Scandal Recap – Jake Went ROGUE, Killin’ Foke That Ain’t Neva Been Kilt Befo’


Yasss, Hunny!  Scandal was good to-night!  I’m talmbout Shonda Rhimes nem had me up in this hotel room holl’ing like I was an old B613 agent with Daddy Pope comin’ for me!  I’m on East Coast time, so I need to get to bed..gotta be in a training class for work at 8 a.m.  I love Olivia and Fitz and Jake from State Farm nem but they ain’t gon’ have nothin’ on these bills a sistah got if’n I get pinkslipped.

The show started out with Rosen still wanting to go after B613.  That fo-eyeded thang ain’t gon’ NEVA learn.  You would think that after feelin’ them people’s blood all ova his face and seein’ James get shot dead – that would be mo’ than enough for him to leave Jake nem alone but nooooo.  He’s a glutton for punishment and one with a damn death wish. He offered Jake a deal in exchange for testifyin’ but Jake put him in a figga fo’ headlock and would have NONE of it.  And that was how Jake pretty much went rogue and started gunnin’ for foke (litrally) that was comin’ for him.

Without Jake, Rosen decided to go after former agents offering them immunity in exchange for helpin’ him bring down B613.  There was a black former agent…a female former agent..even an ol’ elderly male agent.  One by one, Huck and Quinn and Charlie nem rolled up on the former B613 personnels.  The former agents agreed to do it..and Huck nem knew they’d be in danger so they put them in a “safe house” until the trial so they wouldn’t be harmed.  Bay Bay…that damn house was ANYTHANG but safe.  Charlie came home and all three of them agents were strewn out on that flo’ dead.  Well the black agent was HALF dead.  Still able to crawl but bloody from the neck up and chest down.  I thought that was ironic since the black people usually be the first to get killed when there is a massacre on tv, but I digress.

I think Charlie had a bag of takeout from Pei Wei, and when he saw “dead people” he thought he was gon’ flee the scene.  Jake was in them people’s safe house though and started boxin’ Charlie all bout the head and ears.  He put Charlie in a figga 8 headlock, but Charlie ain’t no amateur and started boxin’ back.  He boxed Jake all bout the face, chest and groin and they fell to the floor where they struggled ova a gun.  The gun went off and put the crawlin’ half dead black agent outta his misery.  Charlie was able to break the hayle out.

In the next scene, Charlie, Quinn, and Huck were wrappin’ up them ol’ agents’ bodies in duct tape and plastic.  They decided they had to kill Jake, cuz that thang had done went batsheeit crazy!  But Jake had them and they offices’ bugged and was listenin’ to errythang they were sayin’.  They tracked Jake to Liv’s apartment, where they found Liv entertainin’ a fine Black dude that used to be a one-night stand but done now turnt into a relationship (LAWD, Fitz gon’ DIE and blow up Antartica when he find out who live been spendin’ time with).  Jake was actually in Liv’s old neighbor’s apartment (they ain’t rented that apartment out yet?  Or let Florence move into it?) and then he came out with a damn sawed off in his hands.  He told them if they tried to kill him and failed, he was gon’ kill Liv.  Lawd, I felt light-headed and I believe I fainted for a minute.  Y’all know Liv just got out them people’s dungeon where they tried to sell her off.

Liv ended up tellin’ Huck she could take care of herself.  Rosen called Huck and told him that he (David Rosen) would testify cuz he saw Jake kill James, Cyrus’ husband and them two other people.  Of course, Jake was listenin’ (they act like Jake wasn’t neva B613 and used to tappin’ phone lines and buggin’ offices and whatnots) and we knew David Rosen was bout to take an express elevator to the Upper Room.

David Rosen walked out to his car with his assistant and told her something big was gonna happen, and Jake was sittin’ in a car in the same garage gettin’ his sawed off ready.  David and the assistant were puttin’ files in his car and Jake got out and bumrushed ’em.  Just when I thought he was gon’ shoot Rosen, he told Rosen to step aside and he (Jake) and the assistant pulled guns on each other.  The assistant was an undercover B613 agent sent by Daddy Pope.  She tried to make a deal with Jake but he told her arse this was Deal or No Deal and she got No Deal and shot her dead.  He gave David a wet wipe and told him to wipe the blood off his face.  He told David he was still one of the good guys (and wanting to take down B613) but it required him acting like one of the bad guys to stay alive.  Told David this was a war…and Daddy Pope was gon’ be comin’ after them.

In the next scene, there was a knock at Liv’s door.  They have to knock now that she done changed them flimsy arse locks.  It was her new love interest/side piece/one night stand turnt 10 Russell (damn he was lookin’ all kindsa good!) but guess who came out of the shadows to stand next to him?  That damn Daddy Pope!  BAY BAY…I jumped up, hollered and screamed!  I LIVED.  I DIED.  And then I put the paddles to my own chest, yelled “CLEAR” and LIVED again!

Daddy’s home y’all…and Liv nem ain’t gon’ neva be the same…..

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