, but leave your seed, and then think you still controlling her and her situations.

Future should focus on being the BEST father he can be, learn to co-parent with Ciara (and Russell IF he becomes the stepfather) AND continue to be in Baby Future’s life ‘fo that chile start calling Russell “daddy”.  Future gon’ go crazy stalkin’ Instagram and Twitter for pics of his son and Russell together.  He already acting unstable, cryin’ on social media cuz his son all hugged up on Russell Wilson at them people’s training camps.

Get it together Future…not a good look.  Children need all of the REAL love they can get.  Think of Russell as a “bonus” parent or mentor to your chile, and not the new man hittin’ yo’ ol’ chick and takin’ your kid for ice cream.

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