Sorority Sisters Done Set African-American Sororities Back 200 Years – Yes, It Was THAT Bad


Yeah, I ain’t have no bidness watchin’ but as a pop culturologist, I wanted to see the first episode as research.  So I could watch it for myself, form my own opinion and blog about it.  I was soooo hoping that I’d be pleasantly surprised.  That they were going to have these women working together on some common community service project in the name of Greek unity.  And then, I realized a couple of minutes in (somewhere around the time when the girl reppin’ pink and green was flippin’ her store-bought hair and tryna convince herself that she is pretty…or was it around the time when one of the girls repping crimson and cream was grindin’ all ‘cross them people’s strip club flo’?) that this was STILL VH1, home of the shows that show African-American women in the worst light ever, with mess, and fights, and drama.

Now, I understand in this culture where errybody wants to be a celebrity, foke are always tryna “get on” to enjoy 2 to 5 minutes of fame and notoriety.  So I get it when the aspirin’ rappers and sangers and video chicks and would-be housewives who ain’t got much else goin’ on try to sell a digital download or seven….or try to come up on a baller husband or three.  But I don’t understand women who would sell out their beloved sorority affiliation and possibly membership for a little bit of fame that is already fleeting.  And this ain’t even the “good kind” of fame.  This is like the fame that has your other sorority sisters pretty much hatin’ your arse and questionin’ the mindset of the sorority sisters who “made” you.  I’m wondering what the founders would think of these shenanigans.  That should be the tagline or hashtag for anybody who mentions this treachery.  “WWYFS”.  What Would Your Founders Say?

Even the mix of members they found was off, there was like one member of the blue and member of the blue and gold…one to two members of the pink and green and like 10 members of the crimson and cream.  Seriously though, there was one too many of ERRYBODY.  I hope this doesn’t get my own pearls snatched but while we were busy comin’ up with dress codes for the recent public protests, we obviously weren’t mindin’ the shop because this should have never been allowed to air.  Errybody’s headquarters should have put the fear of GOD in all they members about participating in this foolishness.  Honestly though, if you were SERIOUS about your membership and affiliation in any of the organizations, you would not have been a willing participant in VH1’s latest exploitation antics.  Meanwhile, somewhere, members of these organizations are clutching their pearls and that ol’ Mona Scott Young is steady cheesin’ that Cheshire Cat grin and cashin’ checks on the heads of some mo’ Black women she gon’ make look bad.

And I watch a few of the reality shows but have felt like other than being a Black woman, I couldn’t relate to the people being shown.  Tonight hit close to home because at least two of the women held themselves out as my sisters.  But I guess it’s like a friend of mine said, errybody who wears the shield or other insignia on they chest (t-shirts) ain’t a sister.  Yeah, she was right.

So yeah, I watched the show.  That is 60 minutes of my life that I can NEVER get back.  I don’t have anything to discuss as far as plot or storyline because there seemed to be a lot of fake and manufactured “drama” between the organizations.  These are supposed to be grown arse successful women, but they beefin’ and talmbout “what set you from?” because they joined different organizations?  Yeah, okay.  And they were borin’ as hayle – let’s be clear.  Pledgin’ was likely the best thing that happened to all of them.  I ain’t even attempt to learn they names, cuz I ain’t care enough.  I’m sure they are being dragged (as they should) all up and through Twitter.  I figga I am going to join the protest against the know as soon as I finish my Christmas shopping.  Both Amazon and Wal-Mart were on the list – y’all just took my Black Friday away.  I got a small chile to buy for – I cain’t give up errythang this season.

Seriously though, this was my first and last time watching this.  I will NOT be a party to this foolishness.  The show was sad, at best, and tragic, at worst.  I was embarrassed the whole time I was watching.  I kept thinking they had set the sororities back 20 years…then 50..then 100..then 100 years ‘fo they were founded.  Yes, it was THAT bad.  I shoulda had a V-8 and watched old episodes of Scandal.  At least that is supposed to be fake.  I cannot believe these girls done sold out their beloved organizations for increased followers on Instagram and Twitter.  One of them even said “you know nothing about sisterhood”.  Actually, Dear, none of you know anythin’ bout sisterhood.  I hope it was worth it to them……putting a black stain on the rich history of these illustrious organizations in the name of “fame”.  Looks like some pearl snatchin’ needs to happen in short order.

Mona Scott Young

4 thoughts on “Sorority Sisters Done Set African-American Sororities Back 200 Years – Yes, It Was THAT Bad

  1. I cannot even deny I saw it and was hoping and praying, as a proud member of my Blue and White organization, that it would be a good representation of sisterhood by all organizations. However, I have never cringed more than I did during that 45 minutes (could barely last that long). I will be exercising my right to change the channel for sure!


    • Yes, it was bad. But we knew it would be (even though we were still hoping!) with Mona and VH1 attached to it. They don’t show positive images of real black women. Like they are allergic to it or something!


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