HTGAWM Recap – Lawd, Annalise Done Framed Her Fine Arse Boyfriend!


Ooooh Annalise..what a tangle-ded web we done weaved!  I got my whole life behind How To Get Away With Murder tonight!  Whew Wee!  Even with that dark arse set where I can’t see nothin’ but the whites of foke eyes, I was able to get my whole life from birth to middle age.

Sam’s sister was still in town, stirrin’ up sheeit, and now the police had found the body.  I was so confused.  How do you dispose of a body but it’s been found?  All of them damn law students should get Fs.  They have taught me the #1 way to get away with murder:  Don’t have a gang of people involved!  Cuz that is just too many foke that will turn state’s evidence on yo’ arse to keep from going down.

The police arrived at Annalise’s doorstep to tell her (and her meddlin’ nosey arse sister-in-law) that they had confirmed through tissue samples that the body that was found out in the woods was indeed Sam’s.  Annalise was emotionless as usual, while the sister-in-law broke down. I wondered to myself if Annalise had ever seen an episode of Snapped or 48 Hours.  You supposed to fall out on the flo’ hollerin’ if they ever find your husband dead because you will likely be the prime suspect.  Annalise askin’ all kindsa questions and sheeit like she talmbout a corpse that ain’t her husband.  Y’all know the sister-in-law gained enough composure to tell them cops that Annalise did it and they should arrest her.  She figured out they needed probable cause to search the house, and of course, she gave it to ’em by telling them that she witnessed Annalise threatenin’ to kill Sam.

They searched Annalise’s house, and in another illustration of how NOT to get away with murder, all them damn law school students came over while the search was going on.  I just knew they were gon’ find a drop of blood or something.  They sprayed Luminol and errythang and NOTHING glowed.  They did find the scales to that justice paperweight but the DA (?) (the blond haired white lady) played it off even though she was lookin’ at Annalise sideways.  They didn’t find anything, but that didn’t stop them damn law school kids from freaking out.  They were all starting to come undone especially the black girl who left her ring at that bonfire they tossed Sam’s arse in.

She discovered they found the ring and started havin’ fits.  What she didn’t know what that in the meantime, Annalise had called over Nate, her boyfriend because she needed him.  He had a drink with her and she had somebody lift the fingerprints off his glass, place it on one of her rings and then planted it at the site where they found the body.  Oooh..Annalise was an ol’ dirty bee tonight, Honey!  When we met Nate, he was givin’ her…um…er..’gifts’ and such on top of her desk.  I thought she really loved that man.  Put that man’s marriage and career in jeopardy even ‘fo this happened, and STILL decided to frame him tonight.

You know what happened next.  The cops showed up at Nate’s door (Nate is an ex-detective) and arrested him for the murder of Sam Keating.  The law school students all breathed a collective sigh of relief.  They would live to fall apart another day.  For today, an innocent Black man was bout to take the fall for what they had done.  The next time we saw Nate…he had on one of them orange jumpsuits with the numbers on the back.  I wish Shonda had let this happen in March and not during Black Hist’ry month.  Vivica done already quit Celeb Apprentice this week, AND Bey done sang one of our finest kneegro spirituals like Pat Boone would have.

He didn’t say anything when they arrested him..just smiled.  Like Denzel did as Malcolm X when them Muslims said to get them people’s hands out they pocket and shot him.

Annalise’s sister-in-law was still mad.  She said that Nate had kilt her brother Sam because of Annalise.  That Annalise had pulled Sam down into the gutter with her.  But not before Annalise told her to stop obsessin’ over her brother.  That “incest with a brother is best” or some sheeit.  Bay Bay…I hollered and died.  Oh and that lil blond-haired white lady done figga’d sheeit out.  Annalise needs to come clean is what she told her..and not let those law school students destroy her.  Annalise called her damn mama after that.  Cicely Tyson takes on the task of Mama in the next episode.

Can’t wait to see what happens next week. I wonder if Annalise is going to defend her boo.  I guess that’s one way you can stay workin’ as a defense attorney.  Frame foke and then represent ’em…

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