HTGAWM Recap – Lawd That Annalise is Sho’ One Hard Walkin’ Woman


This will be a short recap because most of the scenes are set in the damn dark and I miss more than I see where this show is concerned.  Would it hurt Shonda and Viola nem to turn on a damn light on this set?  Pay the damn light bill or at least get an extension?  This show was back tonight after the winter break.  Sam was still dead on the flo’ and Annalise was sittin’ up guessed it…the damn DARK!  I’m talmbout I couldn’t see nothin’ but the whites of her eyes!

I don’t know none of the characters so I’m gon’ just be referrin’ to em as her students cuz I am too lazy to google.  The student who actually kilt him was tryna keep all his friends from goin’ to the police.  You know foke get antsy when they done kilt somebody.  Start feelin’ guilty and sheeit.

Come to find out, Annalise was the one that told the student they had to get Sam’s body up outta her house (he ain’t have to go to the Upper Room but he had to get the hayle outta her place) and burn it so their would be no DNA.  Cuz as it stood, their DNA was all up under his nails and sheeit.  So that’s how they decided to roast ol’ dead Sam like a marshmallow.  The student did save Sam’s ring which Annalise kept because she did love her husband.  Only love could make you take off yo’ wig, yo’ makeup AND yo’ eyebrows to cuss yo’ man out.

There was more investigation bout what happened to that co-ed with all signs pointin’ to Sam, helped along by Annalise and her students.  She ended up gettin’ the murder charges against that weird gul dropped because she pretty much almost proved that Sam kilt that girl.  He damn sho’ had motive (she was pregnant with his baby – they got the footage from the abortion clinic of Sam arguin’ with her and a witness that said ol’ girl didn’t want to have the abortion– and she didn’t want to get rid of it.  Plus, they tracked his phone and discovered he had gone through three cities and finally ended up on the rooftop at the sorority house for 29 minutes,  where they eventually found her in a water pipe around the same time.

Annalise went through a police interview and told them Sam cheated with the girl, she had just found out and he’d left her.  Each student had an interview too and Annalise prepped them well.  After Annalise got that girl off, she was in the bathroom when she heard two women talmbout her bad.  Of course, she rolled out of that stall and gave ’em both side eyes.  They were standin’ there lookin’ stupid.  That’s the worse feelin’ talmbout somebody supposably behind they backs and unbeknownst to you, they hear you.  Whew chile…been there, done that and got a t-shirt.

Some of the students wanted to turn themselves in…but Annalise got wind and met them at the police station and shut that sheeit abruptly down.  Crisis averted.  She bout to show them thangs how to get away with murder for real.  But what she didn’t plan on was Sam’s sister comin’ to town and throwin’ all kinds of wrenches and screwdrivers into her plans.

Oh, and I can’t end this blog without givin’ an honorable mention to Annalise’s wig.  I liked it..much better than that ol’ tiyah’ed thang they had on her head last year.  I’m thinkin’ Shonda got a tight budget round wardrobe and since she ain’t have to put Olivia in Prada coats and designer purses and sheeit for this first episode or get Olivia’s hair pressed, she had mo’ money to po’ into Annalise.  Now if we could only get ol’ hard walkin’ Annalise some walkin’ lessons with Miss Jay (America’s Next Top Model)……

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