Bay Bay – I’m SOOO Ready for Empire Tonight and Scandal and HTGAWM Tomorrow!


I am really tryna figga out what snacks I need when I watch Cookie nem tonight.  It seems like it’s been forever since she and Lucious graced our tv screens.  I really wanted to go to a premiere watch party but I need to be able to see and HEAR errythane as it happens…and you can’t do that with a group of Black foke.  I love us, but y’all know I’m tellin’ the truth when I say we ain’t right when it comes to tv shows and movies.  We will talk back to the screen like Jamal nem can really hear us.  I ain’t got time for that.  I don’t want to miss a thane so I’m staying home.

And with that, I need to make sure my 6 year old got what she needs – dinner, a bath, snacks, etc. cuz I am off the Mommy clock for the whole duration of Empire.  Unless she breaks BOTH arms, I don’t want to hear from her.  My husband can forget my name too while it’s on.  Betta not nobody come to my house or call my phone.  I don’t want any text msgs or inboxes.

And then tomorrow, it’s on for TGIT.  I have spent the better part of the month getting foke ready at McK (my kid)’s soccer practice.  You know…setting expectations about what it’s gon be like when Scandal returns.  They got these kids out there from 6 to 7:30.  I play no games bout Olivia and Jake From State Farm nem.  And Viola Davis done won that Emmy so you KNOW Imma need to watch HTGAWM to see if she not only removes her wig, lashes, brows and makeup…but also her legs or arms. Bay Bay, if she pulls off ANY appendage, she gon’ win that Oscar!  And I’m gonna be here for it!

Lucious and Daddy Pope are both gon’ be in jail when the shows start back, so that’s going to be interesting.  I had to remember that they are just characters because I thought about writing them both over the summer and sending them a few $$ to put on they books for commissary.  Lawd, I hope ain’t nobody tried to braid their hair or take they conebread in them people’s prison.

Are you excited for this week’s premieres?  Do you have YOUR snacks and drank ready?  I wonder if that white lady who had sooo much to say bout Viola Davis’ Emmy win gon’ be watchin’ or if she still smartin’ from Black Twitter rakin’ and roastin’ her over the hot coals of social media.  Bay Bay – I bet she won’t do that no’ mo.  It’s real out here in these Innanets streets…..

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