Thanksgiving is Over – Now It’s Time For These Bad Arse Kids To Return To School!


Maybe bad is too strong a word.  I’ll just say “fulla energy”.  I know my McK done spent a right smart of my money and had me expend a right smart of my time entertaining her.  Teachers definitely need a raise if they gotta put up with several McKs every day.  I can’t even imagine.  I would prolly walk out a classroom, leavin’ them lil minions to teach themselves.  Yep, I’m sticking by my stance that old people don’t need to have kids.  I call myself hedging my bets that I might end up livin’ with my child when I get oldER, but she done already told me (yes, she told me this) that if me and her Daddy get sick, she just gon’ “live her life”.  Now what does that sound like to you?  Yep…ol’ fokes home in the same room, possibly with other roommates.  But I digress.

Thanksgiving is over.  Your family from out of town is headed back to their homes.  And it is okay to be happy bout that sheeit. You can love your family dearly, but you can also get tired of they arses after a while.  At yo’ house, eatin’ up all the food and leftovers, stoppin’ up yo’ bathroom toilet, suckin’ up your air or heat (dependin’ on where you live) and watchin’ up all the tvs so you can’t watch nothin’.  I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving though and that you used my tips and got yo’ Thanksgivin’ and your life.  I also hope you had libations, because adult beverages make even the most unbearable things bearable.  I also hope nobody got into a for real, for real fight.  The holidays can sometimes bring out the worst in people.  Foke get fulla dat oil, and thank they can say ANYTHANG.  Oh well, people can be crazy sometimes.

My Thanksgivin’ was pretty uneventful.  I didn’t go anywhere because I went to Florida to visit my sons earlier this month, and then went to the Cayman Islands with my friends the week after that.  I did miss my sisters and the rest of my family though.  But honestly, it felt good to get out and travel and take some much needed vacation earlier in the month, because for about 7 months from the last quarter of last year until about May this year, I couldn’t do much being in treatment for breast cancer.  Couldn’t go anywhere or be around crowds with low blood counts.  I had 4 surgeries in ONE year’s time.  And suffered through wearing a wound vac over an open wound and havin’ home health care come to change my bandages out every two days for over a month.  That was probably one of the worse things to go through next to chemo.  That first home health care nurse said she was a doctor in her country, but that must have equaled to goat herder in America because she couldn’t change a bandage efficiently and painlessly for sheeit.  I ended up tellin’ her not to darken my door (as Big Mama nem used to say) no mo’ lest she limp back to her car.  Whew…..I need to talmbout somethin’ else cuz I can feel my fist ballin’ up.

I was so happy this Thanksgiving to NOT be in chemo…to actually be able to taste my food..and to still be alive.  I met people in treatment last year that were not so fortunate.  I am celebrating LIFE because the truth is, none of knows the day, time or hour.  Live each day to the fullest.

But back to Thanksgiving.  I didn’t participate in Black Friday for the second time because I was too sick to be around crowds last year AND this year, I was supporting the movement.  That didn’t stop me from spendin’ time with the kid – we did somma errythang.  She also got a doll from American Girl, one of the biggest scams to take all yo’ money ever.  I am so mad I didn’t think of that first.  That doll was $115.  I coulda bought 10 dolls for that at Wal-Mart.  And don’t get me started on all the outfits and accessories.  McK gone need a JOB.  And I needed some good thread count sheets for cheap, but y’all ain’t let me have ’em.  I think I got hit in the pockets!

And now McK wants a dog.  I don’t do dogs.  I never grew up with dogs.  Growin’ up in the Mississippi Delta, there were like these neighborhood dogs.  They ain’t even have a needed one, you just called him “Dog” and he came.  I never saw dogs (even puppies) up in nobody’s house.  They were all out in the backyard or under the house (don’t ask) or in the outside storage rooms or under the car.  But she is my baby, and I’m likely gonna cave and buy a dog.I will just say, y’all pray for that dog.  I can see that dog raisin’ a crooked paw and pointin’ it at my baby while sayin’ “Until you do right by me..” like Miss Celie did to Mistah in that movie.

Oh well, I’m rambling.  That’s what happens early on a Sunday morning when you are trying to give up sugah because you know it will be better for your overall healthy.  While you prayin’ for that dog…pray for me.  Happy Post-Thanksgiving Everybody!


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