Ray Rice In Them People’s Elevator, Joseline Hernandez and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Reunion Part Trois



Yeah, I’m gon’ talk about a lot of thangs tonight cuz I’m old and I got a short attention span and I’m grown and this my blog and I can do what I wanna do.  First of all, let’s talk Ray Rice.  The NFL and the Ravens got it right, finally.  I saw that video today and was heartbroken.  He hit his now wife like she was a strange dude that rolled up on him and tried to rob him.  Like she wasn’t a woman and definitely not HIS woman.  And then the way he treated her after he knocked her out – her dress was all up round her waist…her shoe was off..and her body was lifeless.  She looked like she coulda been taking her last breath.  He ain’t check for a pulse…put a mirror to her face to see if she was breathin’…didn’t look worried…or try to even call for help.  He DRUG (yes DRUG) her limp body halfway out that elevator and then at one point, kicked her with his foot to move her.  I’m glad that elevator had a sensor, cuz she coulda been amputated by it closin’ up on her body as he ain’t even thank enough of her to pull her all the way out!  It reminded me of when that white man in that movie pistol whipped Oprah when she played Miss Sophia (they were both out cold with they underwears exposed) ceptin’ that was acting and this is real life. 

And then…she married him not too much later. I hear her daddy walked her down the aisle to this monster.  Makes me sad for her.  Your dad is your first boyfriend (or so I’ve heard…y’all know I ain’t neva had one *side eye*)…so to think her daddy pretty much said to her this treatment was okay is almost as worse as what Ray Rice did.  That man looked her in her face and told her he would love and honor her, but ain’t no love in what he did that day and likely what he had done many days before.  I hope he gets help and a jail stint but that is not likely.  Y’all know how we treat the athletes in our society…as some sort of demi-gods. I hope he ain’t beatin’ her tonight but I gotta move on.  Oh yeah….I am really gon’ stay out of elevators…I’m taking the damn stairs from here on out.  It be goin’ DOWN on them elevators and not in a good way. 

I’d be hypocritical to laugh at Joseline Hernandez beating people down on that Love and Hip Hop ATL reunion after this Ray Rice debacle.  That thang need help…in a major way.  Anytime you got the energy to fight that many people, men and women, old people and babies, you on that sheeit.  She needs to be sued by errybody she hit so she learns an expensive lesson.  I’m thinking she fights because she doesn’t know how to use her words.  That thang cain’t even say ‘elegant’.  Cain’t even say ‘exposed’ (esposed…what’s that?).  And she ain’t bit mo’ married to Stebie.  I’m tiyad of the lies!

Speaking of lyin’…..Niko damn sure leaked that sex tape and Mimi knows it.  How she can dry grind with that squirrel-faceded possum-cheekded thang is beyond me.  And he married too?  That thang is a LOSER.  Neva trust an ol’ grimy SNOT (slaw ninja out there).  Chris Brown ain’t neva lied with his ol’ woman beatin’ ain’t missed a meal in the joint arse…..these hoes ain’t loyal…..
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