Whitney Movie – Shoulda Prolly Been Titled Bobby and Whitney – Drugs, Sex and Mo’ Sex


I loved Whitney Houston.  She was my favorite singer of all time (with Luther Vandross sharing equal billing).  That said, I was a little bit scared about this movie so I tried to lower my expectations.  I mean Lifetime  WAS the channel behind the airing of that travesty The Aaliyah Movie, and I still ain’t forgave them for that.  I stopped watchin’ Lifetime fuh bout 2 weeks behind that foolishness.

I figured this movie would at least be a lot better because Angela Bassett was directing it.  I knew it would be a challenge to tell Whitney’s story in 2 hours and tell it well, so I understood why they chose to focus on the period where Whitney met Bobby and what happened with their love story.

First of all, Bobby Brown was a damn freak if I’m supposed to believe this movie.  And I can sorta believe it cuz he ain’t made that many kids without sexin’ a bunch of times.  That thang damn near fitty and got another chile on the way.  Also, I knew “they” said Whitney had been doin’ that coke for a while before she met Bobby, but damn…did they have to have the character do so MANY lines of coke in the movie?  I mean damn….you ain’t s’posed to speak that ill of the dead.  I’m assuming they consulted Bobby on this movie which is why it was so favorable to him.  He didn’t look much like the Bad Boy of R&B in this movie.  For instance, I could have sworn he went to jail a time or two behind back chile suppote, but this movie showed him taking care of his kids and errythang.  Holdin’ Whitney’s purse and coat at the club.  Hangin’ back.  Cheatin’ only once.

Speaking of that scene, I think Whitney was about that life.  In other words, I don’t think that frail arm-ded thang was afraid to fight.  I’m not gon’ believe she found Bobby runnin’ up in some random and she just left without at least attemptin’ a beatdown of said THOT.

They got the casting mostly right, ‘ceptin’ Bebe Winans was kinda thin.  And I ain’t know that was s’posed to be Dionne Warwick at the awards show when the movie opened up.  This was really a complicated love story with lines of coke and some good arse sangin’ by Deborah Cox thrown in so I’m just gon’ sum it up with the best five scenes (I don’t think I can get 10 out of it).

1) That first sex scene after her birthday party,  I had to check my remote to make sure this was Lifetime cuz that scene was lookin’ like it was on HBO.  It was intense…and long.  I smoked two cigarettes and damn near rolled a blunt (and y’all know I don’t do them people’s narcotic).  Whew Chile.  I loved Bobby Brown back in the day and if he was doin’ half of that, I woulda volunteered to get pregnant or had fun tryin’.

2) The scene where she suffered that miscarriage.  I knew that happened while she was filming The Bodyguard and right before she got pregnant with Bobbi Kris.  I hollered when her mama (who looked a lot like Mary J. Blige – all that was needed was the scar and the gold toof (thanks Arg)–said it was a sign that she should get rid of Bobby Brown.  Bobby showed up and I don’t even think Whit realized her mama was headed back to New Jersey.  Bobby had Whitney d-whipped!

3) The scene with the fake arse Eddie Murphy.  That thang looked like somebody ol’ arse daddy.  It was a weird scene…but pretty funny.  He damn sure had the laugh down.  I guess that’s how he got cast.

4)  The scene where Whitney returns home to find out Kim (Bobby’s 2nd baby mama?  Or was she the first?) is pregnant again.  That was crazy.  She dropped those bags and ran upstairs to the only “friend” that was there for her (outside of Robin and she wasn’t available) in a crunch – that damn cocaine.  She’da prolly felt betta if she had just went to boxin’ him all bout the head and ears instead of freebasin’.

5)  The wedding scene AND when Bobbi Kris was born – I loved when she put his hand on her tummy…but I was also simultaneously tryna figga out what the hayle Miss Cissy had on top of her head.  I googled the pic and she did wear that catastrophe.  I don’t like to speak bad about the elderly, but Miss Cissy was wrong for all them feathers hangin’ down off that hat like hair.  The scene were Bobbi Kris was born was sooo tender and sweet.  And the lil baby they casted had black lips just like Bobby.  Awww!

Okay, I will add a 6th scene – the last scene where ol’ girl lip sanked to I Will Always Love You at the end.  I stopped watching the lip synchin’ cuz it wasn’t that convincin’ but Deborah Cox (who sang all the songs) did THAT!  All of THAT.

Yeah, that’s all I got.  Not a bad movie.  I’m gonna give it a B-.  Yaya did great as a relative newcomer…the random who played Bobby did great….casting off on a few of the people (Clive was dead on!)….I always felt like Bobby and Whitney really loved each other, and I got that from this movie.  I just don’t think they were good for each other because of the drugs.  I’m gon’ hope this is like the teaser movie before the real movie though..because I think Whitney deserves a true movie about her life.  HER life.  Bobby was a part of that, but there were other parts to her as well.  I want to see a movie that depicts all of that.


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