When Russell Showed Up In Liv’s Bed…I Knew He Didn’t Mean Her No Good


I don’t know even know where to begin.  I am clearly still in my feelin’s bout what happened at the end.  It was crazy because in the beginnin’, I was sooo excited to see Daddy Pope again..and he didn’t disappoint.  This time he couldn’t just pick Liv’s lock and just be sittin’ at her table drankin’ up her good wine when she got home.  Nope..he had to show up with Russell.  Now last week, I was sure he “sent” Russell, and that they were workin’ together but since Russell was layin’ on Liv’s flo’ bound and gagged and drugged, I was thinking he was just an innocent bystander to Daddy Pope’s shenanigans and treachery.  I just figga’d he was back for another…er..um..”sample”.

Papa Pope went in on Liv…tellin’ her she had 48 hours to call off the dogs (Quinn, Huck, Jake and Rosen) or she was gon’ bring not only him down, but her ol’ on again off again lover Fitz.  Because Daddy Pope IS  a trained killa, but ain’t hardly unreasonable, he did give her 48 hrs to decide what to do.  I wonder if he done seent his wife in the people’s prison lately, but I digress.

The VP they done put in place was busy actin’ up, thinking they actually care bout what she thinks.  She smarter than she look though cuz she figga’d it all out – they put her in that position so Mellie could run for her Senate seat and then run for President with no challenge from the sitting VP.  She shocked ‘em though by taking her position seriously, and she finally won over Fitz after stalling an important vote fo’ bout a week.  I like this Veep wayyy betta than that ol’ murderous fake religion kitten heel wearin’ Sally.  I don’t think I eva forgave her for killin’ her husband with that ol’ comfortable shoe.  I guess a kitten heel is betta than an orthopedic heel though (hey Mama Joyce from RHOA).

That ol’ community activist was back on the scene..remember him from the episode where Brandon was murdered by the dirty cop?  If that Scandal episode wasn’t some foreshadowin’ on what happened just recently in SC, I don’t know what was!  Anyway, Marcus was runnin’ for mayor of DC against the incumbent.  What we didn’t know was that he was also runnin’ up in that man’s wife in the mayor’s mansion errytime he got a chance.  Had pretty much already took that man’s wife and was campaignin’ in them streets, bout to take his job.

The mayor got tired of his wife THOTtin’ around and had her kilt.  And when I say kilt..I mean kilt.  Them men stabbed her right after she had JUST gotten through hunchin’ with Marcus (he hid in the closet while she was gettin’ stabbed all bout the jugular, face and back).  That crime scene was brutal. He called OPA, and you know Liv was gon’ fix it cuz she thinks Marcus can still get her Black card reinstated.  Huck and Quinn cleaned up the crime scene and broke that lady’s bones so they could fold her up in a suitcase (the “fold and tuck”).  Lawd..them thangs don’t care who they duct tape and wrap in plastic.  They cleaned that room up too.  It was SPOTLESS.  And then they rolled the mayor’s wife body out in a Samsonite.

Liv told Marcus he could choose his career or justice, but he couldn’t have both.  She struck a deal with the mayor that would allow him to step down to search for his “missing wife” and endorse Marcus.  And just like white people sometimes do, the mayor couldn’t just sign the deal and keep his mouth shut.  Noooo!  He had to say “that beetch got what she deserved”.  Y’all know even though she was a THOT and 2015 doesn’t seem like the year of the sidepiece (see what happened to V. Stiviano being sued SUCCESSFULLY by the wife for the return of all the sheeit Don Sterling bought her includin’ used thongs and a blender), Marcus ain’t want to hear him talk bout that lady like that and he had been all up under her clothes.  So when the mayor got through with his spiel, Marcus took to the podium and outed the affair he was havin’ with ol’ girl AND the mayor for being a murderer.  He said he was a sinner, but didn’t cry like them white pastors and Bill Clinton did when they got caught with them outside women.

Jake went to Olivia to tell her he was there for her (and to get some but now that Liv been dry grindin’ with Russell, she ain’t feelin’ Jake’s no rhythm in his hips, cain’t dance for sheeit arse).  Russell came over to break it off with Liv and ended up breaking Liv off.  That sex scene had me drankin’ brown likka AND smokin’ a Newport.  Chile, it was hot, hot, hot!  I woulda gladly let Russell mess up a few of my pillowcases (I know it ain’t just me who thinks he always looks like he is wearing eyeliner and foundation (MAC StudioFix NW45 to be exact) – he fine now, but I am just being honest) if he was doin’ me like Liv.  You know if something unfortunate happened to Nate.  While they were dry grindin’ and hunchin’, I was real GLAD Liv had added them extra locks, because y’all know Daddy Pope be showin’ up at the worst times.  I just knew he woulda walked in and saw Liv in the buck gettin’ it.

Daddy Pope did come back to Liv’s apartment though to see what she’d decided.  She told her daddy that he did know her…and that she’d chosen a side, but it wasn’t his.  Bay Bay…when Daddy Pope smiled and seemed really calm versus cussin’ her out, I knew the show wasn’t gon’ end well.  He told her to be ready and that she wasn’t goin’ to be proud of him for the wrath he was brought to bring on foke.  They showed split screens of Rosen, Liv, Huck, Quinn and Jake takin’ shots and toasting to each other for standin’ in the sun and wearin’ white hats (i.e. exposing B613).

And just like clockwork, we saw Jake going into the OPA offices, after hours, in the damn dark, tellin’ Olivia he had gotten her text.  I was surprised at Jake, cuz I thought he was smarter than that and always traveled with a gun or 7.  Plus, knowin’ that Rowan had been comin’ for them AND that he had kilt one of Daddy Pope’s assassins JUST last week…he should have called Liv to confirm the meeting and actually talked to her.  And then met her at her apartment, completely strapped and holdin’ a hand grenade.  But nawl…he went right on up in that office, prolly carryin’ only condoms as protection and met a killer face to face.  They fought for a minute and then Jake snatched off the killer’s mask and realized it was Russell.  LAWD..my heart went into palpitations, I broke out in a cold sweat, and I wanted my mommy.  You know, if’n I had a mommy.

At that very moment, Russell pulled out a knife and went to filet-ing Jake.  He then told Jake how disappointed he was – that Daddy Pope had bragged that Jake was one of the best agents he’d ever had.  And then told Jake he was gon’ start cutting again and he wanted Jake to at least “try” to fight him back.  Jake, already mortally wounded, could only lay there and take them damn stabs to the stomach, side and chest.  It was nothin’ like when Jake kilt Cyrus’ wife…there was no usherin’ Jake slowly into the Upper Room.  It was brutal and tragic.  I kidded Jake from State Farm, but I did like his character a lot.  Even though I know erry time Daddy Pope show up on the scene , somebody got to die…I still didn’t want it to be Jake.  The only people happy bout Jake goin’ home to glory tonight are Daddy Pope and James.  I still feel sad.  I will prolly wear black tomar.  Never mind that most of my wardrobe is black anyway…..

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