RHOA Season Finale – Phaedra Not Apollo-gizing For Not Visitin’ At Them People’s Prison


So tonight was the season finale of Real Housewives of Atlanta.  It was rather tame as season finales go.  Sorta made me wonder if something is wrong with me because I only like it a lot when there is some drama goin’ on between the women.  Or when Mama Joyce scowlin’ and cuttin’ up.  Or when Peter is actin’ like he wants to wear a long dress and hold a peach.  I need to work on that.

Anyway, the standout things tonight (i.e. things I remember cuz I done had some of that “oil”) were as follows:

  • Mama Joyce apologizin’ (well sorta) for the mean, downright hateful stuff she said ’bout Todd’s mother.  She said she was only repeatin’ stuff she had heard bout Todd’s mama bein’ a lady of the night.  In other words, she confessed to being a damn bird, cuz only parrots repeat awful sheeit they done heard without thinkin’ of the ramifications.  I don’t even know if Todd accepted it…he prolly didn’t.
  • Riley “shadin'” her own damn mama talmbout “you moving to L.A.?  What about me? Your kid?  What about my education so I can become somethin’ in this world?”  Bay Bay – I hollered.  It’s hard for me to remember that that lil baby is just a kid, cuz she look kinda old and weathered bout the face and body.  I guess she big for her age.  She cute though.  Lawd forgive me for halfway draggin’ a chile.  But she does look older, y’all gotta admit.  She reminds of Mama Joyce whens she be givin’ them facial expressions.  I don’t know who is better at it but it’s definitely genetic.
  • NeNe’s turn on Broadway seemed to go off without a hitch.  I was proud of ol’ Nene.  I did wonder, though, how she could look better in a stockin’ cap then she did in the assortment of wigs she wore all season.  Yep..I give a compliment and then I follow it up with shade.
  • Kenya’s Life Twirls On looks like it is pretty funny.  I was thinking it was a movie, but it is a tv pilot.  I hope it gets picked up.  Hayle Bravo can air it.  They air errythang else.  I ain’t care bout half them people that got married on tv on their network but that ain’t stop them for showin’ it.  She’s actually pretty funny, and I think she is underrated at time.  Y’all know I cut for Kenya.  I don’t care how much crazy she participates in or how much drama she stirs up, I love her.  LOL.  But I did deduct some points from her when #Phonegate happened on Celebrity Apprentice.  Y’all know I love my Vivica Fox too and I ain’t like how messy things got.
  • Please tell Peter to stop sinkin’ Cynthia’s modelin’ money into failed bars and such.  I cain’t even say Bailey Agency change cuz I ain’t seent nothin’ happen with that all season.  Does she even still have an agency?  And if not, what happened to the Bailey Boys?  They still workin’?  Peter done opened up a coffee shop called Peter’s Brew in Atlanta.  I’m sure it will be closed by the second part of the reunion.  He should have called it Peter’s Tea cuz that thang sho’ like to gossip and be up in errythang.
  • Phaedra needs to make sure the boys maintain a relationship wtih Apollo.  She cannot act like “he” never happened.  For all that Apollo has ever done in his criminal past, SHE CHOSE HIM.  She is a criminal defense attorney (“supposably”) so she knows when it comes to an ex-con, you have to look deep before you leap.  Accordin’ to Apollo, she was all “in”, even sleepin’ on an air mattress at the halfway house with that man.  So yes, he needs to see his kids.  She just needs to suck it up and make it happen.  And stop making excuses bout Kentucky being far from Atlanta and Mr. Secretary of The Treasury havin’ to soil his diaper and possibly endin’ the visit.
  • And finally, Apollo don’t need to be callin’ nobody’s cellphone collect unless it’s his mama’s or Phaedra’s.  If I was Peter, I’d change my number.  I ain’t even know you could call a cellphone collect from prison.  But it ain’t like I got friends in prison.  It’s gonna be a long 8 years for Apollo in them people’s penitentiary.  I still really want him to see his kids though..write to them..email them…etc.  Those boys deserve to know the truth.

So yeah, not much to work with tonight.  I coulda had a V-8 I guess.

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