Kim Davis Denyin’ Them Gay Couples In Kentucky Marriage Licenses


Kim Davis is the court clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky (I don’t even know where this is but remind me never to go visit – I think it’s pretty close to Lexington but too lazy to look it up – shrug) and BEEN denying marriage licenses to gay couples there. Ever since the Supreme Court made the ruling that it was legal for gay couples to marry in the US earlier this year.  So that thane BEEN defiant for a long arse time.

She said she was denying the licenses on “GOD’s authority” when them people asked her bout it.  One couple done been denied so many times, the other employees know them up at that court.  They keep going back and leaving, cryin’ with they eyes swollen shut.  Kim Davis asked the Supreme Court if she could be excused from having to issue them marriage licenses. The Supreme Court just ruled against her request.

Here’s a thought for Kim – just quit!  I am not mad at her for taking a stand and believing in what she believes in.  However, she took an oath (certainly a damn job) to SERVE the community, the entire community which includes gay couples. She needs to step aside and then she can stay home and believe whatever she wants to within the four walls of her house.

Normally I wouldn’t have even picked up this story, but you know Twitter done told ALL that lady’s business including how she’s been married FOUR times.  Bye Kim-ecia!  You know good and damn well you don’t have a leg to stand on denying ANYBODY the right to be married when you done been down the aisle almost as many times as you got fangers on one hand!  Ol’ hypocritical don’t wanna do her damn job thane!

Here’s hoping she quits, because a contempt charge, fine and possible jail time ain’t worth it.  Somebody will be done braided that head of hers fo’ nightfall.  Let them couples gon’ get married…maybe you can be a guest at their weddings. I heard them gay weddings be FIRE.

Imma post her photo with this blog in case you curious as to what she looks like.  I’m still tripping over the fact that she got 4 separate men to marry her.  I know cute women who cain’t get ONE man.  She must have one hayle of a personality.

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